how to fix double nat xbox one Error 2022?

How To Fix Double NAT Xbox One Error 2022?

If you are experiencing problems with your Xbox One connecting to the internet, it may be due to double NAT. So, How to fix double NAT Xbox One error? This can be fixed by following these simple steps.

What is Double NAT?

What is Double NAT?

NAT stands for Network Address Translation. When there is more than one router connected to the network, Double NAT is displayed. If you are behind two private networks, the Double NAT is common. If the ISP claims that they use proprietary router devices, then you should add the second router. This is the reason for Double NAT.

Simply put, each router creates its private network. The Xbox one may be connected to the second router.

The second router is connected to the first router’s network, which is why it has different rules. This means that the Xbox One must pass two firewalls to access certain services.

The double NAT is an additional layer of security that your network provides. This is something to be aware of. Here are some possible reasons why it happens.

Why Does Double NAT Xbox Error Occur?

NAT allows multiple devices to connect to the internet using one public IP address. This is a critical part of building connectivity for multiplayer games such as Overwatch and Call of Duty.

This can cause problems for gamers in some cases. The Xbox double NAT error is caused by multiple routers of gateways that create the connection between the Xbox console and the internet. This error prevents the device from establishing a stable connection to gaming.

How to Fix Double NAT Xbox One Error

How to Fix Double NAT Xbox One Error

Preliminary Steps

To fix the Xbox One Double NAT error you will need to remove one NAT device from the network. Follow the steps carefully as the Xbox One is connected with another router or gateway.

If you’re unsure whether your device network is a modem or gateway, then try the following tricks:

  • Verify the model number or manufacturer information on the device’s back.
  • It is a sign that you have a gateway if there are multiple ports on your device.
  • If there is an internet signal, there may be a gateway.
  • This makes it clear that your device network is either a gateway or a modem. Follow the steps one by one.

Set Gateway to Bridge Mode

Set Gateway to Bridge Mode

It is recommended that you access the router closest to the internet. Enable bridge mode on the router connected to Xbox One to fix Double NAT detected an error on your device.

Bridge Mode is required by many routers that are ISP-assigned. This is a situation that you should discuss with your ISP to see if they can help you.

They may be able to help you. Follow the steps one at a time.

  • Type the default gateway address in your browser
  • Log in to the router or modem.
  • Next, in the router’s configuration menu, look for a Bridge Mode option
  • Next, enable Bridge Mode
  • Restart your Xbox One gateway
  • To fix Xbox double-NAT error, test this solution. If it doesn’t work, then try the next one.

Remove your ISP router

Remove your router’s ISP or the one with a lower performance from the network. Plug the cable into your router’s router’s WAN port.

You should not see the Double Nat error if you connect your Xbox One to an Internet-enabled router.

You should be aware that ISP providers can be very strict with routers/modems. This means you may not be able just to yank it out and hope things work. You can go back to step 1.

A converter may not be available in your router is connected to fiber optics internet. You can’t simply remove the ISP router.

Take a look at out post: How To Fix: Xbox Can’t Connect To DHCP Server if your device gets this issue.

Remove One NAT device

If Bridge Mode is not supported on your Gateway, you can set up the router as an access point (AP) mode, and then remove one NAT device.

Follow these steps to get there:

  • Log in to your router by opening the Router login page.
  • Next, on the left side, click the Wireless Options tab > and enable Access Point Mode.
  • Save the changes, then exit.
  • Next, restart your Xbox One to verify that the Xbox One double-NAT error has been fixed. If not, follow the next steps.

Set your Router to AP Mode

Set your Router to AP Mode

The Access Point (AP), is primarily used to extend the wireless range of the network. You can connect via the Ethernet cable, depending on the model of your router.

This could cause the router to lose certain features. You might lose QoS, NAT and Parental Controls, so it is best to accept that.

Follow these steps to get there:

  • Open a browser and type the address of your router (not gateway).
  • Next, log in to the management page of your router
  • Next, find something that is similar to the router’s operation mode
  • Change it from Router (Access Point)


The Double Nat error is a network-related issue that is inconvenient since it prevents you from using your Xbox One. Hopefully, the remedies mentioned above worked for you, and you can now use your console. So, if you found the methods useful, please share this post with others who are having the same problem.

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