Fix Sagging Breasts Naturally With Some Simple Home Remedies

Fix Sagging Breasts Naturally With Some Simple Home Remedies

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One of the saddest aspects of aging is to witness imperfections in your once perfectly shaped body. Sooner or later, aging comes and with it, breast sagging happens.

Many women neglect this change and move on with their lives. Although a fleeting thought of losing one’s beauty remains in the mind. Women who can’t bear this, go under the knife.

But who made that rule? Who said that you have to go under the knife to regain those firm, perky breasts? If you are worried about sagging breasts, this article is for you. Here, you will get to know why your breasts sag, and what you can do to improve your beauty.

Why the Breast Sagging Happens: Reasons Behind This Phenomena

Almost every woman experiences sagging breasts and there can be several reasons for it.


When a woman approaches menopause, the production of the hormone estrogen gradually declines in the body. This decline can cause a shrinkage in the glandular tissues of the breasts, making them appear less full and saggy.

Sudden Weight Change

If you undergo any weight change, which was sudden and over a short period, it can affect the tissues of the breast.

Read more about healthy weight loss.


Some diseases e.g breast cancer or respiratory conditions like tuberculosis cause a significant weakening of the cells and internal organ structure. When there is little support for the breasts, they become loose and saggy.

Diet and Lifestyle

Some dietary choices and lifestyles also affect the breasts.

If you consume alcohol, nicotine, or carbonated beverages excessively, you are more likely to get saggy breasts. These are associated with premature aging of the skin and weakening of the cellular structure.

Multiple Pregnancies

One cause of sagging breasts may be multiple pregnancies. Pregnancy may potentially cause the breast size to increase, causing changes in its shape.

Gravitational Pull

Years of gravitational pull take their toll, especially on women with larger breasts.

Lack of Proper Support

If you don’t wear a well-fitted and supportive bra, it can cause sagging breasts as well.

Study shows that braless females have sagging, not rounded breasts. So, it’s important to invest in a good bra that will support your breasts and maintain a rounded shape.


If you have a habit of smoking, quit right away. The carcinogens present in cigarettes cause elastin to break down in the body, which ultimately causes sagging breasts. The elastic fibers preserve the elasticity of your body cells.

Sun Damage

Ultraviolet rays damage the skin and cause loss of elasticity as well.

Are There Any Natural Remedies for Sagging Breasts?

Fortunately, yes. You can try several natural methods to prevent your breasts from sagging. Here are some of the ways that you can do:

A Magical Mask of Cucumber and Egg Yolk

This is a very effective remedy for your sagging breasts.

Just take one ripe cucumber and one egg yolk. Mash the cucumber and mix this juice with egg yolk. Apply this mixture on and around your breasts for about 30 minutes.

Who doesn’t know the cooling vegetable that is cucumber?

It has natural skin-toning properties which tone your muscles and lift them. The egg yolk has high levels of protein which tighten your skin and rejuvenates it.

Use this cucumber and egg yolk mask once a week to strengthen the sagging breasts.

Massage Your Breasts with Olive Oil

Massaging your breasts with olive oil is an excellent technique to lift your sagging breasts. There is a richness of antioxidants in olive oil that reverse the damage caused by free radicals. It helps in improving skin tone and texture around the breast area.

Take some drops of olive oil onto your palms and rub them together. This will generate heat. Massage your breasts with gentle hands in an upward motion for about 15 minutes. Use this massage at least 4-5 times every week.

The massage will help relax, firm and tone up your breast muscles.

Use Ice Cubes

The cold of the ice cubes causes the tissues of your breasts to contract. This is a very effective remedy to uplift the sagging breasts and make them firm.

Take 2 ice cubes and massage them in circular motions around both of your breasts for a minute. Dry with a soft towel, and put on a soft bra. Repeat 2-3 times each day.

Fenugreek Massage for Sagging Breasts

Fenugreek is an amazing herb that has been used for centuries for breast beauty.

It is enriched with amazing antioxidants and vitamins which combat free radicals and prevent cell damage.

Mix fenugreek powder with water and make a thick paste. Massage this paste on your breasts in circular motions. Do it for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Use this mask twice a week.

Fenugreek massage will help in tightening and smoothing skin around the breasts.

Tighten Your Breasts with Aloe Vera

Do you know the health benefits of aloe vera? It is a must-have product in your beauty regimen.

Aloe vera has natural skin-tightening properties that can help you with sagging breasts.

Just take some aloe vera gel and apply it to your breasts. Massage in circular motions for 10 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.

Repeat this remedy four or five times a week for better results.

Exercise and Yoga – Perfect Combo for Sagging Breasts

Physical toning of the body is very important. If you do regular exercises or yoga it will tone your chest muscles.

Doing push-ups strengthens the pectoral muscles beneath the breasts. It helps in shaping up the breasts and reduces the excess fat deposits around the chest.

You can include other exercises like plank, cobra pose, bow pose to your exercise routine.

Yoga tones your body and increases the flexibility of muscles. You must start doing yoga for its amazing health benefits.

Foods to Eat for Tightening Breasts

It is important to have a proper amount of protein for muscle tightening.

You must include lentils, dairy, and eggs in your daily diet. Eat foods like cabbage, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots to get your portion of necessary nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and calcium.

The Last Word!

Sagging breasts happen over time. Most women don’t want to hear it but the fall is real. It’s important to take care of yourself from an early age. Avoid junk food and add more fruits and vegetables to your life. The more your intake of antioxidants, the less damage your cells will face. Do regular exercises and yoga. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you have any more questions about sagging breasts, make sure to consult a well-known gynecologist in Lahore to get your queries satisfied. You can book an appointment via or call at 90420 32500989.