Golf Tip – How To Fix Your Slice in 3 Easy Steps

Golf Tip – How To Fix Your Slice in 3 Easy Steps

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Presented by Jeff Ritter, National Director of InstructionNike Elite Golf Camps in Pebble Beach

Eliminating the slice with Nike Junior Golf Camps’ National Director of Instruction, Jeff Ritter

Hitting a slice into the trees or a water hazard might be one of the worst feelings in all of sports. Whether you are swinging too hard or have a major swing path issue, a perpetual slice can make any player want to throw their clubs in the lake. Below is a very simple progression that players of any age and skill level can use to make sure their golf ball stays in play.

At Nike Junior Golf Camps, Monterey Peninsula in Pebble Beach, CA, Coach Ritter sees many campers struggle with slicing the ball. Our team works through this exact drill to help campers get rid of their slice by the end of the week.

Step #1: Understand Your Takeaway – If you begin your back swing too far inside, that is usually the main reason players get stuck hitting a slice. An inside takeaway pattern at the start of the back swing will naturally create a rounded off shape at the top which then makes your hands travel up and over. Then, for the follow through, your hands come down towards the inside to finish the swing. As you approach impact, your hands compensate the inward swing path by opening the club face and your ball is in the trees. Take a video of yourself swinging and recognize the rounded pattern.

Step #2: Hook the Ball – The best fix to get “un-stuck” is to practice the exact opposite motion. Reverse the loop. Take three balls and tee them up at mid-height. Take a mid-iron club and practice the opposite rounded motion and watch what happens. Start your takeaway with your clubhead to the outside of your hands and as the swing path reaches the top you will feel your clubhead take an inside-out path as you strike the ball. Let the swing flow through naturally and you will hit a draw or hook to show you the opposite effect. Let it happen!

Step #3: Trap Your Swing – The last stage of this drill is called “trapping”, or to trap that perfect swing between the two extremes. After hitting 10-20 controlled hooks (draws), go back to the slice motion but hit it that way purposefully. After going back and forth you will gain a better understanding of the golf swing. Lastly, find a happy medium of the two extremes more neutral to the path. Not only will this fix your slice, but also provides another important lesson in curving the ball to your liking.

This is a great routine to take with you to the practice range before your round. One of the quickest ways to get back into a bad swing habit is to go straight to the first tee. Make a conscious effort at the driving range to work through fades (controlled slice) and draws (controlled hook) and slowly make your way to the neutral swing. Give yourself 15-20 minutes on the range and take the first tee with confidence.

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