How to Fix a Snow Blower Carburetor

How to Fix a Snow Blower Carburetor

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If your snowblower is having problems running for long periods of time, or not starting up at all, the issue probably lies in the carburetor. Fortunately, most snowblower carburetors are pretty easy to repair yourself, at home. Follow the steps in this guide to get your snowblower back in action, and feel confident you’re ready to tackle all of the snow this winter throws at you.

1 Intro to How to Fix a Snow Blower Carburetor Find all of the carburetor repair parts used in this article by browsing our snowblower parts page. Removing the Carburetor

1. Remove the rear snowblower shroud

Remove the bolts with a socket wrench and set the shroud aside.

2.5 Remove back panel

2. Remove the fuel line

First clamp the fuel line with some fuel line clamps.

3 Clamp off fuel line

Then remove the clip and pull the fuel line away from the carburetor.

5 Remove fuel line

3. Remove the primer line

Simply pull this line off of the carburetor.

5.5 Remove fuel lines

4. Remove the carburetor from the snowblower

Use a screwdriver to remove the two mounting bolts from the carburetor, then detach the spring and pull the carburetor away from the snowblower.

6.5 Detach from throttle linkage and remove carburetor

[Back to Top] Disassembling the Carburetor

1. Remove the backing plate

Disconnect the spring from this plate, then pull the backing plate away from the carburetor.

7 Detach backing plate and governer

2. Peel the old gaskets off of carburetor

Use your fingers to remove these gaskets from the carburetor.

8 Remove gaskets

3. Clean the outside of the carburetor

Clean any extra grime from the carburetor by spraying the outside with some carburetor cleaner.

9 Initial surface cleaning

4. Remove the carburetor bowl

Use a wrench to remove the carburetor bowl.

10 Remove bowl

Make sure to have a container to catch any gas still in the carburetor.

11 Properly drain bowl

5. Remove the float and metering needle

Use a pair of pliers to remove the hinge pin that secures the float.

14 Remove pin

Then pull the float and metering needle away from the carburetor.

15 Remove float and needle

6. Remove the main jet

Use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the main jet from the center ‘neck’.

16 Remove jet

7. Remove the emulsion tube

Insert a screwdriver into the carburetor venturi and push the emulsion tube out of the ‘neck’.

17 Remove emulsion tube

8. Remove the bowl o-ring

A pick or screwdriver can be used to remove this o-ring.

18 Remove bowl o ring

[Back to Top] Cleaning the Carburetor

Using Carburetor Cleaner:

1. Spray all the openings and passages of the carburetor

Make sure to cover all of the small openings to ensure all of the dirt and grime has been removed.

19 Carb clean method

2. Spray the emulsion tube, main jet and bowl

These parts need to be cleaned before they can be reassembled.

19.9 Carb clean method

Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner:

1. Turn it on

You’ll want to heat up the water before you can start cleaning your carburetor.

21 Set ultrasonic cleaner

2. Drop the pieces you want to clean into the water

Simply set the carburetor and its loose parts into the Ultrasonic cleaner.

20 Put carb in ultrasonic cleaner method

3. Set the amount of time

A couple of minutes per cycle should be plenty.

21.2 Set ultrasonic cleaner

4. Run 2-3 cycles in this cleaner

Or until the carburetor is no longer releasing dirt into the water.

22 Turn on ultrasonic cleaner

5. Use compressor air to dry the carburetor and parts

Make sure to completely dry the carburetor and its components before continuing.

23 Dry off carb

[Back to Top] Reassembling the Carburetor

1. Replace the emulsion tube

Set the emulsion tube back into the ‘neck’.

24 Replace emulsion tube

2. Reinstall the main jet

Place the main jet back into the carburetor ‘neck’ and secure with a screwdriver.

25 Replace jet

3. Replace the float and metering needle

First, spray some carburetor cleaner on a rag and clean the float and metering needle.

26 Clean float needle

Then place the metering needle back onto the float, set the float back into the carburetor and secure it with the hinge pin.

29 Replace pin

4. Install new bowl gasket

Simply push this new gasket back into the inside edge of the carburetor bowl.

30 Replace bowl o ring

5. Replace the bowl

Set the bowl back onto the carburetor.

31 Replace bowl

6. Replace the bowl screw

Replace the washer on the bowl screw, then use a wrench to tighten it.

31.5 Replace bowl

7. Reattach the governor spring to the throttle lever

Hook the end of the spring back to the throttle lever and let the backing plate rest.

32 Reattach backing plate and governer

8. Thread the mounting bolts through the gasket

Push the gasket onto the mounting bolts.

33 Install new gasket

9. Thread the mounting bolts through the carburetor, gasket, and backing plate

Thread the mounting bolts through the carburetor, followed by the backside gasket, and then the backing plate.

34 Assemble for reattachment

[Back to Top] Reinstalling the Carburetor

1. Reattach the throttle linkage

Hook the throttle cable back onto the carburetor.

35 Reattach to throttle linkage

2. Mount the carburetor back onto the snowblower

Use a screwdriver to re-secure the mounting bolts going through the carburetor, to the snowblower.

36 Resecure carb

3. Replace the primer hose

Push this primer hose back onto the top of the carburetor.

37.5 Replace primer line

4. Replace the fuel line

Use a pair of pliers to slide the fuel line and small hose clamp, back onto the carburetor.

37 Reattach fuel lines

Then remove the large hose clamp from the fuel line.

39 Remove clamp

5. Replace the rear snowblower shroud

To finalize the repair simply re-secure the rear snowblower shroud with the bolts.

40.5 Replace back panel

[Back to Top] Conclusion And that’s how easy it is to rebuild a carburetor in a snowblower. Not only will repairing your carburetor make your equipment run smoother, it’ll prolong the life of your engine. So, if you use your snowblower frequently, we recommend cleaning and/or rebuilding the carburetor about once per year, or as needed. Now start ‘er up and see how she’s running! We’ve got a huge selection of power equipment parts and accessories, check them out today! [Back to Top]What We’re About