How To Fix Captcha Error In Chrome 2022: 100% Working

How To Fix Captcha Error In Chrome 2022: 100% Working

If you’re getting a “CAPTCHA error” message in Chrome, it means that our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. To protect our site from bots and malicious activity, we can’t let you proceed.

In this blog, we will discuss How To Fix Captcha Error In Chrome

What Exactly Is ReCaptcha?

reCAPTCHA, a Google service that confirms that a system has been used by a human being and is not being used by a robot or bot, is a free Google service. It is used to protect websites from spam attacks and malicious automated tools.

Captcha is a similar tool, but Captcha requires you to solve puzzles in order to prove that you aren’t a robot. To confirm your identity, reCAPTCHA requires you to click the I’m Not a Robot button.

What Causes “ReCaptcha Not Working” In Google Chrome, IE And Firefox?

What Causes “ReCaptcha Not Working” In Google Chrome, IE And Firefox

A few conditions can cause the “ReCaptcha not Working” notice to appear:

Web Browser is not updated.

This problem is most commonly caused by an older Chrome version. ReCaptcha will verify the browser version before granting access.

Ip Address has been blocked

You could get into trouble if your IP address falls in a prohibited range that Captchas is aware. Forcing your ISP to provide you with an alternate IP is an option if you have a dynamic IP.

Malware Infection

Malware infection could cause this problem. Browser hijackers or adware injections can send ReCaptcha too many requests to the software, which causes it to stop working.

Your Browser Profile is Corrupted

Many users who were affected by the problem stated that forcing Google Chrome creates a new profile solved their problem permanently. You can also manually rename the browser profile (Default) to complete this step.

Proxy or VPN

This issue can be caused by some VPN or proxy services. Most situations will require you to contact the VPN/proxy provider or switch to another service.

reCAPTCHA Not Working On Chrome, Firefox, or Any Browser

how to fix captcha error in chrome, Firefox, or Any Browser

Update your web browser to its latest version.

Old browser versions are the main cause of “ReCaptcha Not Working” problems. You should upgrade it. How to update the most popular web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge.

For Google Chrome

Update your web browser for google chrome

To access your browser’s settings, open Chrome and click on the three-dot symbol in the upper left corner

Go to Help and About Google Chrome to open the “About Chrome” page.

Chrome will scan for available updates automatically. Chrome will automatically scan for any updates and install them if there are.

Relaunch Google Chrome once the updates have been successfully applied to verify that the “ReCaptcha is not working” issue has been fixed.

For Mozilla Firefox

To open Firefox, double-click Firefox on the desktop. Next, click the three lines in the upper right corner to bring up the menu.

From the “Help” dropdown menu, select “About Firefox“. The browser will notify you if there are any updates available.

Firefox will automatically download and install any found files when Firefox is restarted.

Microsoft Edge

To access Microsoft Edge’s settings click on it and click the main button (the three dots at the upper right corner).

Click on the “About Microsoft Edge” option by hovering your mouse over the “Help and Feedback” option.

The Edge will run a scan for available updates online. It will automatically download and install any updates it finds.

To complete the installation, Microsoft Edge will be restarted.

Check Your Network

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP), may hide your IP address in order to track your browsing habits. This will make it possible for security technology such as Google’s ReCaptcha, to block all IP addresses from that ISP.

WiFi network sharing could also cause networking problems. This could happen if someone on your network sends automated traffic. In such cases, Google will stop all searches across the entire network.

Get more information about the ReCaptcha problem. Contact the network administrator.

You can get a unique static IP address from your ISP. This will help you resolve the ReCaptcha problem.

 Disable your VPN or Proxy Service

Disable your VPN or Proxy Service

Proxy services and VPNs are great for anonymizing your IP address to surf the web anonymously. It can also cause unexpected problems such as blocking the loading of captcha images. It is possible to fix the problem by disabling your VPN/proxy.

After resolving the captcha issue, both VPN/proxy as well as ad blocking can be enabled or disabled at any time.

Reset IP address/Reset Wifi/ Reset modem

Reset IP Address

You may get an error message stating that the “ReCaptcha is not working” error can be displayed if you use a questionable IP address. You are being targeted for suspicious activities by your IP address.

Many dynamic IP addresses are used by Internet service providers. The “ReCaptcha is not working” error is caused by your IP address.

Simply remove your Internet connection and reconnect to receive a new IP. Follow these steps to reset your IP address.

Windows System

Type “cmd” into the Windows 10 Cortana search field. Next, select “Run as administrator”, from the menu that displays the Command Prompt for the best match.
You will see a Command Prompt window, but with more privileges. You can reset your IP address by entering the following commands one-by-one, and pressing Enter after each.

  • Netsh Winsock reset


  • netsh int IP reset
  • ipconfig/release


  • ipconfig /renew


Once all commands have been executed successfully, you can exit Command Prompt. To check if “ReCaptcha is not working”, open Google Chrome.

Mac System

Reset IP address on Mac

  • Click on “Command + Spacer” to open spotlight searches. Navigate to “System Preferences“.
  • Choose your active Wi-Fi connection using the “Network” options.
  • You can activate edit mode by entering your administrator password, clicking “Click on the lock to make modifications“, and then you will be taken to Edit Mode.
  • Next, select the “Advanced”, then click the “TCP/IP tab.
  • Renew your IP address. Select “Renew your DHCP Lease.”

Renew your DHCP Lease

  • Check if “ReCaptcha is not working on mac Chrome” has been resolved.

Check for malware on your PC

This issue could be caused by malware such as trojan, adware or browser hijacker. You can scan your computer for malware and then remove it from your computer. Antivirus Software is available for free and can provide protection against malware.

Once you have done this, use a free uninstaller to uninstall your web browser. Next, download the installer from the internet and install it again on your computer.

Start your browser to verify that reCAPTCHA works properly.

Stop Automated Queries

You may quickly search for terms using a URL like “,” you may quickly search for terms. This is the most popular way for automated bots to send traffic to Google.

Instead of searching with the URL directly, use the search box to enter the query terms.
If you are a developer, stop changing the query before submitting it. You can also show the search results as they were found on Google, but not alter them.

Use Google Public DNS

Use Google Public DNS

Your DNS server could also be a problem. DNS (Domain Name System) is a tool that converts a website’s numeric IP address into a hostname.

Your computer’s DNS settings, your ISP DNS or your VPN’s private DNS could all be responsible for the DNS problem. A damaged DNS won’t cause a “ReCaptcha

Not Working” warning but it can slow down the connection.

It is easy to change the DNS to a reliable, public DNS.

Navigate to “Network and Sharing Center” and view the “Properties” of your network connection.

Select “Internet Protocol Version 4” (TCP/IPv4) under the “Networking” tab.


  • Preferred DNS server
  • Alternate DNS server:

Choose “Properties” in the drop-down menu. (If you’re using version 6, choose TCP/IPv6.)

Select the radio option that reads “Use these DNS server addresses:” to fill out the form.

Below is a list of Google’s DNS servers IPv4 & IPv6:


  • 2001:4860:4860::8888
  • 2001:4860:4860::8844

After clicking the “OK”, close your browser and reopen it.

 Create New Google Chrome Profile

To fix the problem of “ReCaptcha is not working”, create a new profile in your browser. This idea suggests that a corrupted profile could also be the cause of this problem.

Follow these steps to fix the Chrome “ReCaptcha Not Working” issue:

  • To open Task Manager press Shift + CTRL + Esc.
  • In Task Manager, search for Google Chrome processes.
  • Select the Chrome processes one by one and then click End Task. This will close all Chrome processes that are currently running on your computer.
  • Use the Windows and E keys combination to open File Explorer.
  • You can navigate to the location by pasting the address into Windows Explorer’s navigation bar.
  • %LOCALAPPDATA%GoogleChromeUser Data
  • Right-click on the Default folder within the User Data folder, and choose Rename. Rename the folder to “Backup Default”
  • The Chrome browser will have to create a new default folder at the next startup. This will allow the creation of a new profile.
  • Open Google Chrome to check if the problem is fixed. Next, go to the ReCaptcha page.

Do Not Search Illegal Stuff

Google will likely stop you from searching for illegal terms. After clearing your browser’s cache, you can search again.

Google can track all your searches with your IP address. Cleaning your browser’s cache won’t work if you search for something incorrectly.

If you do not comply with Google’s guidelines, your search results will be blocked and you’ll need to wait for a while before trying again.

Scan System For Virus And Bad Extensions

Scan System For Virus And Bad Extensions

When you download malicious files or apps from the Internet, malware could infiltrate your computer. Malware can also be sent as an email attachment to your computer if you click on infected images or links.

To ensure that the problem of “ReCaptcha is not working” is not caused by malware, it’s a good idea for your computer to run a malware scan. Windows Security is Microsoft’s free antivirus program for Windows operating systems.

  • Click the “Windows Security” icon in your system tray.
  • Use the Windows key to write “Windows Security” and press “Enter.”
  • Click on the “Quick scan” button under the “Virus & threat protection” option.
  • A scan will be performed to check for malware. For more scan options, click the “Scan options” link.
  • Windows Security will quarantine any threats until you remove them.

Malwarebytes, or another advanced security software, is what I recommend. This malware removal tool is more aggressive than traditional antivirus software.

Reset Browser

Reset Browser

Try resetting Chrome or Firefox to their default settings if nothing else works.

Google Chrome

  • Chrome to get started. In the address line, write chrome:/settings/reset.
  • Select Restore settings to the original defaults from Reset and Clean up.
  • Click the Reset settings button to complete the Chrome reset process.
  • Once the reset is completed, your browser will return to its default state.
  • After restarting Chrome, check if the “ReCaptcha is not working” issue persists.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox must be launched first before you can use it.

  • Select Settings (3 horizontal lines), in the corner of the screen.
  • Go to Help for helpSelect More Troubleshooting Information in the drop-down menu.
  • The right side of the Troubleshooting page, click the Refresh Firefox button.
  • In the confirmation window, click Refresh Firefox again.
  • Refresh your browser after the refresh is completed to verify that the “ReCaptcha Not Working” error has been fixed.

Tips for Google reCAPTCHA Setup

These are the top tips for site owners who are struggling to set up Google reCAPTCHA protection.

Google reCAPTCHA secret key and site key are only valid for the domain that you have specified in your account setup. You must use the correct keys to enable the setup to work.

To avoid additional boxes in forms, you can use invisible captcha v2 and v3 without any user interaction.

Google reCAPTCHA is generally compatible with caching. Clear your browser’s cache and restart the website if you find a problem.

Most often, the Analytics section won’t immediately display data. If there are many attempts to use the service, it may take some time.

You can check How To Fix Privacy Error On Chrome? if you face with this error.


FAQs about FIX reCAPTCHA not working in Chrome, Firefox, or any browser

1. Why is Google think I’m a robot?

ReCAPTCHA is a Google service that protects websites from spam and abuse. A “CAPTCHA”, or turning test, is used to distinguish between humans and bots. This is a simple problem for humans, but difficult for bots and malicious software.

2. Why is Google making me verify I’m not a robot?

Google has stated that CAPTCHAs can be triggered automatically by spambots, infected computers or email worms. You can verify your identity by clicking the photos or entering the required characters if you receive one of these CAPTCHAs.

3. Can I bypass CAPTCHA?

The Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR), which recognizes text within images such as scanned documents or photographs, can bypass simple CAPTCHAs. This technology transforms images with written text into machine-readable data.

4. Why does CAPTCHA not work?

If the Captcha image is not showing up in Internet Explorer, please go to Start > All Programs > Windows Update to update all necessary updates. You can also try a different browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


If you’ve been having trouble with a CAPTCHA error in Chrome, using our ways pointed above to resolve your problems. We are glad if this blog post can help. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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