Fixing minor scratches on a car – Dan Cava Toyota World

Fixing minor scratches on a car – Dan Cava Toyota World

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Fixing minor scratches on a car

Fixing minor scratches on a car can be a common occurrence. Whether you’ve got a new driver in the family or someone is careless in the parking lot, scratches happen to the best of us. Common or not, they still create quite the eyesore on your once polished paint job. If you’ve got a deep scratch on your hands, we recommend bringing it in for a new paint job. However, if it is a relatively small scratch, it’s easy enough to fix at home. Here are some directions for how to fix scratches on a car.

Clear coat scratches

The scratches that are the easiest to fix are the clear-coat scratches. These are shallow scratches that only hit the car’s outer clear coat. These scratches don’t actually hit the colored paint coat of your car, making it a relatively simple fix.

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You can tell if the scratch is just a clear coat scratch if it is relatively thin and white in color. To fix, follow the instructions below.

  • First, clean the surface of your car on and around the scratch to remove any dirt. Make sure then that the surface is dried properly. It might also be a good idea to mask any nearby trims with tape to avoid damage, especially if it is chromed plastic.
  • Apply a small amount of the polishing compound to the pad that comes with it, or a microfiber or terry cloth.
  • Polish a small area on and around the scratch. Be sure to apply the polish in slow strokes to avoid damaging the clear coat further.
  • After rubbing the polish about a dozen times, use a clean cloth to buff the area dry. Repeat polishing step if the scratch is still visible.

Fixing minor scratches on a car

Base Coat Scratch

These scratches are deeper than the clear coat scratch and damage the actual paint of your car. To fix these scratches, you will have to buy some matching car paint. To identify the right color for your car, you can check the VIN tag on the interior door jam.

The process to fix these scratches is the same as with clear coat scratches, but with a few extra steps. Clean the surface the same as above, and carefully apply primer or color to the scratch. Try not to minimize overlapping the paint around the damaged area, though a small amount is okay.

Allow the paint to sit at least overnight. Then with a sponge as a backing, wet sand the painted spot with 600- or 1000-grit sandpaper until the pain becomes smooth. Be sure to work slowly and check on the progress often, you don’t want to over sand the area. Be sure to use a compound to keep the sanded area contained to avoid damage.

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If you have any low spots, you can add more paint where needed. Repeat this process until the pain is correct and leveled. When the coloring is correct, you can add the final compound, which give your car its shiny finish back. Be sure to refrain from wax for 30 days after painting.

You might find that you’ve scratched off some of the clear coat while sanding. If that’s the case, simply follow the instructions above and you’re good to go.

If you’re in need of help with a deep scratch or are having problems with your pain, feel free to contact our service department here at Dan Cava’s Toyota. We’ll be happy to help!