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Top 10 Best DVD Player Reviews: Which One Do You Choose?

Even if Blu-Ray will soon become the new standard, DVDs are still selling well. For a regular home theater setup, a DVD player is still the best choice for many different reasons. They are affordable, easy to use and they are still relevant despite the fact that they have a rather low resolution now that 1080p is the new norm.

The DVD video format is usually using a resolution of 720 by 480 pixels which should look decent of a large screen TV. However, DVD players can be used for more than just watching movies. They can serve as a media player since most models can read other video formats, audio files, and pictures. Over the past few years, the only thing that changed about them is file compatibility, and their size has been reduced. Sound quality is still decent as most of them support Dolby Digital.

Best DVD Player in 2024

Today we will look at 10 different models selected out of hundreds of DVD players. There aren’t all that many differences between them which makes it quite difficult to select the best models. The main rule has been to find the DVD players that offer seamless playback, responsive menus, and work with many different file types. To keep things short here are the top 10 best DVD players in 2024 reviews.

Proscan SDVD1041 Compact DVD Player

Sylvania SDVD1041 Compact DVD Player
  • Progressive Scan DVD Player
  • Auto-Loading Mechanism
  • Choice of Aspect Ratop; 4:3 /16:9
  • On Screen Control Menu
  • Includes: Full Function Remote Control; AV Cable, refer user manual for trouble shooting steps page 10

Proscan might not be a brand that many are familiar with, but its SDVD1041 is a decent player that works great. It uses a progressive scan that offers seamless playback and smooth menus. The model also comes with an auto-loading system.

Other features that are worth mentioning are the on-screen control menu that makes it very easy to operate. Also, it has a very compact design and offers multiple aspect ratios. The model works with a wide range of file types, and it comes with multiple decoders for compressed video formats.

Philips All Region Free 1080p Up-Converting DVD Player

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The Philips DVD player comes with some interesting features that are not that common. It is an up-scaling player which means that the native DVD resolution is upscaled to 1080p. The image is sharpened a bit, but it is not as clear as a 1080p video yet it is still an improvement.

The model is region free and comes with a 3-way converter. It can convert NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC. As expected the model has a progressive scan that improves playback smoothness and optimizes image quality. It is worth mentioning that the model works with 110 volts or 220 volts power outlets.

Philips DVP5960 DVD Player

Philips DVP5960 DVD Player with HDMI, 1080i Upscaling, DivX Ultra, USB direct
  • DivX Ultra 6, Mpeg 4 video
  • HDMI, 1080i Upsampling
  • USB Connect, plays flash drive files
  • Ultra Slim Design. Compatible with both NTSC and PAL.
  • Composite and component inputs cables supplied are only for composite no optical out just digital coax

Philips DVP5960 is a compact player that comes loaded with a lot of features. The player comes with an upscaling feature. This means that it improves the standard DVD image quality so that it can be upscaled to 1080p.

According to the specifications, the model comes with its own decoders making it capable of playing Mpeg and DivX videos. The player is able to read files from a USB stick or external hard drive. Last but not least the model is also quite inexpensive making it a decent pick for the ones that do not want to spend too much money on a DVD player.

Panasonic Progressive Scan DVD Player DVD-S500

Panasonic Progressive Scan DVD Player DVD-S500 (Black) Detailed Video/Audio from Most DVD/CD Formats, View Content From USB
  • Enjoy smooth, detailed video from virtually any DVD
  • Create dazzling photo slideshows to share on big screen TV
  • Hear superior audio from DVDs/CDs with Dolby Digital sound
  • View content from USB memory devices
  • NOTE There is NO HDMI Port

Panasonic DVD-S500 is a simple player that comes with a low price tag making it an excellent choice even for the ones that have a limited budget. The model comes with progressive scan technology that improves playback and prevents buffering.

The model comes with a slim design and a black glossy finish. It supports both DVDs and CDs as well as other formats that can also be played from a USB storage device. Sound quality is also quite decent as it comes with a Dolby Digital decoders.

GPX D200B Progressive Scan 2-Channel DVD Player

GPX D200B Progressive Scan DVD Player with Remote Control , Black
  • Slim DVD player plays DVDs and CDs
  • 2-channel audio
  • Progressive scan
  • Includes remote control (batteries sold separately)
  • Built-in AC power cable

The GPX D200B is not only inexpensive but also extremely compact. It is one of the smallest DVD players in our list. As with other similar DVD players, the model has a progressive scan. The biggest downside of the model is the fact that it supports only 2-channel audio.

Looking at its additional features, the model comes with a built-in power adapter. It supports multiple file formats, but it does not come with a USB port for external storage. Compared to other models in our list the DVD player is also one of the most affordable ones.

Sony DVP-SR200P/B DVD Player

Sony DVP-SR200P/B DVD Player, Black
  • Progressive Output (480p)
  • Precision Drive 3 System For Flaws in DVD Discs
  • Region-DVD: 1
  • Multi Brand TV Remote Control
  • 12-Bit Video DAC with 108MHz Processing

Sony DVP-SR200P offers great value for the model. It does not have to upscale like other DVD players, but it delivers crisp, clear videos. The model has a precision drive that is capable of playing even damaged DVD discs.

The player comes with progressive output running at 480p. It is locked to region 1 which can be a bit of a turn-off, but for the money, it offers a decent deal. Last but not least the model comes with a sleek design and a glossy black finish.

Funai DV220FX5 Dual Deck DVD and VHS Player

Funai Corp. DV220FX5 Dual Deck DVD and VHS Player
  • 4 Head VCR
  • Dolby Digital Stream Out
  • Still Frame and Slow Motion
  • No Tuner

Funai might not be a brand that many are familiar with, but it does have a long history. Their DV220FX5 is a great product that comes as a combo. It is a DVD and VHS player. The model offers excellent playback and plenty of features.

As advertised the player comes with Dolby Digital encoding and progressive playback. It has a still frame and slow-motion feature as well as a 4 head reader for the VCR. It does not have a tuner which might be a small turn off for some but for the money it is difficult to find a similar combo player.

Funai ZV427FX4 Combination VCR and DVD Recorder

Funai Combination VCR and DVD Recorder (ZV427FX4)
  • 1080P up conversion from HDMI output
  • Archive home movies from VHS tape to DVD
  • Dolby Digital Stream out
  • Line in recording through cable-satellite box

The Funai ZV427FX4 combo is a great option for the ones that do not mind spending a bit extra. It is a DVD and VCR recorder that comes with an upscaling feature. Basically, it delivers 480p content to a 1080p screen thus improving image quality.

Similar to other models it comes with Dolby Digital decoding and comes with plenty of connectivity options. The recording feature is extremely easy to use. Overall it offers excellent value for money like most other VCR, and DVR recorder combos are significantly more expensive.

Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player

Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player, with HDMI port (Upscaling)
  • Ultra Slim, New Mid Size Design, HDMI Output, 1080P Upscaling, JPEG, MP3 Playback, Multi Disc resume, Multi band TV Remote, Energy Star
  • 1 Year Parts & 90 Day Labor Warranty
  • Region: DVD: 1; Power Requirements:120V, 60Hz
  • Video: DVD, DVDplus R, DVDplus R DL, DVDplus RW, DVD R, DVD R DL, DVD RW; Audio: CD, CD R, CD RW; File Formats Supported: JPEG, MPEG1
  • NOTE: This is not a Blu ray player; POWER CONSUMPTION (STANDBY): Less than 0.5 W

Sony DVPSR510H DVD player is by far their most popular model. It is one of the most affordable models that come with upscaling and an HDMI output. This means it can be connected to any TV on the market while delivering an improved image quality over the standard 480p resolution of a DVD.

The model comes with several interesting features such as a multi-disc resume, mp3 playback, and compatibility with image files. It is locked to region 1 and supports all DVD and CD types.

Samsung DVD-E360 DVD Player

Samsung DVD-E360 DVD Player (Black)
  • Pogressive Scan Technology Delivers High Picture Quality
  • Advanced Dolby, Digital Sound
  • RCA cable included

The Samsung DVD-E360 DVD player is a basic model that does not come with any additional features. It was only made to play DVDs, and it does it well. The model does not have an HDMI output, but it should work with most modern TVs.

There isn’t much that can be said about the model. It has a simple slim design with a black finish. In terms of outputs, the model has composite output. It also comes with a USB port for media playback from external storage devices, and it features progressive playback.

DVD players have not changed much. A feature that manufacturers like to include in some of the newer models is upscaling. This allows a DVD player to have an HDMI output to connect it to virtually any TV. Other than that there isn’t much that can be said. Our list contains 10 different models that come with positive feedback from the ones that already tried them. This is an important aspect since there are so many models that come with a poor laser head that simply does not play DVDs properly. Our selection includes only models that are known to have no issues with playback.

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