How to fix 5xx Error Instagram 2022: Top Full Guide

How To Fix 5xx Error Instagram 2022: Top Full Guide

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc. It allows users to upload, edit, and share photos and videos and is available on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

If you’re seeing a 5xx error when trying to use Instagram, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the issue.

What Is An Instagram 5xx Server Error?

What Is An Instagram 5xx Server Error

Commonly encountered is the 5xx Server internal error. Since the inception of Instagram, it has been around. 5xx is an error code 500-511 that covers server problems and isn’t unique to Instagram.

Numerous social media platforms were also affected by 5xx server error messages. These errors are displayed when the Instagram server is unable to fulfill requests.

The website cannot display the requested information as a result. There may be a variety of Instagram server errors. This error could be temporary or permanent.

Recognize The Different Error Codes

Recognize The Different Error Codes

Many 5xx error codes can be found. Below are some of the error codes for Instagram servers.

Error code 500 Internal server error: An unexpected server error occurred when the web server was responding to a request. It prevented the client from completing their request. It could be a script error, a crash of the process, or a resource shortage.

Error code 501 not implemented: The requested functionality is not implemented by the web server. Refuses to recognize the request type. Fails to fulfill the server’s requirements or is unable to provide any resource.

Error code 502 Bad Gateway: A web server received an inexact answer from the server access. While acting as a proxy or gateway, the web server attempted to process the request.

Error code 503 Service unavailable: The web server is unable to send error messages because of transient overloading. Server maintenance or malfunctioning. It’s a temporary problem that will resolve itself after some time.

Error code 504 Gateway Timeout: A web server failed to receive a timely response on the request URL from the upstream server. It must access the requested information to complete the request, acting as a proxy or gateway.

Error code 505 HTTP Version not Supported: The server doesn’t support or refuses support for the HTTP protocol version. It might display a request message (505) HTTP version Not Supported.

Server Error Code 511: A client will receive a 511 server error and must authenticate. This allows access to the Instagram network. This is a signal that the 511 server error has occurred. Network authentication is required for the Instagram server.

Causes Of 5xx Server Error Instagram

Recognize The Different Error Codes

Server Down

This error usually occurs when Instagram’s servers are down.

Too much traffic to Instagram’s servers could also cause problems, which could lead to any of the 5xx errors.

Instagram’s server does not go down every day, but it may experience problems in a particular region.

If the uptime of Instagram’s servers on the internet is not affected, it could be a local issue.

Your Application Might Be Outdated

Instagram may also show a 5xx error if your application needs to be updated.

You will eventually face internal errors if you are a regular user of applications that you run for long periods of time without updating them.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the web.

They post regular updates to ensure that the community is safe and that everyone has a great time on Instagram.

This causes the application to be incompatible with older devices, and it starts sending internal server errors.

Internet Issues

Internet Issues

An internal server error can be caused by a network problem.

You might experience network problems if you use low-speed internet or a connection with signal issues.

This error can also be caused by too much load on the internet provider’s server.

Low download speeds can also cause internal errors if you have a data connection.

Device Is Hanging

5xx internal server errors can be caused by device hang.

This occurs when your device is unable to receive signals from Instagram’s servers. Eventually, this causes the platform to give you server errors.

Devices can hang when they use Instagram. This is because there are too many actions being taken at once.

It is best to wait for Instagram’s response before you take any further action if your device has a slower processor and less internal memory.

Instagram Application Down Issue

Instagram Application Down Issue

Sometimes Instagram has application problems due to specific updates or malfunctions.

This could be a reason why you get an additional 5xx error from the internal server when you attempt to access Instagram.

This can also happen if your device isn’t compatible with the Instagram app you are using.

This problem is most common for older mobile phones that use outdated operating systems.

No Storage Availability

There are many bugs in the application that can be caused by no internal storage. It doesn’t work as it should.

Internal server errors will be apparent from time to time, as your device is unable to handle the cache files created by the platform while it operates.

If you don’t have enough storage, you will face problems when you store additional data via the platform via messages or posts, comments, or other communications.

Network Setting Issues

Sometimes, network setting problems could be behind 5xx server failures on Instagram.

If you use a WiFi router, the network to which you are connected changes automatically as a result of updates from its central server.

Mobile data can also be used to update your system.

The existing networks are then changed, and the Instagram app starts to show internal errors.

Instagram Network Authentication Error

Instagram’s network authentication error is also the cause of most internal server errors.

Inadvertently accessing the application using a VPN connection or VPS connection can cause the application to reset its settings.

If you log in to your account from more than one device, this can also happen.

This can cause an error on your primary device.

This is because the application will not work properly until the problem is solved.

HTTP Version Not Supported

HTTP Version Not Supported

This issue could occur if you accidentally access the domain name using HTTP while browsing Instagram.

Instagram will usually direct you to the HTTPS version regardless of what domain name is entered in the search bar.

It might not redirect the user to the HTTPS version in all cases. This causes an internal server error.

Incompatible Instagram Application

One of the leading causes of internal errors is an incompatibility between the application and your device.

The Instagram app updates may not be compatible with older versions of certain devices.

Instagram doesn’t support the ruled out devices.

Continuous Actions

Another reason for 5xx is the user’s insistence on continuing actions even when the application is slow is the continuous actions of the user.

Internal server errors can also arise from accessing the same account using multiple IP addresses and locations.

Instagram’s algorithm is intelligent enough to detect multiple actions in different locations and take the necessary steps for user protection.

Methods To Fix Instagram 5xx Internal Server Error

How To Fix 5xx Error Instagram

Restart The Instagram App

After closing the app, restart Instagram. This will restart the app and may fix any minor issues with the platform.

As soon as the app restarts, it will display the likely reasons it has stopped. You may have updated the software or added new features. You will be able to overcome the Instagram 5xx Server Error if you are patient.

It is not enough to be aware that Instagram 5xx Server Errors indicate an issue with Instagram servers.

Wait Till Instagram Server Rectifies

Imagine that you have discovered that most people are having the same problem. If you receive an Instagram 5xx error (500-503), you can rest assured that there may be outages.

Because the problem is not with your device, the internet or anything else, you can’t do anything. Instagram’s outage server-side is currently down and cannot handle any requests.

You can now wait for the Instagram servers to complete their maintenance or update process. The Instagram app will restart as soon as it is back up. You may then see new features or updates.

Find out which countries are experiencing an Instagram outage. Visit the Live Instagram Outage Map.

Poor Internet Connection

Poor internet connections can also cause an Instagram 5xx server error. The poor internet connection can cause the Instagram news feed or sharing Instagram posts to load slowly or even not at all. Change your network connection if it is slow or has an error.

Verify that the link is stable. You can try moving closer to your router or restarting the router if you are connected via Wi-Fi. It is best to have stable internet connectivity in order to use social media platforms.

Switch To Wi-fi Or Restart Mobile Data

Switch To Wi-fi Or Restart Mobile Data

  • To fix the Instagram 5xx error message, change your internet connection type.
  • Tap the Notification bar as it slides down your screen. Your Internet connection stability is low.
  • If you see a popup that states “The Internet connection via the Wi-Fi network is unreliable,” click OK.
  • Notify me if your Wi-Fi connection becomes unstable To enable this feature, select OK. It automatically switches the device to the network.

You can enable or disable the Auto Network Switch Setting.

  • Navigate to Apps icon > Settings > Wi Fi from a Home Screen.
  • Choose the Menu icon from drop-down menu.
  • Choose Advanced
  • You can toggle the Smart network switch ON or OFF.
  • If the prompt for “Smart network switch”, click OK to continue.

Restart Device

Users Using Android Devices:

  • Hold the “Power” button on your phone until you see the “Options” menu.
  • You can choose between “Restart” or “Power off.”
  • You can turn off your device’s power by selecting “Power Off” and pressing the “Power” button.

Restarting Your IPhone X, 11, Or 12 Is Simple:

  • Keep pressing the volume button or the side buttons until you see the power off slider.
  • For your smartphone to turn off, wait 30 seconds after you have dragged the slider.
  • Press and hold the side button on your iPhone’s right side until you see the Apple logo.

Update Instagram App

Update Instagram App

An older version of Instagram may cause an error message on the server for Instagram 5xx. For popular social media platforms to function efficiently, you need to use the most recent version.

Best Way To Update Instagram On Android

It is easy to update any app. Visit the Google Play Store. Follow these instructions to learn how you can update Instagram on Android.

  • Start by opening the Google Play app for Android.
  • Next, click the corner (upper right) and choose your profile.
  • Select the option “Manage apps and devices.”
  • Now you’ll be taken to a page with all the available apps. To discover Instagram, you may need to scroll.
  • Click “Update” to save the changes.
  • To check out all the new features on Instagram, you can now use the app!

For Android, use Auto Update

Instead of having to go through all the steps again each time an Instagram update is published, use auto-update. Auto-update includes Instagram and will ensure that you never miss an update. This is how to activate Android’s auto-update feature.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu of Google Play Store.
  • Next, tap on the “auto-update applications” setting.
  • Now you can enable automatic updates. Now you don’t need to remember how to update Instagram!

IPhone Auto-Update

For iPhone Instagram users, the process of updating is similar to that for Android Instagram users. They do not include the app store. These are the steps to update Instagram on an iPhone.

  • Start by going to the App Store, which can be found on your home screen.
  • Tap the Updates tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • A red dot will appear with a number that indicates how many updates are available depending on how many are available.
  • The list of available updates will be displayed. Once you have found the Instagram symbol, click the “Update” icon.

Reinstall The Instagram App

Reinstall The Instagram App

If rebooting doesn’t work, you can try removing and reinstalling Instagram.

IPhone and IPad

  • Hold the Instagram app icon until it vibrates.
  • Tap the app to get rid of it. Instagram will save your profile and photo.
  • Install Instagram from the App Store, then log in with your login information and password.


  • Go to Settings on your tablet or smartphone and select Apps.
  • Tap on Instagram to open it.
  • Select Uninstall from your menu.
  • Install Instagram using the Google Play Store, then log in with your login information and password.

Open Instagram Using Browser

Here’s how to use Instagram’s web interface.

  • In any web browser, visit to log in or create new accounts.
  • Logging in will show you your Instagram feed tab. It’s similar to the mobile app’s layout.
  • Your Instagram feed posts may be engaging in the same way as the ones on the mobile app.
  • Click the bookmark button to the right to save it as a saved post.
  • Click the three dots at the top-right corner to embed the post onto a webpage, or report it as inappropriate content.

Log In And Out Of Instagram Account

  • Click the circle at the bottom right corner. This will create a profile image for you.
  • You can access the Instagram program on either your Android or iPhone.
  • Tap the horizontal lines that run parallel to the screen’s upper right corner.
  • Tap the “Settings” button at the bottom of your screen in the popup menu.
  • Scroll down a bit to see the words “Log out” at the bottom.


5xx server errors in Instagram can be frustrating. It can take quite a while before they are fixed. To quickly get out of a situation, you just need to know the causes and the easy solutions. If the issue seems to be Instagram-related, you have no recourse. Dreamcheeky hopes this article will be helpful for you, Thank you for taking the time to read.


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