How can AAA Help in case of Flat tire (AAA Tire Assistance)

How can AAA Help in case of Flat tire (AAA Tire Assistance)

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Maybe, You are Stuck in the middle of a road or your closed one is stuck with a flat tire and maybe they have a spare tire or maybe they don’t.

Don’t worry because In either case, AAA can help you.

AAA (American Automobile Association) is a Non profit organisation with clubs all over United States and Canada and can help you with any issue you might have at any time of day.

So here are a few commonly asked question about AAA tire assistance service, go through them and find your answer

Can AAA Bring you a Spare Tire

No, the AAA Tire assistance cannot bring you a Spare Tire for your car, but it can help you in removing a flat tire and installing a spare tire if you have one already in your car, but unfortunately most modern cars don’t come with spare tires and hence if you are among those unlucky fellow then you can call AAA and they will tow you to the nearest mechanic so that you can get your tire patched or replace the tire completely.

But, note that the towing distance depends on the membership plan of your AAA i.e. if you have basic plan then only 7 miles of towing distance is provided for free and higher memberships have higher distance

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Source: AAA Official Website

Can AAA add Air to Tires

Yes, AAA can add air to your tires and it does not matter whether you are at home or in middle of somewhere, you can call AAA and they will inflate your tire.

If you are wondering about the charges, then don’t worry it is completely FREE as long as your calls to AAA are not exceeded i.e. 4 calls per year

Anyways, you can login to the AAA Portal or Contact AAA to know about more details

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Can AAA Change a Tire/ Install your Spare tire

Yes, AAA can easily change or Install a Spare tire but the condition is that you must have a fully working spare tire to be installed as AAA will not bring any tire with them.

You can get the tire installed in anyplace you wish to, whether it is your home or in middle of a desert.

The cost of getting a tire installed is completely free if your calls are not exceeded.

Contact AAA now to know about the status of your calls

Can AAA Repair/ patch a Tire

No, AAA will not be able to repair or patch your tire but they can install a spare tire (if you have any) or they can tow you to the nearest AAA authorised service center or any location of your choice to get your vehicle tire repaired or install a completely new tire depending upon the condition of the tire.

Note that AAA will only tow you the number of miles mentioned in your membership and the further miles will be charge.

For eg. If you have the basic membership of AAA then you are only allowed 7 miles of free towing and if you need to be towed further than that, then you will need to pay upto $7-$12 per mile for that.

How much AAA charge for a Flat tire

After taking AAA membership if you got stuck with a flat tire then you just need to call AAA and they will either install a spare tire, reinflate your tire or tow you to the nearest automotive center, and all of this is completely free of charge.

Your charge will be told by the automotive center where you are towed and depending your tie condition they will either patch the tire or completely install a new tire which can range from $100 – $300

Does AAA Fix flat tires at Home

Yes, AAA can fix flat tires at home but they can only install a spare tire, re-inflate a tire or tow you to the nearest automotive center.

They cannot patch or repair your tire on the spot.

How many tows you get with AAA

When you join AAA membership , you get a number of free tows per year per member of your family depending upon your membership level.

The first membership level is Basic membership and you get 4 calls per year and 7 miles of tows on each call for free.

The Plus membership level gets 4 tows of 100 miles on each call for each year per family member.

and the Premier membership level gets one tow of 200 miles and 3 tows of 100 miles each.

Note: These are the free calls you get per year and if you need further assistance then you will be charged for each call and if you need extra towing then you will be charged based on OPAR i.e. 7$-12$ pr mile depending upon your state.

AAA Towing assistance guide

Can I Join AAA and use it Immediately

No, You cannot use AAA membership immediately after joining or upgrading your membership. You will have to wait for 3 days after the payment is processed in order to use the roadside assistance.

and, if you wish to use it before then you need to pay in order to use it.

Also, this waiting period is valid for people who have upgraded their membership, and they can use their current membership if they wish to before the new membership level is activated.

For eg. If you are at basic level membership and you upgraded to premier level then you will be able to use premier level only after 3 days and till the you can use basic membership.

Can I Help a Friend with his Tire Problem

Yes, You can help a friend with tire problem if you are present there with your AAA membership card otherwise you won’t be able to help him.

Because according to AAA, a membership is associated with the person not the car they are using, so basically if you are driving a friend’s car or you are a passenger in their car then you can help them with all the services AAA offers.

Note: The Call will be deducted from your account, i.e. since you get only 4 calls per year then 1 call will be used from it.

Can You Call AAA without Membership

Can AAA tow my Car If I am Drunk

Yes they will tow your car even if you are drunk , you just need to show your membership card.

Can my daughter use my AAA Card for getting her Car towed

AAA Membership comes with associates i.e. If a primary member of a household buys the membership then he can add all the people living in the household as associate members and they can use all the services the offered to primary members.

You can add associate members by calling AAA directly.

How to Contact the AAA tire assistance

You can contact the AAA’s roadside assistance by either calling them or through their app or their website. But, you should note that AAA road side assistance depends on county you are in , so you need to visit the correct website.

You can also Text APP10 to 86792 to receive a link to download the app.*

Final words

We hope that we are able to answer all the questions of yours, if you have any other question, then you can comment down below and will answer them asap.