How To Charge Xbox One Controller 2022

How To Charge Xbox One Controller 2022?

There are many ways to charge your Xbox One controller. One method is to plug the control into your Xbox One console using the Xbox One power cable. You can also use the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit for the controller to be plugged into the console.

Here are some things you need to know about how to charge Xbox One Controller.

How To Charge Xbox One Controller?

xbox one controller recharge

Micro USB

You can charge your controller using any micro USB phone charger. The wire you use and the location where it is plugged in will affect the charging time.

Simply plug the micro USB phone charger into your Xbox or wall outlet to charge it. Both will work. You will need an adapter head to plug the phone into a wall outlet (just like any other charger).

You can also connect your wireless Xbox controller with a computer or laptop via any micro USB cable. This will charge your control.

However, you can do more if you wish. You can connect your control to your computer to play your favorite games. If you have windows 10, you can stream your Xbox to your computer and play the games with the connected control. The TV or monitor that your device is connected to can be used by someone else.

Microsoft Play N Charge Kit

Microsoft Play N Charge Kit

The Play N Charge Kit is the official way to charge your controller. The official charger kit will give you up to 30 hours of usage from your Xbox controller. It takes just four hours to charge the battery.

But wait, it gets even better. You can still play games even if your controller is charging. Connect your Xbox controller to it, and the console will charge while you play.


AA batteries are the traditional method of powering your controller. They will not fail you. The double-A batteries are good for about an hour and should be replaced when they run out.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

You can purchase a rechargeable battery pack to power your Xbox controller, similar to the Microsoft Play N Charge Kit. You should research carefully as there are many brands. Read reviews.

These batteries can be charged in a matter of hours and last a very long time. You can swap the batteries out if one battery pack goes flat. Both the battery packs can be charged at the same time.

Take a look at our post Why Does My Xbox Controller Keep Disconnecting if your control gets in trouble.

Different Ways To Play

Microsoft has made it possible for people to experience your console in a variety of ways. You can still enjoy Xbox exclusives even if you have only a PC through Gamepass for the PC.

Microsoft’s solution to future gaming is Gamepass. It’s Netflix for video games. There are two levels: Gamepass Ultimate and standard Gamepass.

The standard Gamepass costs $9.99 per month and does NOT include Gamepass Ultimate’s benefits. This is only available for consoles.

Additionally, the Xcloud gaming stick works similar to the Amazon Firestick. Those without an Xbox or a smart television can purchase this stick (when it becomes available) and play Gamepass games via Xcloud. It remains to be seen whether this will still require a Gamepass subscription (although I would assume so).


FAQs - xbox one charging controller

How Can I Make My Xbox Battery Last Longer?

To save battery, power off your control

Turning off your controller when it isn’t in use will make it last longer. This can be done manually anytime you are playing a game. Simply press and hold the X button at the center of the control and then select “Turn off Controller”.

How Long Do Xbox One Controllers Last Before Breaking?

Microsoft has tested the controller and claims it will last at least 10 years. Microsoft’s Xbox One controller is a tough piece of hardware.

How Long Does An Xbox Controller Last on A Low Battery?

Low battery life can affect how long a control will last. An Xbox controller’s AA batteries last approximately 40 hours. The Play and Charge Kit is the most common rechargeable battery pack and has a 30-hour average life span.

Can I Use Rechargeable AA Batteries in Xbox One Controller?

The new Wireless Controller is powered by the Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable. Rechargeable AA (LR6) cells are recommended for the best performance. These rechargeable batteries can’t be charged in the controller. These batteries should be charged using the recommended method by the manufacturer.

Why Won’t My Controller Turn On With New Batteries?

Batteries: This is the most common reason why an Xbox One controller doesn’t turn on. It won’t turn off if the batteries are low or worn. … The battery contacts: If the contacts become too worn or bent, the control will not turn on.

Can I Leave My Controller Charging?

Yes! The charging station or charging stand will stop charging when the batteries are fully charged. A green glow will be visible at the base to indicate that the charge is complete. …

Which Xbox Controllers Last The Longest?

The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is the best of the bunch, combining the basic control’s outstanding design with additional capabilities and swappable parts, as well as a more durable, longer-lasting build.


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