9 Quick Fixes For Greasy Hair Without Washing


Oh no! Your alarm didn’t go off and you’ve woken up far too late to wash your hair and you’re going out later on, wow is it greasy! Or maybe a last minute night out opportunity has come up and you definitely don’t have time to wash your hair – do you decline it or accept?

How To Fix Greasy Hair Without Washing

Well, with our tips for fixing your greasy hair without washing you can still go out and have a great night without worrying that your hair has gone limp or is hanging greasily around your face. We’ve got the solution to your greasy hair right here so Cinderella, let us be your fairy godmother, you’ll be going to the ball after all…

1. Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo meme2Yes, it’s the obvious choice but generally, it does work. The problem with dry shampoo is making sure that you use the right one for your hair type. Otherwise, you run the risk of blocking up your roots with excess product and no one wants that.

You may need to try a few before you get the right one for you but once you have, keep it close to you, you never know when you might need it. Always use it sparingly; we’ve seen the results of those who spray too much on your roots.

This usually ends up in a powdery mess that’s difficult to brush out. If you’re using aerosol dry shampoo, hold it a few inches away from your scalp and spray in short bursts.

Always comb it through or massage it in with your fingertips and even run your blow-dryer through it, perhaps with your head upside down so hair gets a really voluminous boost.

When you do get to wash your hair, be very careful to really wash out the dry shampoo properly, leave any on your scalp and you’ll just increase oil production and you’ll be back where you started quickly so rinse it out! Try Batiste, it’s the original and the best!

Another alternative is Hair Paste which starts as a paste until you put it between your fingers and the heat from your fingers then turns it into a powder. It’s amazing for refreshing roots and doesn’t leave anything left behind. The one to use is R & Co Badlands.

2. Use Blotters!

We’re talking about blotting sheets. They’re old fashioned but effective. When you have greasy skin, you blot it; just do the same with your hair. You can either buy make-up sheets (like the Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets) or use a simple paper towel.

Hold it on your hair and press down, lift it off and your grease should come with it. Repeat all over your head and Voila – grease free roots!

3. Get Baby Powderbaby powder

It’s not just for soft and squidgy baby bottoms, it’s also good for absorbing hair’s natural oils so go into your bathroom cabinet and dust down your old bottle or buy a new one from the supermarket. It’s also so inexpensive you won’t notice it.

When you use it, be sparing, a little goes a long way and too much will give you a powder puff on your head. After applying, comb it through or use a blow dryer and you’re good to go. Remember, as with dry shampoo, always wash it out thoroughly.

4. Learn How To Plait

Quick Fixes (1)

Plaits are big in fashion and they hide a multitude of (oily) sins. A single braid will do but why not take in some hair tutorials online and learn how to French braid or Fishtail braid? That way you can come up with numerous styles and even leave your greasy hair a couple of days longer.

Spritz your hair with salt spray first, this gives hair a great matt look and helps to style it so it looks textured without grease. We love Sachajuan Ocean Mist

5. Dampen It Down

Think there’s no time to shampoo? Just dampen your hair with a little water and use a styling spray to pep up your hair without shampoo. You can do this in the sink – no shower required just don’t wet your hair entirely, rather add a little water and afterward, using Oribe’s Dry Texturising Spray you can get it back into that just blow-dried look.

6. Disguise The Grease

We love Colour Wow and L’Oreal Magic Retouch. Both of these products are designed for touching up roots that have come through between color appointments but actually, they also disguise grease. The Colour Wow is a powder that looks like an eyeshadow and comes with an applicator brush, the L’Oreal is a spray product (use it a few inches away from your roots) and both come in a variety of colors to match your hair color.

7. Get Moussy

Sometimes the easiest things are right in front of your eyes. A good hair mousse will rev up tired, dull and oily hair. Just spritz a little onto your hands and work into the roots massaging carefully. Mousee goes a long way to absorbing grease and should give you enough volume and lift to enjoy the party all night long! We love Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam.

8. Wear A Cool Hat

baby powder

Got no styling products to hand? There’s no time to run to the supermarket? Just grab the funkiest looking hat you own and sweep your hair inside it. Finish with a bright red lipstick, fabulous eye make-up and some incredible jewelry so no one will be looking at your hair anyway!

Yes Cinderella – there’s time for you to go to the ball after all, even with your greasy hair!

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