Can LASIK Fix a Lazy Eye?

Can LASIK Fix a Lazy Eye?

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Patients who visit their local Orange County eye surgeon at Advanced Eye Medical expect to receive advanced and innovative treatment solutions. If you have been diagnosed with amblyopia – commonly known as “lazy eye” – you are likely wondering what procedure will correct the problems caused by this condition. Are there non-invasive treatment options available for amblyopia? Can LASIK fix a lazy eye?

Can LASIK Fix a Lazy Eye?

As one of the most popular treatments for a myriad of eye problems, LASIK eye surgery can greatly correct vision and eliminate blemishes. Still, it may prove an effective treatment for amblyopia caused by vision problems. However, LASIK does not correct all types of amblyopia. Let’s take a look at the symptoms of lazy eye and how your eye care professionals can treat it.

Types of Amblyopia

While most people just simplify the condition to “lazy eye,” there are actually different types of amblyopia diagnoses. Each type stems from different causes and therefore requires different treatments. This is why LASIK may or may not be an effective solution to correcting lazy eyes.

Strabismus Amblyopia

This type of lazy eye has muscular imbalance as a main characteristc. One of the eyes moves more slowly than the other, giving it a lazy eye appearance. There are a few effective treatments for this type of lazy eye, including eye patches, drops, and surgical intervention.

Refractive Amblyopia

The most common type of lazy eye we call refractive amblyopia. It is caused by vision impairment. When one eye has a much stronger vision prescription than another, the less dominant eye will become weaker and will start to sag. Thankfully, this kind of lazy eye that can be treated with LASIK eye surgery.

Deprivation Amblyopia

When another eye condition blocks vision in one eye, whether due to cataracts or physical obstruction, it can cause the affected eyeball to become underdeveloped. This type of lazy eye is most common in children or the elderly due to other underlying issues.

How LASIK Can Help

If you are struggling with amblyopia due to vision impairment, you can seek LASIK eye surgery to correct the symptoms of lazy eye. Keep in mind that this only proves an effective treatment with lazy eye symptoms caused by a refractive condition in the eyes.

What exactly does LASIK do to help?

LASIK eye surgery can reduce the size of the pupils, which puts less strain on pressure on the dominant eye. Creating an even balance between the prescriptions of both eyes can reduce complications that might come from amblyopia.

Effectiveness of Lazy Eye LASIK Treatment

Unfortunately, not every LASIK procedure is 100% effective in every case of refractive amblyopia. It can be more difficult to correct symptoms of lazy eye in older adults, as vision therapy proves less effective over time. Successful treatments work best when they create a bigger balance between the prescriptions in both eyes. Additional treatments may be necessary to further eliminate the symptoms of lazy eye.

It is important to note that most LASIK treatments are only viable in adults over the age of 18. Children can suffer from amblyopia that could find treatment through laser eye surgery. However, their eyes have not yet remained stable enough over a period of time to determine what exact treatment is necessary.

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At the office of Dr. Ghosheh, we treat patients who deal with unique and uncommon types of amblyopia. Refractive amblyopia that develops as part of a vision problem has a high chance of being corrected with the right kind of personalized laser eye surgery. It is important to speak with your eye specialist about the right kind of treatment for your lazy eye symptoms. Additional solutions, such as vision therapy and prescription medication, may also help. Learn more and schedule your appointment with us today!