How Do I Fix A Hole In My Irrigation Pipe?

How Do I Fix A Hole In My Irrigation Pipe?

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How to repair a punctured sprinkler line? I have a hole in my polyethylene irrigation sprinkler water pipe. I was using long stakes to hold down an electrical cord in the backyard and the stake went right through the pipe. Now water is leaking everywhere when my drip irrigation water comes on. Cutting the pipe to repair it is impossible as the hole in the poly pipe is right next to a concrete structure. How do I seal the hole and fix the water leak without having to cut the pipe?

Hole in irrigation pipe - how to easily fixHole in irrigation pipe – How to fix?

1. Turn the water at the irrigation control box off 2. Locate where the leak is coming from – may have to dig down with shovel so use caution 3. Find the exact area where the polyethylene pipe has a hole in it – hole may be on both sides so check carefully 4. Sand down the surface of the polyethylene pipe if the hole has plastic sticking out 5. Use an alcohol based cleaner to clean the pipe of any type of debris 6. Wrap Flex Tape or a Pipe Sealing Tape and wrap tightly around the pipe where the hole is located 7. Firmly squeeze the flex tape to try and push it into the hole and remove any air bubbles 8. If needed, if it is cold outside, use a heat gun to warm the flex tape to better form itself onto the pipe 9. Leave water turned OFF and wait 24 hours for the flex tape to set up and cure 10. After 24 hours, turn water back ON and observe the repaired area around the polyethylene pipe 11. If no leaks are found, it is repaired. 12. If a small leak is coming from one end of the repair, use a hose clamp and tighten until the leak stops 13. Once the leak is repaired, fill the area back up with dirt or stone and you are finished.

Hole in irrigation pipe - FIXED with FLEX TAPE - 24 hours to setHole in irrigation pipe – FIXED with FLEX TAPE – 24 hours to set

NOTE: The above info is for a black polyethylene irrigation pipe with a hole in it too close to concrete to cut and fix it the “normal” way. If you have the same type of leak you can try this or see below for other ways to repair a water leak from your irrigation system.

Fix Drip Irrigation Leak in Seconds

For other types of leaks in irrigation or sprinkler lines/pipes… Small Irrigation Pipe holes: Use a snap on coupler Medium-sized Irrigation Pipe holes/breaks: Use a compression fitting Large holes Irrigation Pipe holes: Splice the pipe

Other questions or issues with fixing pipe leaks…

What is the best sealant for leaking pipes? Apply epoxy directly onto the leaking pipe and the epoxy will form a seal over the leak. Better yet, a clamp and sealant tape wrap makes things easier. Wrap the tape or apply the epoxy around the leak and it should fix the leak until you can replace the pipe.

What other type of tape will stop a leak? Rust-Oleum Self Fusing Silicone Tape is a silicone repair tape that conforms to any surface while providing a water tight seal. This exact LeakSeal Tape creates a chemical and moisture resistant barrier that fixes leaky pipes and hoses.

Does Flex Seal Tape stop water leaks? YES! Flex Seal works because it conforms to the pipe and fills in the holes. After setup time of 24 hours, the tape is bonded to the pipe and prevents the pipe from leaking.

Irrigation pipe leak repaired with FLEX TAPEIrrigation pipe leak repaired with FLEX TAPE

Will PVC glue stop a water leak? PVC pipes and joint fittings are usually glued together with PVC solvent glue. PVC glue can stop some leaks but if high PSI water pressure is present, it may be difficult to stop the leak.

Will Gorilla Glue Tape stop a water leak? Gorilla Glue Waterproof Patch and Seal Tape can fix a leaking pipe if the water PSI is not too high. Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape can instantly seal out water, air & moisture. It is similar to Flex Tape.

Can I use a hose clamp to stop a water leak on a leaking pipe? If you have a rubber or silicone patch, you may be able to use 2 hose clamps on both ends of it over the hole in the pipe. Apply the patch to the hole in the pipe, then install a hose clamp on ether side to attempt to hole the patch in place and stop the water leak.

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