How Much Is The Original Xbox Worth 2022?

How Much Is The Original Xbox Worth 2022?

The original Xbox is worth quite a bit of money. While it is not as valuable as some of the other consoles released by Microsoft, it is still a desirable item for collectors and gamers alike. Take a look at our post to know how much is the original Xbox worth?

How Much Is The Original Xbox Worth

price for original xbox

Pricing Overview:

  • Used: $25-$170
  • Refurbished: $200
  • New: ~$350+

Pricing At Popular Retailers:

  • eBay (average price sold): $70
  • Lowest price sold: $25 (console only)
  • Highest price sold: $170 (complete-in-box unit)
  • Amazon Xbox (third-party sellers’ asking prices): $134+
  • Amazon Xbox (Renewed): $200
  • GameStop (Pre-owned): N/A

The consoles at the higher end tend to be shipped with the original packaging, the controller, and maybe even a few games. The Xbox systems on the lower end usually only include the console, sometimes without power cables or TV hookups. All of the consoles that we examined were tested and reported to be working.

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How Much Is A Limited Edition Original Xbox Worth?

original xbox sell price

These stats are only applicable to the original Xbox. Microsoft did however release a few special edition Xbox consoles back then, and their prices can vary significantly from the launch units.

The Halo Limited Edition Xbox console is one of the most sought-after limited edition Xbox consoles. Halo Limited Edition Xbox combo was the original Xbox’s flagship console. It shipped in-game with the special edition translucent blue console. The system is available for purchase from Amazon third-party sellers at $230 and eBay used at around $130.

Only a limited edition neon-green Mountain Dew Limited Edition Xbox was made available in sweepstakes that took place in 2004. The lucky winners were limited to 5000 units, but collectors still want to purchase the system. These consoles sell for as little as $300 on eBay and can be purchased in good condition for as high as $950.

How Much Is An Original Xbox Duke Controller Worth?

How Much Is An Original Xbox Duke Controller Worth

An original Xbox Duke controller can be valued between $12 and $35, depending on its overall condition. The controller was quite massive. Imagine holding it in your hands.

This controller is still so popular that Microsoft released it for Xbox Series X. Perhaps it wasn’t so terrible after all.

Refurbished controllers can be purchased for anywhere from $16 to $34, which is pretty comparable to a used remote, but you will have peace of mind knowing it will work seamlessly.

These Sealed Duke controllers can be found for around $149, which is quite rare. It’s not as great as the Xbox remote but it’s still a good deal.

  • Used: $12 – $35
  • Refurbished: $16 – $34
  • Sealed: $149+


Is It Worth Collecting The Original Xbox?

It is an incredible collection of collectibles. It is amazing how many games can be played with this much power. They aren’t half bad, even compared to the powerhouse games of today.

What Is The Original Xbox’s Reliability?

Although it sold 24,000,000 units in total, it could not compete with the PlayStation 2 which sold more than 155 million units and was the most popular sixth-generation console.

What Is The Value Of The Original Xbox?

Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo’s GameCube were unable to compete with Xbox’s global sales numbers. Although rarer consoles from the past can be sold for a large sum, the original one is still relatively new, so even its most rare games don’t have as much value.

What Is The Value Of An Original Xbox One?

The console’s value will depend on its condition and the bundle it comes with, but if it’s fully functional, Amazon will pay around $55 for a 500GB Xbox One or up to $150 for an Xbox One X.

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