How To Clean Xbox One 2022

How To Clean Xbox One 2022? Easy Guide

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The Xbox One is a gaming console that can be quite dirty if not cleaned on a regular basis. It can cause problems with the performance of the system for your device. In this article, Dreamcheeky will give you some tips on how to clean Xbox One to maintain your console clean and shiny.

How To Clean Your Xbox One

xbox one cleaner

1. Unplug your Xbox One.

2. A microfiber cloth should be used to wipe the exterior clean to remove dust, filth, and fingerprints. These procedures will assist to eliminate the majority of the dirt that collects on the top of electronic devices, especially if they are kept in a cabinet. Another version for cleaning is called dust cloth.

3. You can wipe the console’s exterior with a cloth. This includes the top, bottom, and sides. Routine cleaning will keep dust from building up. This may mean that you need multiple clothes in order to clean the entire device. To remove fingerprints and smudges from the plastic parts of your device (including the top), use circular motions.

4. To remove any dust from the ports of your device, clean the exterior with compressed air. There are many options for these cans, including cheaper and more expensive versions. No matter which can you choose, clean the Xbox console in short bursts. Before cleaning the back ports, make sure that you have unplugged the device.

5. To remove any dust from your device’s exterior, wipe it with a clean cloth.

If you want to deep clean your Xbox Console, it is necessary to assemble it. Check out our post to learn how to take apart Xbox One.

How Can I Clean My Xbox One Fan?

how to clean xbox with compressed air

Dust buildup can cause your console’s fan to become louder. This makes it more difficult for the fan and motor to work properly. To keep your fan running smoothly, it is important to clean out the air vents.

How To Keep Your Xbox One Fan Clean

  • To blast dirt and dust out of your air vents, use a can of compressed air.
  • After cleaning the vents, position your Xbox in an area with good airflow for cooling.
  • To ensure that your Xbox One console works properly, clean it every three to six months.
  • To prevent dust accumulation, place your device on the ground. Keep it out of reach of children and pets as they can cause damage or messes.


Microsoft recommends that you do not attempt to open your console. Instead, Microsoft encourages you to seek professional assistance for any internal repairs. The Xbox One has no removable faceplate, unlike the Xbox 360. Microsoft warns against the use of any liquid cleaner as even the most careful use could cause moisture damage to the console’s ventilation system.

Avoid damp wipes

Many people prefer to use special wet wipes that are drowned in the cleaning chemicals. We don’t recommend that. As noticed above Microsoft warns to not use liquids during the cleaning, but liquid from such wipes could get into the console which is harmful. Better don’t use them with electronics like consoles or TV.

Most of the time-compressed air with the dust cloth could eliminate any dust build up on Xbox and they are much safer.

How to Clean Xbox One Controllers

Xbox One Controller cleaning

How to Take Apart an Xbox One Controller

You will need to disassemble your Xbox controller if you have any more cleaning left. The cleaning process is the same for Xbox 360 controllers and Xbox One controllers. However, we will be focusing on how to disassemble a controller. This should be obvious, but it is a complex process. You must try it at your own risk.

Here are some things you’ll need before diving into it:

  • A plastic pry tool
  • Precision screwdriver equipped with TR8 bit
  • Magnetic parts tray
  • Soldering iron

First, remove the batteries from your controller. You will also be able to remove the possibility of electrocuting yourself. Let’s get to the point in a moment.

The handle covers must be removed. You will need to remove the handle covers. Be careful not to go too deep. You want to gently lift the handle cover off the body. This will not cause any damage to the internal components. You will need to work your way around the handle’s edge, rocking back and forth with a bit of force.

The handle cover will need to be removed, but not forced. You should rock back and forth to produce clicks. This indicates that the plastic parts holding the controller together are separating.

This screw holds your controller together. Make sure you hold the body tightly when taking it out. You can easily remove the back by simply pulling down and then back. The front should be completely removed.

Properly Clean Your Controller

Now all you need to do is clean your gaming accessories. Disinfectant wipes are not recommended for Xbox wireless controllers. A soft microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol can also be used. It’s simple:

For 5a10 seconds, disconnect the controller and turn it off by pressing the Xbox button.

Wipe both analog sticks with a disinfectant wipe, or add a little rubbing alcohol to a microfiber towel. Make sure you move each stick around while cleaning.

Before you use the alcohol, let it dry completely on your controller.

What To Do If Your Controller Has A Button Jammed

A rogue crumb may be the culprit if a button is stuck. You should be able to remove any debris from the buttons of your controllers if you follow the cleaning process outlined above. However, if you are unable to do so, it is possible that your controller has a problem.

You can focus your cleaning efforts on the problem button by taking the controller apart. If you still have problems with one of your buttons, the problem might be with the motherboard’s connection pad. In that case, we recommend seeking out a professional repair service.

Take a look at our post How To Fix Sticky Buttons On Xbox Controller 2022? to deal with your problem.

How to Clean Xbox One Discs Drive

How to Clean Discs Drive

Make sure that your Xbox One discs are clean and dry. It can make your console have difficulty reading or recognizing discs if they are dirty. These steps will help you get rid of dirt and grime.

The microfiber cloth can be used to clean the area around your disc drive. It will remove any dirt, hair, and debris. Use the soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the area around the disc drive tray or opening. You can also use compressed air to blast out any difficult-to-reach particles.

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