How to Calculate Your 21 Day Fix Calorie and Container Level

In this this post, I’ll explain how to figure out your daily calorie/container intake for the 21 Day Fix portion control diet.

Don’t worry you’re not going to starve on this innovative color coded container based diet. Actually, you are probably not going to be very hungry on the plan at all. I hear more often that eating all of the food that the 21 Day Fix diet allows each day is difficult for lots of folks. But we will cover that area towards the bottom of this post.

Containers Explained

The diet is often referred to as a portion control diet, which basically means you get your correct portions of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats each day, without over consuming calories. The portions are broken into seven particular colored containers:

Green container = vegetablesPurple container = fruitsRed container = proteinsYellow container = carbohydratesBlue container = healthy fats and cheesesOrange container = seeds, nuts, and dressingsTeaspoon = oils and nut butters

There is also the free food category that consists of herbs, spices, sauces, extracts, and a few more. You also get replacement food containers that you can substitute for different beverages and treats throughout the week, these are limited but are what makes the diet very livable. 🙂

What a lot of people don’t know about the portion control diet is that it is also macro-nutrient portioned, meaning you get the right percentage of proteins, carbs, and fats to keep you body running optimally to fuel your body for your workouts and overall health.

The above is covered in greater detail in the 21 Day Fix eating plan, I have created a 21 Day Fix food list and sample diet here for people also.

Calculating Your 21 Day Fix Calorie Level

To match your calorie level to the amount of containers you should be consuming on a daily basis ,you first need to do a little math. But don’t worry – it’s super easy!

This is the equation to use if you’re looking to lose weight on the program:

A. Take your current body weight in pounds and multiply that number by 11 to calculate your baseline calories.

B. Then, add 400 to your baseline calories to equal your daily caloric needs.

C. And then, subtract 750 from your caloric needs – this equals your calorie target.

If you wanted to maintain weight, use this equation:

Multiply your body weight by 11 and add 400 calories.

If you wanted to gain weight, use this:

Multiply your body weight by 11 and add 900 calories.

Very important! If your calorie target calculates below 1200, roundup to the 1200 level. You should NEVER go below 1200 calories in a day – it is not healthy over an extended period of time.

21 Day Fix Calorie Target and Container Chart

Somewhere along the way I saw a very cool chart that showed body weight above each calorie target level and then the corresponding containers below them. Since I can’t find it, I decided to reproduce something similar below.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Are you available to help?

A. Yes, just make sure i am your coach.

Q. As I lose weight, do I need to recalculate my calories?

A. Yes, I would recommend recalculating after every round of the exercise program if you have more than 10 lbs to lose or after each week if you have less than 10 lbs to lose.

Q. There is more food than I can possibly eat, what do I do?

A. You could try eating partial containers, or you could rotate the containers you can’t fit in. Try not to skip any containers you only get a single serving of each day or your teaspoons. I know people’s first tendency is to skip their one orange container or their teaspoons, but both are necessary for a healthy functioning body.

Q. How many meals should I eat in a day?

A. It is entirely up to you. Three main meals and two snacks is customary, although three larger meals or five smaller meals are fine too. It’s whatever works best for you.

Q. Do I eat the total amount of containers per day or per meal?

A. The total amount of containers is meant to be distributed throughout your day.

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