Best Car Scratch Removers for 2022

Best Car Scratch Removers for 2022

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Nothing is more frustrating than walking up to your car and seeing a scratch has made itself at home on the hood or side of your vehicle. Of course, the more you drive your car, the more likely you’ll also get nicks, dings, and scratches all over it. With all the money we spend on our vehicles, it can be frustrating to see it look old and beaten down. Thankfully, these marks and imperfections don’t have to be permanent. There are a number of great options for scratch removers that can help make your car look as good as new.

We take the vehicles that pass through the Roadshow garage a lot of places and inevitably, superficial scratches and swirls happen in car paint. That means we’re exactly the right people to test out different scratch removers – we want to keep those cars looking top-notch. As such, we spent a considerable amount of time sampling various car paint scratch removers, rubbing compounds and polishes to see which products remove a shallow scratch and restore your paint job with just a microfiber cloth and some elbow grease, and which ones don’t live up to the hype. Below you’ll find our top picks for combating paint defects, so read on and see which one is right for you and for some pro tips.

A quick caveat, though: If you have a deep scratch, these might not do the trick. For deeper scratch issues, a car paint expert is probably in order.

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Comparison of best car scratch removers

Things to know about scratch removers

  • Scratch repair is tough: That’s the truth. It’s not quick work. It’s incredibly common for people to buy a car scratch remover and believe it will work miracles right away. The fact is, if you can stick your finger nail in a clear coat scratch, you’re probably beyond compound and polish. Instead, a professional will have far better luck with the more advanced tools at their disposal.
  • Take your time: These car scratch remover products do work. But, you need to follow the instructions and have the right tools to help you succeed. If a product needs time to cure, don’t wipe it off immediately. If one requires a dual-action polisher, don’t expect the best results with hand application. If you do things right, the reward is an incredible finish on a car’s paint.
  • Scratch removers aren’t just for paint: Check the specific product, but more often than not, you can use scratch removers on headlights, taillights and even auto glass to fix pesky problems.
  • Skip the toothpaste: It’s a fun idea, but please use a professional scratch removal product to repair scratches. Toothpaste is for your mouth, first and foremost – not automotive paint and clear coat. If you’re seriously concerned about heavy scratches that won’t come out with our picks, it’s time to talk to a professional.
  • Use compounds sparingly: It would take a lot of applications, or some aggressive buffing, but you can wear down a car’s clear coat with too much rubbing compound. In fact, remember these two things: A little product goes a long way on an applicator pad, and if you can fit your fingernail in a scratch, it’s likely too deep to safely fix it.

Yes, you can do this. We believe in you.


Happy buffing

With patience, the right scratch removal product, elbow grease and more patience, you can take scratches and swirls out of your car’s paintwork. It may take some work, but we promise the end result is absolutely worth the time and effort put into it. Follow these products with one of our top wax picks for added protection and the whole neighborhood will wonder who detailed your ride.

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