Can an Auto Glass Shop Fix Scratches on a Windshield?

Can an Auto Glass Shop Fix Scratches on a Windshield?

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Just like any other type of glass, a windshield can develop scratches over time. Hale or falling tree debris can scratch a windshield. So can rocks that slide across the windshield, as well as low-hanging branches.

Scratches may seem like a minor flaw until you realize that they are impeding your vision while you drive. At first, this limited sight may only happen at night or in heavy rain or bright sunshine, but in time, scratches can worsen and pose a continuous hazard.

Fortunately, many scratches can be corrected by a skilled auto glass professional. Here is some information about what to expect if you have the scratches in your auto glass repaired.

How Does an Auto Glass Repair Shop Assess Damage?

Oftentimes, an auto glass repair shop can fix a scratched windshield. The first thing they will do is determine the depth of the scratch.

Generally speaking, if you can run your finger smoothly over the scratch without it getting stuck, the scratch is superficial and can be polished or buffed out. If your finger gets stuck, the scratch is too deep to buff out. At this point, it might be worth replacing the windshield instead of simply repairing it.

How Is Buffing or Polishing Done on Windshield Glass?

When you have a scratch on your windshield, it can often be buffed or polished away. First, tape will be placed around the area to define the workspace. Then, a metal compound will be mixed with water and applied to the scratches. A buffing component attached to either a drill or a buffer will be used on the area, similar to the way a sander is used to smooth wood floors or furniture. The metal compound buffs away that small layer of glass that is scratched, revealing a new, unscathed layer.

It is important to choose an auto glass professional who will work slowly and carefully, as the compound can scratch the unaffected layers of glass or remove too much glass if buffing is done too hastily.

Don’t Repair Your Windshield On Your Own!

A quick Google search will show you that there are many different kits out there that claim to allow you to repair windshield scratches on your own. These can be tempting to use since they tend to be cheaper than paying an auto glass shop to repair your scratched windshield for you. However, you should leave this type of repair to a professional. The likelihood is high that you will cause more scratches and damage to the windshield by attempting to polish or buff it yourself. This means that you might find yourself in the situation of needing to replace your glass rather than just repairing it.

A scratch in your windshield can prevent you from seeing the road and possible obstacles as clearly as you should. This, of course, impacts your safety and the safety of your family.

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