Best GoPro Accessories: Top Brands Review 2022

Best GoPro Accessories: Top Brands Review 2022

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A GoPro is an amazing device that can give you great memories or footage. If you have a GoPro, then you are probably looking for the accessories to take your photos and videos up a notch.

In this guide, Dream Cheeky will break down a list of the best GoPro accessories for snorkeling, hiking, surfing, running… and other activities with a buying guide. Let’s jump into the reviews.

Best Gopro Accessories

Top Rated Best Gopro Accessories

Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack)...
496 Reviews

GoPro Accessories: Basics

1. Wasabi Power Battery / Dual Battery Charger

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, the Wasabi Power Battery and Dual Charger will keep your GoPro completely charged. Its lithium-ion batteries are rated at 3.85 volts and 1,220 mAh, and the charging station has USB-C and micro-USB ports.

Although it won’t operate with earlier GoPros, its chip will be entirely compatible with future firmware updates.

You’ll never have to worry about running out of battery while doing something amazing again!

Pros: Long-lasting, rechargeable, and durable.

Cons: Older GoPros aren’t compatible.

2. GoPro Dual Battery Charger & Battery

GoPro Dual Battery Charger is a great accessory. For serious photographers, spare batteries are vital. It doesn’t make sense for your GoPro to be on a day trip and then discover that it hasn’t been charged the previous night. Now you will have to carry a functional brick to the beach. The spare battery by GoPro allows you to charge two batteries at once and comes with a spare.



  • Efficient, quick charger
  • Charges 2 batteries simultaneously


  • It is expensive for what it is.

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3. SanDisk MicroSDXC 128gB Memory Card

The SanDisk Memory Card won’t slow you down while you’re on the go, with reading speeds of 170mb/s and write speeds of 90mb/s. It’s compatible with everything from drones to action cameras, and it’s made of weather-resistant, shock-resistant, and temperature-resistant materials that can handle any weather or terrain.

It would enable you to store and transport ultra-HD 4K videos as little files. For added convenience, the SanDisk Memory Card has a microcard reader.

Pros: Fast speeds, long-lasting materials, and a huge storage capacity are all advantages.

Cons: n/a

4. GoPro Sleeve and Lanyard

The GoPro Sleeve and Lanyard is constructed of a soft silicone material that fits over your camera like a second skin.

The buttons and rear LCD display will still be accessible, but the silicone will act as a rubbery cushion for everything else, and the clip-on attachments can be worn around your neck or linked to a purse or belt. You’ll also be able to choose from a variety of colors to ensure that your GoPro always matches your own style.


Pros: Materials that are simple to use, versatile, and come in a variety of colors

Cons: n/a

5. GoPro Handler

The GoPro Handler can be used to transport your camera into the water. The best GoPro accessory will provide stable footage, which is better than holding and operating a camera by hand. You can also use the quick-release base to swap between mounts according to your shooting needs.

It doesn’t matter if you drop it in water; the bright orange GoPro handler will bring it back to the surface if there is a strong current. It is a great tool for any water activity.

Pros: Durable, waterproof, and brightly colored to increase visibility

Cons: Mount required

6. AmazonBasics GoPro Case

GoPro lovers will love the AmazonBasics Carrying Case. This case allows you to organize, store, and transport two cameras as well as all their accessories.

  • Batteries
  • Memory cards
  • Remote controls
  • Mounts
  • Buoys/poles
  • Chargers
  • Cables

The foam padding has slots that will keep your most valuable equipment in place. The mesh net can be used to hold any other items that don’t fit in the other compartments. This is the case you need to transport all your gear.

Amazon Basics Small Carrying...
22,816 Reviews

Pros: EVA interior, foam padding, and multiple sizes are available. Compatible with most GoPros

Cons: Not waterproof and not shockproof

7. GoPro Casey

The GoPro Casey is similar to the AmazonBasics Carrying Case we mentioned above. It will protect and store your GoPro cameras, accessories and other gear while you are on the go.

The large, open compartments allow for more storage space. It also comes with weather-resistant padding to ensure that your delicate equipment is not affected by rain and snow.

Pros: Semi-rigid shells with padded inner walls and removable pouch. Weather-resistant materials.

Cons: There are no compartments that can be used for accessories.

Want to learn more about How To Use A GoPro? Check out our post here.

8. GoPro Seeker Backpack

The GoPro Seeker Backpack has 16 liters of lined, waterproof, and padded storage for your personal belongings. It is compatible with all GoPros. This backpack stands out from the rest.

The bag can carry up to five GoPros simultaneously. There are also integrated shoulder and chest mounts that allow you to film your trek while you’re carrying it. It’s never been easier to capture hands-free footage!

Pros: Comfortable materials and adjustable straps. Internal camera compartments. Built-in chest or shoulder mounts.

Cons: May not live as long as the others.

9. GoPro Screen Protector

The GoPro screen is the last of the Best GoPro accessories. GoPro’s touchscreens for its Hero cameras were a welcome innovation. Screens need to be maintained especially for action cameras in difficult situations.

GoPro’s screen protector protects your screen against scratches and smudges. It is simple and inexpensive. It reduces the glare on sunny days, making it easier for you to see and use.



  • Screen protection that is reliable
  • Reduces the glare in sunny conditions


  • Incomplete back compatibility

10. Thule TLGB101 Legend Backpack for GoPro

The Thule Legend is another great bag, designed specifically for GoPros. It includes everything you need from hydration reservoirs and padded pockets. The bag also features exterior camera mounts that allow for hands-free GoPro photography!

The best part about the Legend is the removable foam pad, which can be rinsed and replaced if it becomes dirty, dusty, or sandy. You can say goodbye to the gross layer of particles at the bottom of your backpacks accumulate!

Pros: Durable, comfortable, padded, crush-proof

Cons: There are not many organizational options

11. GoPro Tool

To make your camera more secure, tighten the thumbscrews on your camera if you don’t like a tilted screen when you engage in high-speed and high-vibration activities. The GoPro Tool is here to help.

You don’t have to tighten the screws by hand. Instead, use the GoPro tool. It will do the job faster and more efficiently. It can also double as a bottle opener, which is a bonus!

Dry bags are great for keeping all water-sensitive gear safe. These are our top picks for the best gear bag.

Pros: Compact, portable, and easy to use

Cons: NA

Underwater GoPro Accessories

Photographing underwater is a completely new experience. To capture great footage and photos underwater, you need to have a unique set of skills. Learn more about underwater GoPro use.

12. Vicdozia Telesin Dome Port Lens

Ever wonder how photographers managed to get half-above and half-below waterline photos? A dome is a key to unlocking the secrets of photography. It attaches to your GoPro, is waterproof and can move the water away from your lens. This allows you to capture sharp images at high resolution without distortion.

Although the Vicdozia Telesin dome is not the only one of its kind it is, it’s certainly the best.

Pros: Great image quality, easy to use, and comes with many “extras”.

Cons: Weak materials

13. GoPro Super Suit

GoPro Super Suit protects your camera when you engage in extreme sports in or out of the water. It is waterproof and can withstand wind, rain and fog. You can also use it to take photos or videos down to 196 feet.

Is the only problem with the GoPro Super Suit? You can’t access your touch screen on the camera unless you open the skeleton door. However, that’s a minor drawback that is worth it for the overall ease of use.


Pros: Flat glass lens, weather-resistant cage

Cons: You can’t use the touchscreen if you don’t open the skeleton door.

14. SOONSUN 3-Pack Dive filters

These three filters are carefully selected to suit every type of underwater activity.

  • You can use a Magenta filter between 8 and 75 feet of freshwater
  • You can use a red filter between 15 and 85 feet of seawater
  • You can use a red snorkel filter between 2 and 15 feet of seawater

The SOONSUN 3-Pack Dive filters will correct any color that you want to capture underwater.

Pros: Snap-on attachments and advanced color correction. Tethers to prevent water loss

Cons: Super Suit Housing must be attached

15. Suptig Diving Light

Deep-sea photography can be made easier by using diving lights. Your photos may look dark, grungy, and full of shadows if you don’t have an external light source.

Suptig Diving Lights are easy to use and can be attached to your camera for bright, battery-powered illumination down to 147 feet. These lights are especially helpful for nighttime water photography.

Pros: Waterproof, durable, rechargeable battery and power-saving mode

Cons: Sometimes, power flickers

16. CamKix Anti-Fog Inserts

CamKix Anti-Fog Inserts are made with high-quality cellulose fibers.

Foggy conditions can ruin footage. This is especially true when there’s an easy solution: Place the inserts on either end of your camera to absorb moisture. Voila! No more fog!


Pros: Easy to reuse after drying, multi-pack.

Cons: Some diving housings may not fit well.

17. FLOATEX Floaty Cas

FLOATEX’s Floaty case is brightly colored and wraps around your GoPro. It will provide padded protection for your camera in case it falls out of your hands. Additionally, it is made with buoyant EVA foam which will return it to the surface of the water until you are able to swim over and grab it. It will not sink. It will not get lost in the currents. It will just flounder like its namesake until it is retrieved.

Pros: EVA foam and touchscreen accessibility.

Cons: NA

18. GoPro Bite Mount & Floaty

The GoPro Bite Mount and Floaty are very unique accessories for your camera. It can attach to anything, from surfboards and snorkeling gear to its mounting buckle, but its primary location is inside your mouth.

It is made from a soft and ergonomic rubber, which allows you to hold the device still while you take part in water activities and events. This is the first time you’ve ever taken footage from this angle!


Pros: Waterproof and buoyant, brightly-colored to improve visibility, including mounting buckle

Cons: NA

19. TELESIN Floating Straps

The TELESIN Floating Straps are dyed yellow and orange to maximize visibility in the water. They will keep your GoPro safe while you swim with sharks or dive off the coast.

They will wrap around your wrist, keeping your GoPro at your fingertips as you splash around. They will also keep your GoPro floating on the water until you retrieve it.

Pros: Two-pack, bright colors, soft foam padding, secure stitching, and soft foam padding

Cons: Cameras weighing more than seven ounces are not recommended

GoPro Mounts

20. Suptig Tripod Mount Adapter

The Suptig Tripod Mount Adapter does exactly what it says: a mount adapter with an extra thumb screw for fun.

Don’t let the simplicity of this product fool you. You can customize it for any type of tripod, monopod, or selfie stick. The high-quality mold is made from a steel/polycarbonate mix that will not rust underwater. It is a sturdy mount that can withstand the most difficult of environments.


Pros: Strong, flexible and adaptable

Cons: Simple design with no bells and whistles

21. AxPower Helmet Adhesive Pads

AxPower Helmet Adhesive Pads attach to your helmet using sticky adhesives. You get an 8-pack with four flat mounts and four curved mounts. This ensures that you always have the right amount to fit your helmet.

These products aren’t meant to last forever. You can always change the product if they become too sticky. Your GoPro is your best friend!

Pros: Flat and curved mounts are both waterproof and easy to use

Cons: Impermanent, but not always secure

22. Chimera Camera Car Mount

The Chimera Camera Car Mount is a strong mount that will not crack under intense wind speeds.

The aluminum alloy construction makes it stronger than plastic. It can attach to your car’s hood, doors, or frames to capture the action on your next road trip. You can also adjust the dials and wheels to get the perfect shot every single time.

Pros: High-quality materials, adjustable settings and secure suction cups.

Cons: There are many parts that can be broken down and need to be taken care of

23. GoPro Suction Cup Mount

You don’t necessarily need an extreme mount for your car that looks like something out of The Fast and Furious.

You might be looking for an easy way to attach your GoPro camera to your car, boat, or motorcycle.

You have found the GoPro Suction Cup Mount. The mount features a short extension arm that allows for easy positioning. It also has a quick-release base that makes it easy to remove your GoPro from your vehicle when you get there.


Pros: Sturdy construction and compact design that can withstand speeds of up to 150 mph

Cons: Not recommended for high-impact activities

GoPro POV Mounts

24. AmazonBasics Head Strap Camera Mount

The AmazonBasics Head Strap Camera Mount, as its name implies, is simple. The elastic headband can be worn on a helmet, or directly attached to your skull. It will provide excellent POV angles for hiking, biking, climbing, and trekking.

Its simple exterior hides a number of adjustable straps that provide a comfortable fit. The rubber inserts are non-slip and will ensure your footage stays stable.

Pros: Compatible with all GoPro cameras, waterproof, nylon, and polycarbonate materials

Cons: Not all mounting materials included

25. PolarPro StrapMount

PolarPro StrapMounts can be attached to backpacks, life vests, and scuba diving equipment. This makes it ideal for trips like triathlons and vacations that require you to try many new things.

This mount is my favorite, but there are other options.

A multipurpose mount is not a limited mount. Instead of being restricted by a limitless number of applications, you can capture every moment of your adventures with a multipurpose mount. This mount is bombproof and made from glass-filled nylon.

Pros: Easy to use, waterproof, shockproof and bombproof.

Cons: Not always stable

26. GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp

The GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp can attach to any rod, tube or pipe.

Its optional extension arm makes it stand out from other models. You can attach your camera to the mount directly if you don’t need it; however, if you want a wider angle or higher than the standard, the extension arm can be attached and can be flexed in multiple directions. You decide!

Sametop Jaws Flex Clamp Mount...
2,629 Reviews

Pros: Simple design, high-quality materials, optional extension arm

Cons: Not always stable to vibrations and shakes

27. Hapurs Shoulder Strap

Although it is described as a shoulder strap the Hapurs Shoulder Strap actually acts more like a chest harness and places the GoPro at shoulder height.

The nylon strap will secure it around your body and the buckle made of polycarbonate will hold everything in place. This is a convenient and comfortable way to capture POV footage on the go.

Pros: Comfortable and adjustable

Cons: Not all sizes will fit all

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GoPro Tripods

28. JOBY GorillaPod

Although it might be named after a Gorilla, the Joby Gorillapod is more closely related to an octopus. The three rubber-ringed legs of the Joby GorillaPod can be bent in all kinds of ways to create action shots. You can even use the foot grips to hold it upright like a tripod.


Pros: Flexible legs and rubber rings. Foot grips. Extended tilting and panning capabilities.

Cons: Rubber cracks quickly and doesn’t last for long

29. Fotopro UFO2 Set Tripod

The Fotopro UFO2 Tripod weighs in at 0.61 pounds. You can carry it in your purse or bag side-by-side.

It is a compact tripod that can be used for many purposes, despite its small size. It is a David among Goliaths.

Pros: Portable, lightweight, waterproof, fully adjustable

Cons: Questionable longevity

GoPro Selfie Sticks

30. GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod

GoPro 3-Way is the perfect accessory for you if you don’t like having to pick between GoPro accessories. The grip handle includes an extension arm and a tripod that allows you to shoot at every angle possible. You don’t need to carry the tripod separately as it is concealed within the grip.

GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod...
6,397 Reviews

Pros: Waterproof and shockproof. Three different applications

Cons: Not always stable

31. GoPro El Grande Extension Pole (38”)

The GoPro El Grande Extension Pole is the perfect upgrade for those who find a regular selfie stick too small to do the job.

It collapses and can extend between 15 and 38 inches. This makes it ideal for wide-angle shots of people, music, parties, mountains, and savannas. The GoPro El Grande Extension Pole is able to capture everything, whether you are riding waves on tropical islands or watching lions on safari tours.

Pros: Large grip, waterproof materials, and swivel joints

Cons: Heavy

GoPro Vlogging and Tech

32. GoPro Karma Grip

GoPro’s Karma grip premium gimbal is made for GoPro cameras. This gimbal is well-reviewed and will allow you to create more stable footage. Many video bloggers are switching to the HyperSmooth stabilization on the Hero8 Black camera.


Pros: Camera control on the fly, extended battery life (1 hour 45 min – powering both camera and grip).

Cons: It requires a lot of learning to use. It can be a little expensive.

33. 3axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Gimbal Stabilizer’s digital joystick is unmatched. It will hold your GoPro steady and allow you to control angles, degrees, and swivels using a variety of buttons and dials. You can recharge the batteries when power is low and start over.

Pros: Adjustable digital controls, rechargeable battery, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity

Cons: It requires a learning curve in order to use

GoPro Remote

34. SHOOT Smart Remote Control

If you’re still using an outdated GoPro with limited wireless connectivity, it’s time to upgrade to the GoPro Smart Remote Control and join the 21st century.

The device can wirelessly connect with your camera to provide you with instant control over your pictures and videos. It also has a long-lasting battery that can easily be charged when it runs low. The wrist strap ensures that it is always with you.

Pros: Wired connectivity, durable materials, compatible with most GoPros, wrist strap, keyring loop and compatible with most GoPros

Cons: Can experience pairing problems between devices

Get more from your GoPro

35. Smatree GA700-3 Waterproof Case

The two-layer case protects your GoPro cameras and accessories as if they were in a tank. It is waterproof, shockproof, and dust-proof. When submerged it will float. There are cut-out foam layers that hold everything securely and snugly.

The Smatree GA700-3 Waterproof Hard Case will protect your camera equipment.

Pros: Multiple storage layers, including foam, mesh and straps.

Cons: Can overheat in extreme temperatures

36. GoPro Hero Mounting Bundle

The GoPro Hero Mounting Bundle, last but not least is an all-in-one product that provides excellent camera mounts.

The kit includes a tripod mount, adapter, hot-shoe flash mount, thumbscrew and a tripod adapter. It will help you take your GoPro photography up a notch.

Pros: Strong materials, simple assembly, many mounting accessories

Cons: Instructions don’t come with it

GoPro Mods

37. Hero8 Media Mod

Medi Mod is one of the best GoPro accessories. This Media Mod was designed to help GoPro users transform their Hero8 Black into professional vlogging and filming equipment. The Hero8 Black features the same directional microphone, 3.5mm microphone output, HDMI output for monitoring and playback, as well two cold-shoe mounts that can be attached to other accessories.

The Hero8 Black has two cold-shoe mounts, one for Display Mod and the other for Light Mod. This makes it a more versatile choice than the Hero9 Black in at most one area.


  • Upgrade for filmmakers and Vloggers
  • Cameras with small front-facing screens will benefit from screen improvements


  • Hero 10 & 9 Black only
  • Expensive

38. GoPro Light Mod

GoPro Light Mod is the 18th best GoPro Accessories. Attached to the Media Mod for Hero8 Black or Hero9 Black, the Light Mod provides additional light when you require it.

There are four levels of brightness and you can adjust the brightness. You can also use the Overdrive mode to increase brightness. Strobe mode is used for signaling and improving visibility. It emits light at 5700K color temperature.



  • There are four levels of brightness
  • GoPro light Mod comes with long-lasting, rechargeable batteries
  • Overdrive mode


  • Requires Media Mod

Things To Consider When Buying Accessories For Gopro

Things To Consider When Buying Accessories For Gopro

As an avid GoPro user, I’m always looking for something to take my footage and stills to the next level. Luckily, thousands of GoPro compatible accessories can improve footage and make for some absolutely killer photos.

Even if you don’t own a GoPro but have another action camera brand, it’s worth noting that some action cameras are compatible with GoPro accessories. Also, accessories like mounts and tripods are typically interchangeable with most/all cameras. So if you’re interested in a particular GoPro accessory, check to see if it’ll fit your action camera!

Enhance Your Pictures and Videos

The first thing that GoPro accessories are suitable for is enhancing the picture or video you’re taking.

With tools like lens filters, you’re able to control the colors from your camera to make sure one color isn’t dominating. This minor tweak can enhance your images! You can also use different amounts to get the prime shot and improve quality by attaching it to something besides your hand.

Stabilize Your Footage

On the same lines of attachments, accessories help stabilize your GoPro. Footage from these cameras is notoriously shaky, so it’s best to have a helping hand (or pole) when it comes to keeping the gimbal straight and minimizing unwanted movement.

Keep Your Camera Safe

One of the best things about GoPro accessories is that many of them are designed to keep your camera safe.

Take It to the Next Level

Finally, GoPro accessories help take your game to the next level.

There are so many excellent GoPro add-ons that help take engaging photos and videos with minimal effort. For example, take pictures half in the water and half out by using a dome, or take photos while your camera is hanging from a tree with a separate remote.

No matter what you choose, go for accessories that will make for some crazy-looking photos and videos. Those are the best after all, am I right?


Which GoPro for trail running?

Where Is The Best Place To Put A GoPro On The Helmet?

One of the most common places to mount your GoPro on a motorcycle helmet is on the top of it, in the middle, and at the front of the helmet.

Can You Wear A GoPro on Your Head?

The Head Strap can be strapped to a helmet or directly on your head, fully adjustable to fit all sizes. The QuickClip can be used to attach your GoPro to baseball caps, belts, and more. Warning: The Head Strap + QuickClip are for use during non-impact activities only.

What is a GoPro Mount Called?

The Tripod Mounts enable a GoPro camera to be attached to any standard tripod. The pack includes a standard Tripod Mount plus a Quick Release Tripod Mount to move conveniently between shots and locations.

Which GoPro For Trail Running?

GoPro is the biggest name in action cameras, and for a good reason! Their products are of the highest quality, and if you can afford a GoPro, we highly recommend that you go for one. The HERO9 is the perfect action camera for adventurers of all kinds, including trail or ultra runners.

What’s the reason behind GoPro’s success? One of the main reasons behind GoPro’s success is that its products offer users the chance to let others see their experiences at the height of the action from their point of view.


This list of GoPro accessories includes various items you might need for a trip to the mountains, a scuba diving adventure, or a life of adventure. We understand that outdoor experiences can cost a lot of money, which is why we put together this selection of the best accessories for GoPro cameras. Choose from products designed to increase your battery life, or help you capture better video without worrying about missing a shot.

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