How To Fix Dev Error 6034 Xbox?

How To Fix Dev Error 6034 Xbox 2022?

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If you’re experiencing Error 6034 when trying to play games on your Xbox, don’t worry – Dreamcheeky is here to help. This guide will show you how to fix Dev error 6034 Xbox so you can get back to gaming.

What is Dev Error 6034?

This error can be caused by corrupted or unreadable game data. Sometimes, the error is related to a network connection.

List of COD: Modern Warfare & Warzone Dev Error 6034

While getting this error on COD, different users are getting different dev errors 6034. Here is a list of errors you may receive while getting the Call of Duty dev error 6034:

  • dev error 6034 ww_code_pre_gfx.ff
  • dev error 6034 eng_code_post_gfx.ff
  • Warzone dev error 6034 ww_mp_emporium ff
  • dev error 6034 ww_ui_boot.ff
  • Modern Warfare dev error 6034 ww_mp_piccadilly ff
  • dev error 6034 ww_mp_ hideout ff

If you are getting any of the above-mentioned errors with Call of Duty, then the mentioned solutions will help you to get rid of the issue. Here, I am going to show you how can you fix the error on the following devices:

How To Fix Dev Error 6034 Xbox One and PS4/PS5

1: Restart Console

The error (Xbox One/PS4/PS5) may just be a minor glitch that can be fixed with a simple restart.

Before you go into advanced mode, reboot your console to see if that helped. If the COD error persists, you can move on to the next solution.

2: Make Sure The Game is Up-to-date

It is no surprise that you are having problems with the game if it is out of date. To avoid such issues and errors, it is important to update the game.

To update your PlayStation games, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the PlayStation home screen.
  • Highlight them > Press the Options button on your controller.

Options button

  • Uploads
  • Select the “Check for Update” option.

Check For Update

  • Check for updates on Xbox one
  • Install any new updates available for your game.

Xbox One Updates:

  • To launch the menu, press the Xbox button.
  • Choose Settings
  • Select the Updates and Downloads option.

Xbox One Updates

  • Downloads and updates
  • Select the Keep my games & apps up to date. This option will update your Xbox One games automatically if you keep it enabled.

Keep my games & apps up to date

3: Update Your Console

Update the console to fix error 6034. Many people were able to fix the error by updating their Xbox One or PS4/Ps5. It should also work for you, so it is possible.

Update PS4/ps5

  • Open home screen on PlayStation.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Choose System Software Update

System Software Update

  • Allow the system updates to be installed on the console.
  • Final step: Reboot the PlayStation 4/5.

Updating Xbox One:

  • To open the menu, press the Xbox button.
  • Click on the Settings tab.
  • Next, visit the Updates and downloads section.

If you see “Console Update available” under the Updates section, it means that there is a new version of the software available for your console. You can choose to manually update it.

However, if there is no update for your console, you will see the message: There is no update for your console.

4: Delete Multiplayer Packs

Launch COD: Warzone & Modern Warfare.

  • Choose Options from the main menu.
  • Navigate to the General tab.
  • Select the game you wish to install.
  • Before you move on to the next step, make sure that Multilayer Pack is installed on your console.

Install these packs now

  • The first, middle, and final multiplayer packs.
  • The final Multiplayer Pack
  • Multiplayer Compatibility and Spec Ops Pack

Next, choose which of these packs to remove:

  • Survival Pack – This is required for playing Special Ops Survival
  • Data Pack 1 – It is necessary to access the Spec Ops and Multiplayer Campaigns.
  • Special Ops Pack – When you want special Ops
  • Campaign Pack 1 (For Xbox Only) – This pack is required to play Campaign
  • Special Ops Pack 2 is required to play Special Ops
  • Multiplayer Pack (For Xbox Only) – This is necessary for Multiplayer.
  • Campaign Pack 2 (For Xbox Only) – This pack will be required to play Campaign
  • Multiplayer Pack 2 – Required for Multiplayer

Select the Uninstall option

Click Confirm.

5. Clear Console’s Cache

Clearing the cached files on your console is another way to fix the COD error. This will clear all cache files that have been damaged and allow you to play your game again.

Clear Cache of ps4:

  • Hold down the PlayStation button.
  • Select Turn off PS4.
  • Wait at least 10-20 seconds after the shutdown.
  • Restart your PlayStation 4.

Clear Xbox One’s cache:

  • Click the Xbox’s guide button.
  • Select Restart from the Settings menu.
  • Press & hold the Xbox button for at most 10 seconds if the console freezes or you are unable to access the Guide button.
  • To restart the console, turn off the console by pressing the Xbox button.

6: Change DNS Router

Some users suggest that you fix the error by changing your router DNS to the following:

Google DNS


Open DNS


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How Do I Fix the Call of Duty Error 6034 in Windows 10?

1: Restart Your Game

Restarting your game is the best and easiest way to fix COD Warzone & Modern Warfare error 6034 on Windows. Close the game and then relaunch it on your computer. Check if this fixes the error.

2: Update Graphics Driver

The graphics driver is essential to run the game on your PC. If your GPU driver is not up-to-date or has an issue, you might get the COD error 6034. Make sure you have the most current graphics driver installed on your system.

You can follow these steps to upgrade the GPU driver if it is out of date

  • Use Windows + R keys to open the Run window. Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.
  • COD Dev Error 6034 On Xbox One
  • Click on Display adapters in the Device Manager window.
  • Right-click on the graphics driver and select Update Driver.

update driver

  • In the next window, click the Search automatically button to download the latest driver software.
  • Dev Error 6034 for Modern Warfare and Warzone
  • Windows will now search for the latest driver and install it automatically.

Driver Easy is a great option if you don’t want to follow a lengthy manual process to update your device drivers. Driver Easy is a tool that monitors all device drivers on your system and updates them. It also ensures that there are no errors or issues in the device drivers.

Download Driver Easy to Automatically Update Graphics Drivers

3: Upgrade Your Windows

To avoid system issues, not only must you update your device drivers but also your OS. If you don’t update your Windows 10 OS for a while, you will likely get the Modern Warfare error 6034.

These steps will help you update Windows 10:

  • Click on Update & Security > Press Windows + I keys.
  • Call of Duty Warzone error 6034 on Xbox One and PS4/PS5
  • Click on the tab at the left to access the Windows Update tab.
  • Click the Check for Updates link.
  • Windows will now search the Internet for new updates.
  • Install any new updates on your computer.
  • After installing the update, restart your computer.

4: Delete Broken Game Files

The dev 6034 error can be fixed by repairing the game file. It is important to first remove any game files that are damaged before you can scan and repair your game.

Locate the COD Warzone/Modern Warfare installation folder.

Find the following files and then delete them.

  • .patch.result
  • vivoxsdk_x64.dll
  • .product
  • Launcher.exe (Modern Warfare)
  • Launcher.db

Go ahead and try the next solution.

5: Scan & Repair Game Files

Repairing corrupted or damaged game files is the only way for COD Warzone and Modern Warfare to be fixed.

You don’t know how to do this? Then check out these instructions. (I am using Blizzard here as an illustration).

  • Launch Blizzard client on your PC.
  • To repair the files, select COD Modern Warfare.
  • Click on the Options dropdown list.
  • Select Scan and Repair.
  • COD Warzone & Modern Warfare dev error 6034

Scan & Repair Game Files

  • Next, click the Begin Scan button.
  • After scanning is complete, verify if there was an error in the COD code.

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