how to fix minecraft realms error 500 2022: Step by Step

How To Fix Minecraft Realms Error 500 2022: Step by Step

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A Minecraft Realms error 500 is an error that can occur when trying to connect to a Minecraft server. This error can be caused by a number of things, including a server that is down or a problem with your internet connection.

If you’re playing Minecraft on a Realms server and you get error 500, it can be frustrating. But don’t worry, Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be back to playing in no time.

What is Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500?

What is Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500

Minecraft Realms Internal Server error 500 is an error that occurs when you try to log in to the Realm of private servers known as Minecraft Realms.

Minecraft now allows players to create their own multiplayer servers. This lets them share a world with other players.

These private servers allow you to invite friends. They are also known as Minecraft Realms.

Although these realms are popular with gamers, they are not perfect and can cause many errors. Minecraft Realms Error 500 is one example of such an error.

This error is caused by Minecraft server outages. It happens when the user is not able to control it. However, it is possible for other reasons, so let’s take a look at them.

Why I am Keep on Getting Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500?

Why I am Keep on Getting Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500

Here are some common causes that could cause the Minecraft Realms error 500:

You might not be able to connect to the servers due to a poor internet connection.

It could be due to server outages, which might happen temporarily or because some servers are undergoing maintenance.

If you have an older version of Minecraft, this could cause the Minecraft Realms error 500

Sometimes, the background applications can also block you from playing Minecraft because the game doesn’t receive enough data from the internet.

Additional plugins running on your computer could also cause an interruption to the server, which can result in error code 500 in Minecraft

How Do I Fix Minecraft Realms Error 500?

How Do I Fix Minecraft Realms Error 500

Primary check

Although they may seem insignificant, there are many things that can cause big problems. To fix Minecraft Realms error 500, it is simple to check a few items.

If you see Minecraft Realms server status not connecting, check your internet connection. You can blame the problem on something bigger if this happens.

You can relaunch your game if you experience a temporary glitch that makes it impossible to play your favorite Minecraft games.

If Minecraft Realms is not working, you can restart your computer. This is temporary.

You might need to update your Windows version to fix issues connecting to the server. The Minecraft Realms version often isn’t compatible with older Windows versions and displays an error message.

This is also a possible solution to Minecraft Realms error 500. This will fix the problem and allow you to access many new features.

If you have made any game-related changes, make sure to check the game settings. This can cause problems with functionality, and Minecraft Realms may be down.

You can check the internet for Minecraft Server Outages, as they do happen occasionally. This can affect many servers. These incidents are usually reported, and you can find information about them in the news and on forums.

To check if any major social media platforms or websites are down, we recommend

Clean the PC

Clean the PC

We need to look deeper into the cause of Minecraft Realms not working after we have tried the simple solutions. Advanced PC Cleanup is the best tool to clean your PC.

This tool is great for removing unwanted programs and files from your Windows PC. It will scan your computer and identify any invalid registry entries that could cause problems with the basic functionality. Unneeded junk can also affect Minecraft Realms’ status.

These steps will help you fix Minecraft Realms’ internal error 500

Step 1: Download Advanced Computer Cleanup

Step 2: Start the setup file, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Step 3: Open the application. You can then see the current state of the system and a summary of the items you don’t want.

Step 4: Now click on the Start Scan Now button, and wait for the results.

Step 5: In a matter of minutes, the Scan Summary will be displayed. It will display the various categories of cleaning. The Cleaner section will display the temporary and junk files on your computer. Invalid registry sections contain all invalid Windows registry entries that are found on your computer. Advanced PC

Cleanup Covers all malware and identity traces.

You can either click on each section to view more information or click on Clean Now. This will immediately remove all unwanted files from your computer.

This not only increases the performance of your Windows PC but also makes it easier to run applications at their optimum speed.

After you are done cleaning out all junk, restart your computer.

Launch Minecraft Realms, and you’ll see that the Minecraft Realms error 500 has been fixed.

Check your Internet Connection

As mentioned above, if your internet connection isn’t working correctly or prevents you from accessing the Minecraft servers, then this could also lead to the Internal Server Error 500 on the Minecraft server.

First, make sure that your internet connection works properly. If you use Wi-Fi, then an ethernet is required to establish a stable network.

If your internet connection seems to be working well, then it is possible that your internet connection is slowing down and preventing your access to the Minecraft Realms server.

If this is the case, then it is recommended to use a VPN connection to obtain extremely fast and reliable speeds without being detected.

Verify the Minecraft Server Outage

There is a chance that the Minecraft servers might go down. If this happens, you can just wait for it to get restarted.

You may also experience service outages that can cause the game to not work properly. You can also check the Downdetector website to verify Minecraft’s server status.

If the services seem to be running smoothly, then it is likely that the problem is yours.

Disable Background Applications

Disable Background Applications

If you still get the Minecraft Realms Inter Server Error 500 error, there is a possibility that other programs running in the background are limiting your internet bandwidth.

It is recommended that you disable internet-connected apps first, then reconnect to Microsoft Realms.

Follow these steps to get there:

  • To open Task Manager, hit Ctrl + Shift+ Esc keys.
  • Next, click on the Process tab.

After disabling all background applications, restart Minecraft to verify that the internal server error 500 does not appear.

Delete UUID Files in Minecraft

Delete UUID Files in Minecraft

If you are unable to solve the problem, then it is recommended to delete all UUID files from Minecraft.

This worked well for many players. Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Click the link to visit the website. Next, enter the information required to obtain the UUID for the player.
  • Next, sign in to your server and navigate to server files > go to the world

Next, sign in to your server and navigate to server files

  • Click here to find the PlayerData folder.
  • Select the file that contains the exact names of the players, such as their Username or UUID. Then hit the Delete button.
  • Finally, restart your server to save any changes

Hope now the error 500 is fixed successfully.

Remove Resource Packs & Mods

If you see an error after installing a mod or a resource pack, this could be the problem that is causing your issue in the Realm.

It is recommended to immediately delete the mod and any resource packs you have installed recently.

This should work for you. However, if you are unsure about any mod or resource pack that is causing an error, you can uninstall them all and then check to see if the Minecraft internal error 500 has been fixed.

Turn off the Plugins

If the error persists, check the plugins installed on your computer. Sometimes, the plugins are incompatible with the game version and cause problems.
It is recommended that you disable plugins on your computer and test if it works.

Follow these steps to get there:

  • Start the plugin window on your system. Rename the plugins to “[plugin names].jar to [plugin names].jar.disabled“.
  • Next, reboot the server to confirm that the problem has been resolved.

Uninstall Applications

Uninstall Applications

If none of these solutions work for you, it is recommended to uninstall and reinstall Minecraft.

It is recommended to use a third-party uninstaller to uninstall the game. It is not possible to completely uninstall the program manually. However, it may leave behind some registry entries and junk files that can cause interruptions when you try to install the program again.

It is worthwhile to use the third-party uninstaller in order to completely uninstall Minecraft.

Revo Uninstaller is required to completely uninstall Minecraft.

If you want to remove it manually, then follow these steps:

  • To open the Run box, hit Window + R key
  • In the run box, type appwiz.cpl > hit Enter

The application manager window will now appear on your screen. Locate the Minecraft application and right-click to Uninstall.

Once the uninstall process is complete, you can go to the Minecraft official site and download and install the game.

Verify if the error has been fixed.

Contact Minecraft Support Center

Contact Minecraft Support Center

If you’re still having trouble with the error after trying the above solutions, then contact Minecraft Customer Support Center. Fill out the form at the link and tell them about the problem.

Within a few days, you will receive feedback on how to fix Minecraft Realms internal error 500.

You can also run Game Booster to increase system performance and allow you to play the game smoothly.

  • It optimizes the system resources and boosts the game.
  • Smoother and more enjoyable gameplay
  • You get a higher FPS rate
  • Smoothen the game for responsive play
  • Low FPS and lagging issues can also be fixed.


FAQs about how to fix minecraft realms error 500

1. Why do I get server error 500?

HTTP status code 500 refers to a generic error response. This code indicates that the server encountered an unexpected circumstance that prevented it from fulfilling the request. If this error code is not suitable, the server will return it.

2. Can’t connect to realms error?

Try restarting your computer or device to see if the problem is resolved. Sometimes, a restart can resolve connection errors. After closing the game, log out of Microsoft and then log back in. You should ensure that your wireless connection is stable if you use it.

3. Do my friends need to have Realms Plus to play on my Realm?

To join a Realm, your friends don’t have to subscribe to Realms Plus. Any friend can join your Realm free of charge.


Error 500 often appears in Minecraft. It is important to know what causes this problem and how to fix it. Hope that you can find it helpful in this article. Thank you for reading.

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