Black Triangle Teeth or Gingival Embrasures: Causes & Treatments

Black Triangle Teeth or Gingival Embrasures: Causes & Treatments

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Do you want to fix the black triangles between your teeth? It’s possible. This article highlights vital details such as the causes and treatment options of black triangle teeth and their link with your dental health. This condition is also known as gingival embrasures, and it happens because your gum tissues don’t completely fill the space between your teeth. Read on to learn more!

Black triangle teeth

Causes of Black Triangles Teeth

Following are the leading causes of black triangles between teeth:-

Gum Recession

Gum recession is caused due to smoking, aging, or periodontal diseases. These degenerated gums pull away from your teeth and leave their roots vulnerable to bacteria and cavities.

Wrong Brushing Techniques

According to a study, brushing your teeth aggressively and brushing them with a bigger-sized brush can also lead to black triangles.

Shape of Tooth

Everyone’s teeth are not perfectly shaped. If your front teeth, also known as incisors, are narrow at the gum line and broad at the biting surface, you may develop gingival embrasures.

Orthodontic Treatments Gone Wrong

You may develop black triangles after braces or other orthodontic treatments due to the shift in your teeth. In that case, you might need to repeat your treatment.

Bone Loss

Losing bone near your tooth’s base leads to black triangles. It can also cause gum disease, osteoporosis, and other oral health issues.

Tooth Shape Responsible for Black Triangle Teeth

Let’s look at how the shape of your teeth plays a role in causing the black triangle teeth:-

Rectangular Teeth – As rectangular teeth have straight, symmetrical edges, they fit next to each other without any gap. So there is no chance of gingival embrasures. Oval Teeth – Although there is space in the bottom due to the round edges of oval teeth, there is less possibility of black triangles as the top of the teeth fit perfectly next to each other. Triangular Teeth – Here is your plausible culprit! The wider edge of triangular teeth at the bottom creates the space for black triangles between teeth.

Black triangles are the result or symptoms of an underlying oral health issue. Thus if you notice any gaps developing in your teeth, go through the causes mentioned above. Do you think you or going through bone loss or gum disease, or any other health issue? The best thing would be to contact your dentist immediately. They can treat black triangles along with the dental issue causing them.

Treatment of Black Triangles Teeth/Gingival Embrasures

Depending on the cause and condition of the gingival embrasures, dentists can suggest you any of the following treatment:-


If you got black triangles after braces treatment as a side effect, another braces treatment can fix the issue. Your orthodontist can also recommend other advanced orthodontic treatments according to your case.

Gentle Dental Hygiene

Aggressive dental hygiene can lead to black triangles in teeth. So if the damage has just started, the gaps are minimal, and your gums are healthy, you can turn it back with gentle dental hygiene.

Brushing and Flossing Correctly

Apart from being gentle, you need to brush and floss with the correct technique. Follow the guidelines of the American Dental Association for brushing and flossing correctly without damaging your gums.

Dental Resin/Veneers

Filling the gaps with dental resin or veneers is a perfect aesthetic treatment for visible black triangles between teeth. Veneers can cover the front of your tooth, and resin can fill the gap.

Hyaluronic Acid Treatment

In hyaluronic acid treatment, hyaluronic acid is injected into your gums to regenerate them. This is an ideal treatment if the cause of your gingival embrasures is gum rescission.


Various factors contribute to the formation of black triangles, such as gum damage, age, wrong dental hygiene techniques, bone loss, etc. However, it is essential to fix these black triangles for cosmetic reasons and dental well-being. They not only ruin your smile, but they also provide space for bacteria to grow in your teeth. The good news is there are many treatment options available to treat gingival embrasures. Your dentist is the right person to suggest the appropriate treatment in your case.