Fix Oculus Controller Squeaks & Drifting Joystick (SOLVED)

Fix Oculus Controller Squeaks & Drifting Joystick (SOLVED)

Dream Cheeky will help you know How To Fix Controller Drift On Oculus Quest 2 2022: Things To Know

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There are a few things more annoying than something that brought you joy turning into something that annoys you. You’re not alone with the pain of having problems with your Oculus Touch controllers – you never were.

In this article, I’m going to be talking about how to fix the Oculus Quest 2 controller’s drifting joystick, and also getting rid of squeaks. These solutions work for both the Quest and the Quest 2 controllers, which are thankfully (or unfortunately) somewhat similar.

In short, to fix the squeaky noise from your Oculus Touch controller, there are two common solutions:

  1. Applying a reliable electronic lubricant
  2. Using compressed air to clean the controller

The following solutions might help to fix a drifting joystick in your Oculus Quest / Quest 2 controller:

  1. Cleaning the controller and joystick area
  2. Blowing compressed air to clean any dust and debris
  3. Removing the batteries

Let’s take a moment to talk about each of these methods, starting with how you can fix squeaky noises from the VR controller.

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Fixing Oculus Touch Controller Squeaks With Lubricant

The specifics of this method are exactly as they sound. First, you’ll need a trusty and reliable lubricant to get the job done. I’m talking specifically about one for electronics here.

Even more specifically, I’m talking about the WD-40 cleaning spray designed for electronics. You can buy a can from Amazon relatively cheaply! It will last a great deal of time for and in addition to your Oculus controllers, you will also be able to lubricate other electronic devices in your house.

Watch the video below to see the spray in action:

Warning! Never use oil-based lubricants when dealing with electronics and gadgets such as VR tech!

Use Compressed Air to Fix Oculus Quest Controller Squeaks

On the list of less orthodox methods of solving problems, there’s air. Plain, simple, but powerful air. The idea here is to get rid of any dust or other particles that could be giving your controller cramps.

If your lungs aren’t what they used to be, then don’t worry too much. A quick stop at a hardware store – online or otherwise, and you’ve got yourself a can of compressed air. This handy little tool would give the best lungs a run for their money. You can also easily order one off Amazon.

Simply spray the compressed air on and around the button causing the problem and witness the problem literally blow away. Hold down the button as you do so for the best effect!

Note! If your controllers are fairly new and experiencing problems, you may want to consider contacting Oculus Support and getting a replacement. They usually ask for video evidence of the problem.

Now let’s talk about a little more pesky problem: drifting joysticks.

Joystick Drifting on your Oculus Touch Controllers?

This is a phenomenon that occurs when the magic of VR gets a little carried away and your Quest controller continues to move in a direction after you’ve let it go. Essentially, the controller doesn’t recognize that you’ve stopped pushing the joystick in a specific direction.

Make a smooth VR experience possible again with the following quick fixes.

Fixing Controller Drift by Cleaning the Controller

As simple as it sounds, it’s possible that the problem just has to do with a dirty controller. Now, the method I’m about to share isn’t exactly Oculus-recommended but has worked for several people. The solution is a toothpick.

use toothpick to clean joystick jpg

My research led me to the following solution to fix a drifting joystick on your Oculus Touch controller

  1. Get a toothpick
  2. Bend one corner of it at a 90-degree angle
  3. Poke around the corners of your joystick’s hinge. Rotate your joystick as you do so to make sure you’ve really got the edges covered and nicely cleaned.

Note! Some people might be worried about the shavings of the toothpick left behind in the controller if it happens to rub itself the wrong way. To those people, I would recommend using any small tool that could bend well enough to clean the corners of your joystick without damage – a paperclip, perhaps.

For a more official perspective on cleaning your controller, take a look at this guide published by Oculus.

Of course, you can also try cleaning your controller by blowing air on it. Keep the joystick moved all the way in one direction, and blow around the hinge. Use the same can of compressed air mentioned above if your lungs aren’t what they used to be!

Fixing Controller Drift by Removing Batteries

remove batteries to fix drifting controller jpg

You may have heard of the old trick called “turning it off and on again”. Well, believe it or not, this is actually a fix for many hardware issues because it’s a way to reset your device.

Rather than turning your Quest off and on, you should try to simply remove the batteries from your controller for a solid 2 minutes to potentially fix your drifting controller issue. Once devoid of power, put the batteries pack in and see if the drifting issue still persists

For more details on taking out the batteries, or if you’re having trouble, do be sure to check out my other article.

These are just some of the remedies I came across to fix these issues at home. If the problem tends to persist, do try and find a way to visit your local electronics guy!

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