How to fix error code 1 in Minecraft

How to fix error code 1 in Minecraft

Dream Cheeky will help you know How To Fix Error Code 1 Minecraft 2022: Top Full Guide

Video How To Fix Error Code 1 Minecraft

Minecraft has grown exponentially since its release more than a decade ago. With 10 years’ worth of updates, the game keeps getting better in quality while getting more content every year. However, with a game this big and this full of content, errors and technical issues are bound to creep up. This mostly stands true for players who play on the PC platform.

The reason behind the error code 1 or the “Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1” error could be one of three issues: a problem with Java, an issue with players’ Minecraft settings or configuration, or a problem with players’ PC.

This article will focus on five ways to solve the “Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1” error.

5 methods to use in Minecraft when fixing “Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1”

5) Update Graphics Card Drivers

One of the simplest ways for players to fix not just this error but any error is to check if their graphics card drivers are updated or not. Companies like AMD and Nvidia regularly release driver updates. Playing Minecraft with an outdated graphics driver may result in many errors, one of which can be the “Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1” error.

Players can follow these simple steps to check what version their drivers are on:

  • Navigate to the “Run” dialog box.
  • Type dxdiag in the search box and hit Enter.
  • Navigate to the Display tab. This tab will show players their graphics driver information, including their version.
  • If players need to update, they can use their respective graphics card’s software to update or download the update from the company’s website.

4) Change the Java Executable Path

Sometimes, the problem can be with the player’s version of Java. This problem arises through a single character in Minecraft’s path to Java. To edit the java executable path, players should do the following:

  • Open the Minecraft launcher and click on Launch Options.
  • Turn the Java executable toggle on.
  • Players can edit the java executable path from here.
  • If there is an issue with Java, the path will show the Java filename as “javaw.exe”. This must be changed to “java.exe”.
  • Click on “Save” when the process is complete.

3) Disable Mods

While they spruce up the game a lot, mods are, after all, third-party applications. In many cases, some mods can interfere with the game’s files or connections and allow errors like the “Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1” error to show up. Additionally, Mojang regularly releases new updates for Minecraft, which might render some mods incompatible, thus causing problems and errors.

If players want to check whether one of their mods is causing a problem, they can check the game’s error logs for an issue.

  • Open the “AppData” folder by typing “%AppData%” in the “Run” dialogue box.
  • Navigate to the .minecraft folder.
  • Open the “Logs” folder.
  • Open the “latest.txt” file.
  • Check the logs for a problem with any mod.

2) Fix the Minecraft Launcher Path

Believe it or not, a player’s windows username can sometimes be the cause of the “Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1” error. When a Windows username has a special character like an asterisk or exclamation mark in it and this error occurs, players can try to fix it.

This must be done by editing the path of the game’s launcher to ensure that it doesn’t have a special character in it and needs to take place after the game is shut down. The steps for this are given below:

  • Create a shortcut for Minecraft if one is not already there.
  • Right-click on the shortcut and go to Properties.
  • Navigate to the Shortcut tab.
  • In the Target slot, add the following at the end of the path: -workDir %ProgramData%.minecraft
  • Click on “OK”
  • Run the game’s launcher and see if it works. If this does not work, players will have to make a new Windows account and ensure that the new one doesn’t contain any special characters.

1) Reinstall Java

If all four of the above steps do not work, players must install a fresh copy of Java. This process will help remove any corrupted files and install a brand new version of Java, which should solve almost any error they are facing. Players can uninstall Java from the “Apps & Features” window and then install it again from the Oracle or Java website.

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