How To Fix error code 279 Roblox On Phone 2022 100% Woking

How To Fix Error Code 279 Roblox On Phone 2022: 100% Woking

If you are playing Roblox and come across error codes 279, 267, or 277, there is no need to worry. These are simple errors that can be fixed by following a few simple steps.

In this article, Dreamcheeky will show you how to fix these error codes so that you can get back to playing your favorite game.

Error Code 279 on Roblox

What is Error Code 279 on Roblox?

What is Error Code 279 on Roblox

Roblox Error Code 279 id=17 refers to a connection problem that could be caused by interference. You are unable to connect or load the server. There must be an interference problem.

Everyone got the same message when they couldn’t load the Game: DISCONNECTED: Failed connection with the Game. (ID=17: Connection attempt failed.) (Error Code 279)

Roblox users often see this error as a common problem that causes the game to not start or takes longer to load.

What Causes Roblox Error 279?

Internet Connection

This error can be caused by a bad internet connection. This error code 279 can be caused by a failure to connect to Roblox servers. You can avoid this error by connecting to a high-speed internet connection.

Windows Firewall

Sometimes the Firewall on Windows blocks access to the server of the Game. Firewalls are designed to prevent users from accessing harmful websites.

Sometimes, this protection may prevent you from playing online games that require a connection through different ports. This problem is common for many players due to firewall blocking. This can cause Roblox error code 279 to occur.

Joining Empty Game

Roblox will kick you out if you join an unpopulated server. A server that is empty means it doesn’t have anything. The game SDK can’t determine what to do when a player joins such games. To prevent any crashes, Roblox will kick you out of the Game by giving error code279 Connection Failed.

ISP issues

Sometimes your ISP may block you from playing the game. The Roblox servers currently connect using UDP ports. Some networks, such as mine, have deliberately blocked connections to UDP ports in order to stop students from playing games.

This Roblox error code 279 cannot be fixed. You will need to contact your ISP to fix it.


Ad-Blockers are designed to simplify your life by blocking unwanted ads and scripts. Sometimes, however, ad-blockers can block some scripts that are viable on certain websites. This could be one reason for Roblox error code 279.

How to Fix Error Code 279 in Roblox on Computer

how to fix error code 279 roblox on phone

Use a Trusted Browser

Use a Trusted Browser

An error code 279. could be caused by playing Roblox in an old browser or using an untrusted browser to serve as your default browser. It’s safer to use a trusted browser.

Google Chrome can be used as your default browser, or you can use Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is my preferred Browser.

Clear your Temporary Internet Files

It is important to clear Temporary Internet Files from your Browser. When you play Roblox, your Browser saves a lot of cache files.

Many internet security software attempts to restrict which programs have access to the internet. They must be disabled. I have created ways to disable antivirus software. These can be viewed here.

You must check your Browser’s security settings and allow Roblox files access to your device.

Clear your Temporary Internet Files

Allow Firewall

A firewall is a Windows feature that blocks access to certain spammy domains and IPs. This windows feature has helped many people avoid being scammed online. This application may block IPs from many games, unknowingly hoping that they are spammy.

To play Roblox smoothly, you need to whitelist your Roblox game. If Roblox is blocked by firewalls, you can disconnect using a Roblox error code 279.

To allow Roblox in Firewall

  • To open the new window, click on the Windows Search bar at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Select the Windows Defender Firewall option from the list of options. This will open the Firewall settings.
  • On the left side, click Allow an App or Feature Through Windows Firewall Defender. This will allow you to choose the program that you want.
  • Locate your Roblox program, and click on it. By default, Roblox is installed in C/Program Files/
  • Check the boxes to indicate that you are willing to allow public and private networks.
  • Finally, save the changes and restart the computer.

This will ensure that your Firewall doesn’t interfere with Roblox connections.

Disable Browser Extensions

Third-party add-ons and extensions, such as Ad Blockers, can prevent you from playing any online game.

You wouldn’t want to stop any website from generating income, right?

Roblox also agrees so it prohibits players from playing games.

It’s better not to run the Game than to disable the Browser’s Extension. Another browser can be used that does not support extensions.

Reset the Default Browser Options

Sometimes, your internet may prevent Roblox from loading. Resetting your Internet Options can fix the Connection attempt failed ID=17 error. This step was well-recommended by players who found it to be efficient.

These are the steps you need to take in order to reset your default browser options

  • Chrome should be your default choice.
  • Click the Gear icon to open Internet Options.
  • Click the Reset Button in Advanced Options.
  • To verify if the issue is gone, close the browser and open Roblox.

Open Appropriate Ports

Roblox requires that you open the required ports. If the required ports are not open on your network, error code 279 may occur.

This error can be avoided by opening the appropriate ports for Roblox. Before you begin the steps, ensure that your internet connection is stable. It is a good idea to check the Wireless Connection before you begin.

These are the steps for a flawless Port Forward.

  • Log in as Administrator to your Router control panel.
  • Navigate to the Port Forwarding Category and enter your IP address.
  • Enter UDP 49152 65535 port range.
  • Choose UDP ports to be the protocol.
  • Once you’re done, restart your Router.
  • Test Roblox to see if the problem persists.

Disable Antivirus

As you might know, third-party antivirus won’t let you play certain games.

If that is the case, disable antivirus software from your computer.

You decide if you want to disable it permanently or temporarily.

If the problem persists, check for it. Reinstall Roblox if an error occurs.

Reinstall Roblox

Roblox error code 279 can also be caused by a corrupted Roblox installation. You can also get Roblox Error code 279. This is due to a variety of reasons. This is your last chance to fix the problem.

If you are still having trouble with your error, then the Roblox Server is to blame.

To reinstall Roblox again:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Click on the Uninstall a program or Add or Remove Program option
  • Find Roblox on the list
  • Click the Uninstall button
  • This will delete Roblox from your system
  • Log in to Roblox by going to the Roblox Website
  • After logging in to Roblox, go to any game you like and click the green Play button
  • Roblox Player will be installed. A pop-up window will inform you.
  • After installation, the game will open automatically

Update Your Browser

Update Your Browser

It is important to have updated browsers in the internet world. There are some things that only updated browsers can perform. The ES6 version javascript is not supported by older browsers, which can cause problems with accessing websites. This is why it’s important to always upgrade our browsers.

Not only do new browsers support new languages, but they also improve the performance of your Browser. Roblox error code 279 is a result of this.

To update Google:

  • Click the three dots at the top of your browser’s right.
  • Next, go to the Help tab
  • Choose the About Google Chrome option.
  • If updates are available, this will open the version control and automatically update your browser.

Change Internet Service Provider

These steps will not solve the problem. You are probably in trouble. The ISP may have blocked Roblox servers from their network.

This is something ISPs often do to prevent their users from visiting shady sites. This error is currently unsolvable. This is why you need to inform your ISP and change your ISP so that these ports are unblocked.

How To Fix Error Code 279 Roblox on Phone

Roblox is also a very popular mobile game. This game is very popular, with over 100M+ downloads from the play store. Roblox error code 279 may also appear on mobile devices.

This issue can be solved by two methods. These solutions work on both Android devices and IOS phones. Many apps on mobile can interrupt the connection between Roblox servers. This could lead to error code 279

Clear Cache & Data of Roblox App

The mobile cache works in the same manner as computers. These caches can be used to reduce the load on assets each time you connect to servers. Connectivity issues can be caused by incorrect cache files in Roblox servers. This can be fixed by clearing the cache in Roblox App.

  • Clear the Roblox cache in your mobile device
  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • To open the Storage settings page, tap the heading.
  • To see a complete list of installed apps, tap the Other Apps heading.
  • Tap the Roblox app to open it.
  • Click the Clear cache button.

These steps will allow you to clear Roblox’s cache on mobile and fix Roblox error code 279

Enable Flight Mode

Multiple apps can be running at once on mobile phones. These apps can disrupt your network and cause connectivity problems.

Roblox error code 279 is caused by poor connectivity. Flight Mode is the best solution to this error. This flight mode prevents certain apps from limiting your connection.

To activate the flight mode on your phone:

  • Slide down the notification bar
  • The top side will have an icon for flight
  • To activate Flight Mode on your phone, press the icon.
  • Now, turn on your Wi-Fi to access the Roblox app

Why Do I See “DISCONNECTED: Failed To Connect To The Game ID=17” Error Code 279?

This error can be seen due to interference or blocking. I mentioned this earlier in the article. Sometimes, the message “Connection attempt failed error 17” can be seen. You should now determine which reason you have.

Users can block the Roblox server’s loading by blocking their internet.

Roblox will disconnect you from your previous site if a user attempts to re-join the server.

While I don’t want to offend you, if your reason number 2 is the case, it could be a problem for you. Your Game Files can be deleted from the server due to losing the game process.

Error code 267 Roblox

What is Error Code 267 in Roblox?

What is Error Code 267 in Roblox

Roblox Error 267 refers to an error that occurs when a user is kicked out of a game because they used an illegal script. This error is most common if your account is temporarily banned for playing unfairly.

What Causes Roblox Error 267?

Roblox allows you to create your own virtual world. Roblox error code 267 is one of the most frequent errors that players encounter. This means that their internet connection may be down or that they need to upgrade Roblox.

You may have other reasons for the error. However, it is best to inform them first before you dig any deeper into the matter.

1. Abnormal Wireless Connection

You might experience a slow bandwidth rate or an unusual wireless connection. This could make it difficult for your Firewall to keep pace with all the other players.

2. Slow Internet Connection

Roblox is an incredible game that allows you to bring your wildest dreams to life. However, in order to make this dream come true, it is important to have the best internet connectivity.

If you have poor connections, be ready for error code 267. This means that something is wrong when downloading information from the server.

This issue can be easily solved if you use your VPN service provider and stronger wireless signal strength via an external antenna booster.

3. Missing Components

The most common error code for a game is 267. This is usually a problem with your Game’s loading or playing.

4. Banned player

This is only a problem that you are having with a particular game. Game-bans are imposed on the product by its administrators or developers. They don’t disappear just because they are in an Admin script.

If you are unable to play ROBLOX games on Roblox because of one ban, please contact the owner immediately.

These are the reasons you’re seeing Roblox say, “you have been kicked out of the game error code 267”.

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 267

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 267

Use Chrome as Default Web Browser

There are many browsers available, but Roblox requires the best. When you are searching through a vast game world that has thousands of players, slow browsers won’t do the trick.

These qualities are important for a browser: best user interface, protection and speed, reliability, no stability risk, no security threat, and no accessibility restrictions.

Although I don’t know which browser you use, I find Google Chrome to be the most reliable. Mozilla and Safari are also less popular, but we found Chrome to be the most preferred Browser among players after conducting a survey!

Reset all Internet Browser Settings

Roblox allows you to create your own worlds. There are many error codes within the system. 267 is one of them.

This error can be fixed by simply resetting your browser settings. Roblox users voted this method the most useful and effective in a recent survey.

These are the steps to perform a simple reset:

  1. Use google chrome as your default browser.
  2. Click the button with three dots to choose settings.
  3. Click on the Advanced button in the lower left corner.
  4. Click on Reset settings, and then choose Restore settings to the original defaults.
  5. Close the browser and launch Roblox again.

Check the Wireless Connection

Keep in mind the message that you received when error code 267 was displayed in Roblox. If it says “DISCONNECTED,”: This means that you were kicked from the Game [Error Code 267]”; then check your internet connection to see if it is stable.

It is not uncommon for the game server to recognize the connection. Make sure you fix it.

You can check if the internet connection is working if you aren’t sure. Clearing your cache during a game is a good idea to ensure that the latest results are displayed.

Verify the Browser’s Security Settings

Before you launch the game, ensure you have given Roblox all security permissions. Sometimes we receive a “Roblox error code 267.”

Disable Ad-Blockers

An ad-blocker might be installed. If you use it to block Roblox ads, sometimes Roblox will not load the game or give a Roblox error code 267. Make sure your Ad Block is turned off so that these errors don’t happen again.

  • Click on the three-dot button to open the menu and choose “Settings”.
  • Under Privacy and Security, click “Site Settings”.

Under Privacy and Security, click Site Settings

  • Under Additional Content Settings, click “Ads”.

Under Additional Content Settings, click Ads.

  • Turn off “Blocked on websites that tend to display intrusive advertisements.”

Turn off Blocked on websites that tend to display intrusive advertisements.

  • Restart your browser.

Bypass Roblox Error Code 267

This bypass step can be used if all of the steps above fail to resolve the error code 267 in Roblox.

Roblox bugs can be difficult to fix quickly. Fortunately, there is an easy way around it. To get rid of all those annoying bugs, uninstall the app and reinstall it with any updates.

This will solve your Roblox error code 267, and you can continue playing the Game in the same way.

Update Network Drivers

Poor internet connections can lead to errors. Make sure you keep your drivers current.

Search for Device Manager with Windows Cortana. Click on Network Adapters to manually check if your drivers are current. You will see a threat icon next to the driver. Automate the driver update using the web, and relaunch Roblox.

Remove Illegal Scripts

You can remove scripts that you have added to your Game to make it more enjoyable. This is the admin command. Some admin commands can only be used by the Game’s developers. But, I have seen players hack third-party tools to change codes just to be annoying others.

Roblox will be able to see all of your actions. Hacking is a serious offense.

Open a New Account

If none of these methods work for you, it’s time for a fresh start and to open a new account. Verify that your account has been verified. It is crucial to select the date of birth and above 13+. Otherwise, you may face other errors than the code 267 Roblox error.

Uninstall Roblox

If there is no other option, you can uninstall and reinstall the Game to remove all cache files.

These are the steps you need to follow to remove Roblox from Windows.

  • Search in the Windows navigation search bar for Control Panel to access Control Panel.
  • Select the program option > Uninstall A Program.
  • Navigate to Roblox Player and right-click it to uninstall.

Use Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box and type in “%appdata” Clear Roblox folders. This will eliminate junk files from your computer. Now download Roblox v1.0 and enjoy!

Roblox Error Code 277

What does Error code 277 in Roblox means?

What does Error code 277 in Roblox means

Roblox Error 277 refers to a server disconnect error in which your client’s internet connection to the Roblox server has been cut off. This error can be seen on mobile platforms, Windows 10, XBOX and MAC devices. Roblox error code 277 is caused by corruption of Windows Registry files.

Why am I getting Error Code 277 on ROBLOX?

Well, Error Code 2777 on ROBLOX PC. Please check your internet connection.

The general causes include corrupted Windows System Files and incomplete ROBLOX installation processes, improper deletions of software, etc.

Let me show you some reasons to help you understand the most common solutions to error code 277 ROBLOX.

Corrupted Windows Registry Files The Windows Registry can be fixed quickly.

ROBLOX Client would freeze for a moment when the message count in the resend queue exceeds 35. This will cause ROBLOX connection problems.

This occurs if the Game contains more than 4500 components. The limit for the Game is 3000. ROBLOX may not stop configuring problems due to these excess assets.

Server Disconnection from Roblox: There is nothing worse than a poor internet connection. ROBLOX will disconnect from the server if that game is down for maintenance. If Roblox Studio is being used by the administrator of the game, you will not be able to login.

How to Fix ROBLOX Error Code 277

How to Fix RobLox Error Code 277

Use ROBLOX Error 277 Utility Tool

The Error 277 Repair Utility fixes corrupted Windows registry files.

The best way to fix ROBLOX error codes is to use the Repair utility tool.

These are the steps for using the ROBLOX 277 Utility tool.

  • Get the Error 277 ROBLOX Utility Tool for Windows Operating System.
  • After installing the software, click SCAN NOW.
  • Allow the tool to continue scanning for potential problems for a while.
  • Click on the Fix Button.
  • To fix ROBLOX error 277, restart the computer.

Update Your Default Browser

Update Your Default Browser

Google Chrome is my default browser. Google Chrome is the most trusted Browser for ROBLOX. Internet explorer can be used as well.

It is essential to update the Browser because ROBLOX updates itself frequently when you update the Browser.

Run the ROBLOX Compatibility Mode

Windows 10 is the best Operating System to run ROBLOX players.

Compatibility issues can cause chaos in your Game.

This is because ROBLOX Player and most other software were designed for the older Windows operating system. This is why older Windows versions are more likely to have issues when running the new Windows operating system. Roblox must be run in compatibility mode.

There are two ways to fix compatibility issues on Windows:

  • Click here to view the compatibility settings of ROBLOX.
  • Use the Windows built in Program Compatibility Troubleshooter.

These are the steps you need to take in order to modify ROBLOX compatibility modes settings.

Select Properties by Right-clicking the ROBLOX App

Next, click on the Compatibility tab to mark this program as compatible mode.

Select the Windows version that you wish to use for app settings, and then click on the Apply button.

You can use the built-in Program compatibility Troubleshooter if you are unable to change ROBLOX Compatibility Mode settings.

These are the steps for using the Windows built-in Program Compatibility troubleshooter.

  • Click the Windows Start button to search for RUN.
  • Click on the older Windows versions from the RUN search results.
  • To start the troubleshooting process, click on the OK button. This will allow you to inspect compatibility issues between your apps and the system.
  • After the analysis is complete, you will be able to see a list with troublesome apps.
  • ROBLOX is the most important item on this list.
  • Select the Recommended troubleshooting option.
  • To save the changes, restart your computer.

Delete the ROBLOX Log Files

ROBLOX stores temporary cache files like game history and settings. This can take up significant space on your computer. ROBLOX log files may cause bugs or glitches when running them.

What can I do to prevent the bugs from playing Roblox?

To avoid any errors or glitches, you just need to clean out the ROBLOX temporary log file.

These are the steps you need to take in order to delete ROBLOX log files

  • Press the Windows + R key simultaneously to launch the Run dialog.
  • Type the following command in the Run dialog box and then press Enter%localappdata%Robloxlogs
  • To select all files within a folder, use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+A and Shift+Delete to delete them completely from your computer.
  • Open the Run dialog once again and type the following command:%USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalLowRbxLogs
  • Try the program.

You can delete the current Roblox version, then download Roblox from a secure site and then reinstall Roblox.

Connect to a Different Network

Try connecting to another server if you lose connection to the Game.

ROBLOX Error 277 can be caused by a network problem. Also, this error can be caused by a malfunctioning ROUTER.

Google play may also show a connection failure with error code 16

Both of these problems are network-based. You can connect to another network.

ROBLOX will continue to configure the problem even if it is your Router.

Many users are tired of the Roblox game server. Please connect error code 277 constantly. Before launching ROBLOX again, I recommend that they clear all cache files.

To get rid of the problem, check again. If the problem persists, then proceed to the next step.

Restart your computer

Sometimes, the most simple things are the best. Close ROBLOX, as well as any other programs. Then restart your computer. After you are back online, you can reconnect to the ROBLOX server that you were previously on.

Reset your internet connection allows you to test your internet speed. Resetting your internet connection is a good idea if you experience lower speeds than what you expected.

Turn off your computer. Wait five minutes before you unplug the Router and modem. After five minutes, unplug the Router and modem.

Once that time is up, connect the modem to the internet. After the time has passed, plug the Router in again and wait for the connection to be shared.

After all, the lights are on, and your computer is working properly, you can turn it back on. Allow the programs to load for a while. Once everything is up and running, you can return to ROBLOX to check if it’s still working.

Check for Windows updates

Programs like ROBLOX can be affected by a missing Windows update. Before you continue to troubleshoot, check for updates.

  • Click on the Windows Logo, then click on the Settings icon. Or, you can click ‘Windows Key + i together.
  • Click “Update & Security.”

Click Update & security

  • Click “Windows Update”
  • To see if any updates are available, click on “Check for Updates”.

check for updates

Apply any updates that are available. After you are done, restart your computer. Then, try to access ROBLOX once again after it is back online.

Check for driver updates

  • Game problems can also be caused by out-of-date drivers. Before you look for other issues, check to make sure your drives are current.

Device Manager

  • Click on the entry and type “Device Manager”, in the Windows search bar.
  • Right-click the name of the computer at the top.
  • Select “Scan for Hardware Changes” to let Windows determine if any hardware requires a driver update.

Scan for hardware changes

  • If prompted, follow these steps to install drivers

After your drivers have been updated, restart your computer to try the Game again.

Check your browser

ROBLOX recommends only three browsers: Chrome Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. If you are having problems, try updating to the most recent version of your browser.

Google Chrome

To update:

  • Click the three dots button in the upper right corner of the browser.
  • Click “Help” to choose “About Google Chrome.”

Click Help to choose About Google Chrome.

  • Follow these steps to update. Sometimes, it will prompt you to restart the browser to update.

Update Gg Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

To update Firefox

  • Click the three-line icon at the top of the browser.

update Firefox

  • Click “Help” then “About Firefox.”


  • Firefox should automatically download the updates. To complete the process, restart Firefox.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge automatically updates when you update Windows. Edge will automatically update as long as Windows has been updated.

Try a different browser if it doesn’t work after you have updated. You’ll be able to tell if the problem is a browser issue by trying another browser. Make sure you use the recommended ones and keep it updated before you try.

Flush DNS

Some people have had success clearing error 277 from ROBLOX by flushing their DNS.

  • In the Windows search bar, type “Command Prompt”.

Run Command Prompt

  • Select “Run as Administrator”, from the right-hand side panel.
  • To allow it to make adjustments, click “Yes”.
  • Enter “ipconfig/flushdns”, and press “Enter.”
  • Type “ipconfig/registerdns” and then press “Enter.”
  • Enter “ipconfig/release” then hit “Enter.”
  • Enter “ipconfig/renew” then hit “Enter.”

Run Cmd as admin

  • Enter “netsh winock reset” in the search box and press “Enter.”

netsh winock reset

  • Close the Command Prompt Window.
  • Restart your computer, and then try ROBLOX again.

This will help you to clear your DNS cache of any old settings or information. It may also allow ROBLOX to run again correctly.

Remove Ad-Blockers

Many errors can be caused by high-security settings in different applications. While the features of an ad-blocker may sound appealing, they might not be honest with you and your device. An ad-blocker can lead to viruses and a high risk of your device becoming infected.

Remember that ads are more effective than software viruses.

If you get the Roblox Error Code 277, you should disable any ad blockers or other adware that you have installed on your device.

After you have completed the process, verify if the error has not changed.


Now you know the causes as well as solutions to these errors on Roblox. Hope that you can find it helpful in this article. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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