How To Dunk In 2K21 Xbox? Top Full Guide 2022

How To Dunk In 2K21 Xbox? Top Full Guide 2022

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How to dunk in 2k21 Xbox? There are many ways to dunk in NBA 2k21. You can use your hands, body, or even the ball. In this article, Dreamcheeky will teach you some of the best techniques to dunk in the 2k21 Xbox.

Dunking in NBA 2K21

Dunking is a thrilling play in basketball, and it’s equally exciting when played on the virtual courts of NBA 2K21. You need to be aware of the factors that affect dunking in NBA 2K21. You need to understand everything from player capabilities to how to use the correct dunking controls. Your stats will determine the types of dunks you can do. Keep that in mind as you play in 2K21.

You can try a dunk by leaving it up to your CPU to decide whether you do a lay-up or a dunk and which shot type you wish to take. Simply use the shoot button once you are near the hoop. To attempt a dunk, press the Square or X buttons (Xbox) as you move towards the hoop.

You can try different types and types of dunks by using other controls. Use the triggers and sticks to perform specific kinds of dunks.

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How To Dunk In 2K21 Xbox

You can choose from three basic dunks in NBA 2K20. Each requires that you drive to the basket using the sprint button’: R2 on the PS4 and RT on Xbox One.

Once you sprint to the basket and have a clear path to do a dunk you will want to keep moving while you do the following.

  • Two-Hand Dunk: R2 on the PS4/RT Xbox One + Move and hold the right thumbstick during driving.

Two-Hand Dunk

  • Flashy Dunk: R2/RT+ Move and hold the right thumbstick during driving.

Flashy Dunk

  • Dominant or Off-hand Dunk: R2/RT+ Move and hold the right thumbstick to either left or right (the direction will determine your dunking hand).

Dominant or Off-hand Dunk

Earn enough VC to be able to increase your Dunk Package in MyPLAYER Lab. But let’s first learn how to walk before we play like that. Although you can also use the standard shooting buttons on the PS4 and Xbox One to dunk, it’s easier on your own.

Because you have already completed the above, success will be a foregone conclusion. You’ll also be able to do a flashy dunk if you are in the body of a top-level player. 2K21 would not dare disrespect the league’s elite like that. This could be you, but without the early playoff exit!

Not all players can dunk

Although you might believe that all NBA players can dunk it, this is not true. A player who cannot dunk because of stats will not be able to do a dunk and will try to lay up instead.


how to dunk in nba 2k21 on xbox

Why Can’t I Dunk In 2K21?

You may not be able to dunk in NBA 2K21 for a few reasons. Your player may not be tall enough. The game allows only players 6’7″” and more elevated to dunk. Your player may not have the correct stats. Your player must have enough strength and jumping ability to immerse.

How Do You Dunk in Mycareer 2K21?

Mycareer 2K21 offers several ways to dunk. Hold down the spacebar and release it when you are ready to make your player jump. Another method is to run up to your basket and press and hold down the X button. Release it once your player is near the basket.


How Do You Dunk On 2k22 Xbox One?

You can use various techniques to dunk on the 2k22 Xbox One. You can use the power dribble, then jump in the air and dunk. You can also use the crossover to pass your defender and then dunk.

How Can You Trick Dunks in 2K21?

Trick dunks can be done in 2K21 in a variety of ways. You can hold down the turbo button, then press the dunk key. You can also press the turbo button while holding down the dunk key. You can also hold the turbo button down and then press the jump shot button.

How Do You Dunk Instead of Layup 2k?

You can dunk or layup in NBA 2K in a variety of ways. Hold down the shoot button, then push up on the left analog stick. This will cause your player to jump up and dunk the ball. You can also hold down the dunk key and press the left analog stick. Your player will then be able to leap up and dunk it.

What Does Driving Dunk Need To Be To Dunk 2K22?

To be able to drive a dunk in 2K22, you don’t have to know anything about it. You can actually do any kind of dunk in real life and it should work in 2K22.


There are many ways that you can dunk in NBA 2K21 on the Xbox. Some of these methods are more difficult than others, but all of them will help you get the dunk you need to win.

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