How to Fix a Broken TV Screen

How to Fix a Broken TV Screen

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Scratches or cracks on flat-screen TV screens, whether they’re LED, LCD, or Plasma, can often mean an expensive professional repair, replacement parts, or even a replacement TV. Especially if they are a top-rated TV. But depending on the extent of the damage, there are a few DIY tricks that can salvage the situation. Knowing how to fix a broken TV screen can save you time and a lot of money, so it’s often worth a try to apply a little elbow grease to the problem.

These DIY flat-screen tv repair tricks generally won’t cost you much- or anything at all, and anyone can do them, regardless of how handy they may or may not be-they can even save you from high flat-screen tv repair costs. Or even better, they’ll save you from replacing a high quality TV, like if you’ve invested in one of the best TVs for bright rooms.

Cracked Screen and Scratches

Before you attempt any home repairs, there are some guidelines as far as what kind of screen damage can actually be fixed without a professional (or at all.)

Spiderweb cracks are small, shallow hairline cracks that don’t go all the way through the screen and are often fixable, especially since it usually means that damage hasn’t been done to the components underneath. Scratches- especially minor ones- are more often than not capable of being “erased” or faded so that they don’t affect your viewing experience.

As with any kind of screen damage on a flat-screen tv, not every spiderweb crack or will be fixable at home, and major cracks or vertical lines and horizontal lines will always mean a professional repair at an authorized repair center, replacement screen purchase, entire board replacement, backlight repair, and not infrequently, the need to replace the entire TV unit if the cost of the flat-screen tv repair would be more than the original cost of the TV. One thing that you ought to keep in mind, however, is that you should consider screen size and tv weight.

Repairing “Dead” Pixels

A frequent, but often minor issue with TV screens and computer monitors alike are “dead” pixels or pixels that seem to be stuck on one color or overly bright pixels. While this is sometimes an indication of irreversible physical damage, fairly often it’s something that can be fixed quickly and easily and save you from flat-screen tv repair costs.

  1. Wrap a pencil or other dull and narrow object in a damp, soft (non-abrasive) cloth
  2. Rub each dead pixel gently to “wake up” those pixels. Use caution as rubbing too hard can damage pixels permanently.

If you don’t see results with this method, you could also try using software designed to “cycle” through colors rapidly to “wake up” pixels, some of which are available for free.

Repairing Spider Web Cracks and Minor Scratches

Fine cracks or spiderweb cracks on flat-panel screens can often be repaired or “erased” using a few different DIY methods. First, you’ll need to determine if a repair is possible. Run a soft, clean, non-abrasive cloth over the screen gently- if you feel any broken glass or jagged or rough edges, the repair will probably not be possible and you’ll likely have to replace the screen entirely. If not, try the following:

  1. Using a clean, dry pencil eraser, gently rub the scratches or spiderweb crack, making sure to wipe away any residue from the eraser as it collects.
  2. If you see results within a minute, continue rubbing over the entire crack or scratch until it’s faded or filled in as much as possible.

If the above fix doesn’t work or isn’t as effective as desired, you can purchase an LCD scratch repair kit as a backup method- these can be found at many vendors at an average cost of $20 to start. If the kit doesn’t work either, you still may be looking at a screen replacement and a call to a repair center. It is also important as sometimes your TV may not need fixing but you just need to know how can I get internet on my tv. This is especially true if you are just facing issues with the internet connectivity of your smart TV.