How To Find Buried Treasure Minecraft: Top Full Guide 2022

How To Find Buried Treasure Minecraft: Top Full Guide 2022

Minecraft has always been an educational game for kids. They were helping children grow their creativity and learn how to play with others. More recently, Minecraft is now becoming a treasure hunt game. There are many different maps where players can search for buried treasure chests with artifacts, raw materials, and valuable items.

Keep reading to learn how to find buried treasure Minecraft.

What Is In Buried Treasure In Minecraft?

A chest that contains loot and can be found in Minecraft is called buried treasure. These chests are part of the category “Generated structures”. The ” Generate structures” world creation option must be turned off in order to have the chests appear.

One chest is the buried treasure. It can be found at the beach, in snow biomes, or underwater. Most likely, the chests will be covered with a block made of sand, stone, or gravel.

The chests can be covered with any type of block, provided they are not buried on an underwater hill or the ocean floor. You can also waterlog the chests.

Different loot can be found in the chest. It may contain iron, gold, or cooked salmon and cod, depending on which chest you see. Leather tunics, iron swords, TNT, iron swords, iron, emeralds, diamonds, Prismarine Crystals, or the heart of a sea.

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How To Find Buried Treasure Minecraft

Step 1: Find A Shipwreck

Find A Shipwreck

A shipwreck is the first thing you need to find on your quest for special rewards. You can find valuable resources in shipwrecks or underwater ruins in Minecraft.

These chests can be filled with a lot of valuable loot, but they also provide a way to find a map of hidden treasure.

Step 2: Locate A Treasure Map

Locate A Treasure Map

There are three storage boxes onboard a shipwreck. Each contains different types of loot, ranging from food and supplies to valuable materials like gold nuggets and diamonds.

A treasure map is one thing you will need to find. It is often found in the chests of a shipwreck.

Step 3: Track The Buried Treasures On The Map

Track The Buried Treasures On Map

A map that you find in Minecraft will usually contain a map containing a buried treasure. If you find it in a shipwreck, it is most likely that it will be close to a beach biome.

The map can be traced to find the location of the treasure. You will need to dig around until you find the treasure.

Step 4: Dig Around Until You Find The Treasure

Dig Around Until You Find The Treasure

Once you know the approximate location of the treasure, you can start digging to locate it. The buried treasure is often located near a beach, so you’ll need to search around for it. All the treasure inside the chest is yours once you have found it.

Step 5: Enjoy The Riches!

Enjoy The Riches!

The treasure buried in the ground will always have valuable items. Iron ingots, iron swords, or food are everyday items you might find. However, you may also be able to find gold, diamonds, and TNT.

How Far Down Is Buried Treasure In Minecraft?

While it may seem evident that treasures are often found close to the surface, this is not always the case with your chest.

While some chests might be hidden under one or two blocks, they won’t be below X.

Many people dig deeper to find the chests. This is not the right way. Because the map doesn’t show you exactly where you should be, this is why you may end up digging deeper.

This mechanic means that you should only dig a few blocks in the ground and not dig deeper. This will make it easier to locate the treasure faster.

If all else fails, there’s another way to find your treasure chest. This is arguably the easiest method to locate the chests. You can also place a TNT block near the chest to avoid all the hassle.

The TNT block can be placed anywhere you like, as long as it overlaps with the treasure location shown on the map. You will be able to retrieve the contents of the chest even if it is in danger of being exploded.

Can Buried Treasure Not Spawn?

Original spawners of the buried treasure were themselves. You won’t be able to find treasure chests if you disable the “generate structure” option.

Treasure chests can appear not to spawn if you have one map and are trying to find treasure in another version. The terrain changes can cause the chest not to be found where it is supposed to.

Is There Only One Minecraft Treasure Map?

Many people wonder if there are multiple maps. They often lead to the same treasure, even though it has been raided before. This is due to the way the game works.

These maps will show you the treasure closest to it. To find another treasure, simply locate a map farther away than the one you have already found.

What Is The Easiest Way To Find Treasure In Minecraft?

The process of finding the map and following it to the treasure is not tricky. However, there is an easier way if you don’t want to do that.

Although it may seem a cheat, if you just type in “/locate hidden_treasure,” the game will tell you where the closest chest is.

You could also switch to the spectator mode and look through the layers of blocks.

Can Buried Treasure Be Underwater?

The treasure can spawn in either a snow biome or beach, so there’s a good chance it will actually spawn underwater. They will likely be underwater even if they spawn at the shore, as they are only a few blocks away.

There’s also the possibility that the treasure could be found on the ocean floor or even beneath the surface.

How Can You Find The Underwater Treasure In Minecraft?

You may be surprised at how difficult it is to reach some of these chests underwater.

You will need to go underwater if your treasure is buried. Because you won’t be able to find it immediately, and because you are unlikely to be able to locate it quickly, keep your oxygen levels in check. You can avoid this by using a Potion Of Water Breathing to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Simply look at your treasure once you have found it. If you are unsure if the chest can be opened, remove any send blocks or water blocks.

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