Easy Steps to Repair Moen Kitchen Faucet

Easy Steps to Repair Moen Kitchen Faucet

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Moen Kitchen faucet is a common feature at most of the Canadian homes because of the strong market presence of one of the oldest faucet brands in the world. The company’s owner invented the cartridge faucets and for decades, it has ruled the market. Thus, if you have a Moen kitchen faucet then you don’t need to worry about faucet styles.

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Moen offers a wide selection of faucet models even though they all contain cartridges and that’s why most of the leakages can be fixed by replacing the cartridges or the rubber parts. All you need to know is the faucet model to select the appropriate replacement parts. Search online on a plumbing service provider’s website or official website of Moen to find gather information about the exact faucet model.

DIY enthusiasts can use this as an excellent opportunity to test and sharpen their skills. All they have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions provided in this blog post. After reading the entire blog post, if you feel that it’s all a bit too much for you to handle then you can always call in a professional plumber for help.

Here’s a lowdown on repairing a Moen kitchen faucet quickly without too much hassle:

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Repair Moen Kitchen Faucet: Disassemble the Faucet

Leakages often occur from the spout wherein the cartridge fails in sealing water. Now, worn seals or a completely damaged cartridge can be behind the leakage. In order to get access to the cartridge, you will have to dissemble the faucet.

You need to start by shutting up the water connection below the sink and open the kitchen faucet to relieve the water pressure. Check the faucet handle and find the screw cap. Once you’re done with that, you will need a screwdriver to open the screw cap. The cap has a Moen logo on it and you will find the screw holding the handle under it.

It’s time to loosen the screw with the help of a wrench and pull out the handle. This is easy but in case the handle doesn’t come off, use a hammer to tap to loosen the binding. Using locking pliers, you will have to take out the retaining nut that holds the cartridge. Now you’ll have to use the screwdriver to loosen the cartridge.

Once this is done, you will need to take the cartridge our while holding on to the valve stem. Cartridges often get stuck in older faucets, so you might have to get a cartridge puller to complete the task.

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Repair Moen Kitchen Faucet: Cartridge, gaskets and o-rings

After taking out the cartridge, you need to find out if there are nicks or cracks. On finding any such damages, you will need to replace the cartridge. In case there’s a scale buildup on the cartridge, you will have to soak it overnight in vinegar for cleaning.

Replace the O-Rings and gaskets on the valve seats. You can remove these by sticking the screwdriver inside the valve. O-Rings and Gaskets are available in the kits since they are model specific.

Repair Moen Kitchen Faucet: Replace the valve seats if the leakage persists

If the leakage persists then you might have to replace the valve seats because it would have probably nicked or worn out. Use a wrench to remove the valve seats after disassembling the faucet once again.

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Repair Moen Kitchen Faucet: Leakage at the base

If there’s a leakage from the handle of your Moen Kitchen Faucet then there’s a high probability of a damaged O-rings near the spot’s base. Remove the faucet’s handle and bring out the spout. Replace the O-Rings after lubricating them adequately. Also clean the valve’s outer body along with the spout’s interior.

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