21 Day Fix Calculator – Calorie & Container Allowance

21 Day Fix Calculator – Calorie & Container Allowance

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Everyone would agree that the most difficult part of any diet or eating program is just getting started. When you start thinking about counting calories, weighing food, or counting points, you just want to throw up your hands and say forget it!

That’s what makes the 21 Day Fix Diet containers so easy. You don’t have to do anything; really, the work is all done for you. Once you use the calculator to determine your calorie intake, you are finished!

Where Can I Buy 21 Day Fix Containers

So here you are, ready to get started on your new 21 Day Fix diet, but where can you get the containers?!

Problem solved, friends! Although there are several different options available, it only makes sense to get the official BeachBody containers. Why? Well, since they are the only ones that have the EXACT measurements, because they were designed especially for this program, it’s only logical that you should buy these.

These containers are DEHP and BPA. Oh, and did we mention that the official containers are microwave and top rack dishwasher safe as well?

Portion Control Containers by Beachbody $16.95 – Includes the official BeachBody Portion Control 7 Piece.

21 Day Portion Control Containers Kit $8.25 – If the official containers are out of your price range, however, you can get the these containers and food guides from EFFICIENT NUTRITION.

How the 21 Day Containers Work

There are six containers, each with their own color for the 6 different types of food you will be eating.

Now you simply fill the color coded containers with approved foods! What could be easier?! No more worries about portion control or counting calories. Fill you containers with foods on the approved list, and you have your meals set up for the day!

  • Green Containers – These are for vegetables. It doesn’t matter if you are using chopped, raw, cooked, or sliced veggies, simply fill this container with veggies as many times as you are instructed to. Don’t feel bad about squishing in things like lettuce or squash. Squish away!
  • Red Containers – These are for protein. Think of foods like eggs, shellfish, and turkey breast, lean cuts of ham or beef, and chicken. For a complete list, see your food list guide.
  • Purple Containers – This container is for fruit. Think of how many berries or grapes you could fit in these! For fruits with pits, such as peaches, you should cut them and remove the pits. That means more great food for you!
  • Yellow Containers – Use these for carbs and starches. This is where you put beans, rice, whole grain pasta, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. Some foods won’t fit here easily (like waffles or toast) so proper portions can be found in the guide.
  • Orange Containers – This is for dressing and seeds. This is the smallest container, but you can actually put quite a bit in there if you think about it. Salad dressings, Chia seeds, coconut oil, and olive oil. Check with your guide if you aren’t sure about what is allowed.
  • Blue Containers – These are for all those tasty, healthy fats such as nuts, cheese, and avocados, and hummus.

Some foods will be measured using a teaspoon, but you should have at least one of those in your kitchen, right?

How to Use the Containers

As we said earlier, there is no calorie counting and no food weighing with the 21 Day Fix; all you need to do is use your containers! Once you use the calculator to determine your calorie bracket, you will find out how many containers of each color you get to eat each day.

Of course, you don’t have to eat right out of the containers! You can use these to measure, then put them in a bowl or in a pan and make your meal!

Why This 21 Day Container Program Works

This must be one of the easiest ways ever invented to eat healthy, portion controlled meals!

Some people fear that they will not get enough to eat, but this is rarely the case. If you should find yourself hungry and your food allotment has been used up for the day, you should fill another green container and eat a nice big bowl of salad or mixed veggies.

This plan is practical and easy to use. You will control your portions and become very aware of how much food is healthy for your body.