How Much Is An Xbox 360 Worth 2022?

How Much Is An Xbox 360 Worth 2022?

How much is an Xbox 360 worth? This is a question that many people ask and the answer can vary depending on the person. Some people may say that a 360 is worth $200, while others may say that it is worth $400. The truth is that the value of an Xbox 360 depends on the person’s needs and wants. Keep continuing to get full of needed information.

How Much Is An Xbox 360 Worth?

How Much Is An Xbox 360 Worth

The current price of the Xbox 360 is $20-$120, depending on its condition and which model you have. Microsoft has released the 360 Elite, Slim, and 360 E. Each of these is available at different prices.

It all depends on how used the console is and all the manuals, controllers, and cables. An Xbox 360 can be sold for as low as $15 without a box, controller, or cables.

However, if it’s a limited edition console, a mint-condition 360 can be sold for more than $500. All it comes down to the condition.

  • Used: $20 – $120
  • Refurbished: $30 – $150
  • Sealed: $200+

How Much is an Xbox 360 Elite Worth?

How Much is an Xbox 360 Elite Worth

The Xbox Elite, released in April 2007, was basically a black Xbox 360 with more storage and black controllers.

An Xbox Elite can be purchased for $20 to $140 today. It all depends on how the console is maintained, including whether you have the manuals, cables, and controllers.

  • Used: $20 – $140
  • Refurbished: $50+
  • Sealed: $300+

How Much is an Xbox 360 Slim Worth?

How Much is an Xbox 360 Slim Worth

The Xbox 360 Slim, a newer console, was launched in 2010. It didn’t sell as many as the original one, but it was popular enough that many gamers bought it. The original started getting slower, and the sound was like an aeroplane in the children’s bedroom.

The 360 Slim is valued at $35-$130 depending on its condition and whether or not you have all the manuals, accessories, and controllers.

  • Used: $35 – $130
  • Refurbished: $70 – $150
  • Sealed: $250+

How Much is an Xbox Slim E Worth?

Although the Xbox 360 Slim E sold very few units, it is still a popular console. However, this makes it more expensive to sell as few were produced. It was released in 2013, shortly before the Xbox One. This is why it didn’t do well.

The Slim E’s value is between $25 and $130, depending on its condition. The Slim E in good condition will sell for $25. A well-used, dirty one will sell at $100.

  • Used: $25 – $130
  • Refurbished: $70 – $160
  • Sealed: $400+ (very rare)

What Are The Differences Between Different Xbox 360 Models?

Not only are all Xbox 360 consoles different in appearance, but there are also functional differences that potential buyers and sellers should note. What’s more, the two first designs come in several models. The 360 Master (or fat) comes in five models, while the Xbox 360 S (or slim) has three models.

360 Core

  • Original design
  • Entry-level launch model
  • Shipped with no HDD and a wired controller
  • No HDMI port

360 Pro ( besides referred to as the ” Premium ” model)

  • Original design
  • Higher-end launch model
  • Shipped with either 20 GB or 60 GB HDD and wireless controller
  • No HDMI port on earlier 20 GB models

360 Arcade

  • Original design
  • Replaced Core as the entry-level model
  • Shipped with either 256 MB or 512 MB of memory and wireless controller
  • HDMI port

360 Elite

  • Original design
  • 120GB HDD
  • Shipped with wireless controller
  • HDMI port

360 Super Elite

  • Original design
  • 250 GB HDD
  • Only available in limited edition model
  • HDMI port

360 S 4 GB

  • Slim redesign
  • Entry-level slim console
  • HDMI port

360 S 250 GB

  • Slim redesign
  • 250 Gb HDD
  • HDMI port

360 S 320 GB

  • Slim redesign
  • 320 GB HDD
  • Only available in limited edition models

360 E

  • Final redesign (more rectangular, less rounded design)
  • Available in 4 GB, 250 GB, and 500 GB models
  • Internal hardware is similar to the S models

There are many Xbox 360 consoles that you might not be familiar with, each with different hard drive options. The bottom line is that the more expensive a hard drive will cost, the more quads it can be offered. Prices can vary from $10 to $40, depending on what hard drive you choose.

However, Xbox 360 hard drives can be easily upgraded and are not too expensive. If you can find a great deal on a unit with a limit quad, it may be worth it, even if it is more costly.

What About Special Editions and Color Variants?

There are a few special editions and color variations available for the Xbox 360, which can significantly impact the price. These consoles are not as good as the Super Elite models, which were limited to 320 GB S models. Inactive models don’t usually increase the price of the console.

It’s best to research these rare consoles as some models may sell for significantly more than the whole. It’s a good idea to use data from previous sales to help you make your buying/listing decisions.

Is It Still Worth Buying An Xbox 360 Today?

You might wonder if it is worth buying an Xbox 360 model today. It might seem that there’s no reason to buy a 360 today, with the wide range of back-compatibility supported by Xbox consoles. But it’s not. Thanks mainly to hacking and console modding, the 360 console is still alive today.

While pirating games can lead to legal problems, there are many other reasons that you could hack a console. This isn’t illegal activity. It can allow the Xbox 360’s region-free access and enable you to play any game from anywhere. It also allows backward compatibility to more original Xbox titles. It also allows for more customization, which means that there are more gambling options.

The Xbox 360 international relations security network isn’t the most advanced console table, but it has modding and great games. You can find many essential 360 games for as little as a few dollars, so it’s possible to build an extensive collection even if you don’t have the budget.

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