A Simple Japanese Trick To Rescue Your Favourite T-Shirt With Stretched Collar

A Simple Japanese Trick To Rescue Your Favourite T-Shirt With Stretched Collar

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We all have that one T-shirt that we love so much, the one we wear so often that our friends and family probably think we don’t even wash.

We do!

Or at least, I hope that the majority of us do.

Well, if you’re just like the rest of us, you would probably notice that your T-shirt would have had a stretched collar by now after the countless times of you wearing it.

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And each time you take it out of your closet, you try to convince yourself that the stretched collar isn’t that noticeable and it can still be worn for at least a few more times.

But let’s face it, it is noticeable and the more you wear it, the more you’re going to stretch it out further.

So you head over to the internet and pray that there is a solution for you to save your favourite T-shirt from destruction.

Well, look no further because a Japanese TV programme has revealed a simple trick to turn your stretched collar into one that looks brand new, just like the day you received your T-shirt and crowned it your favourite.

The Solution

Say goodbye to banishing your favourite T-shirt to only the boundaries of your own home because you’re too embarrassed to wear it out.

Follow the next three steps carefully and your T-shirt will be saved! But do take note, this only applies for t-shirts that are 100% cotton!

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Step 1: Fold

Fold the collar of the T-shirt to form a wave-like neckline.

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Then, soak the folded collar in a basin filled with ice-cold water. This helps to tighten the fibres in the collar.

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Step 2: Dry

Wring the collar of the t-shirt dry.

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Then, smoothen out all the creases in the collar with your hands after you place the t-shirt on a hard surface.

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Step 3: Iron

Place the t-shirt flat on an ironing board and iron the collar. Be sure to iron vertically, with an up-down motion. You do not have to iron it until it’s very dry, just do so until you get rid of all the creases.

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Dry your t-shirt on a flat surface and when it’s done, your neckline would have become tight again.

Why Do Necklines Loosen?

Necklines tend to loosen because of how the t-shirt is being dried. In order to prevent your neckline from loosening, you need to change the way you dry your t-shirt.

When a wet T-shirt is placed to dry on a hanger, the weight of the water pulls the t-shirt downwards, causing the neckline to loosen.

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Instead, you can opt to use two hangers such that the weight is more evenly distributed. This may sound like a hassle, but it definitely beats having to go through even more trouble trying to salvage a stretched collar when it’s too late!

Image: 5goup.com

So now that you know about this simple trick, go on out there and embrace the beauty of your familiar t-shirt with your brand new tight neckline.

We know you want to!