How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Not Charging [Troubleshooting Guide]

How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Not Charging [Troubleshooting Guide]

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We got numerous emails from readers asking for help with their Motorola Moto G6 that wouldn’t charge. Some users reported that the screen went dark and that when they plugged it in, it didn’t respond or show the typical charging indicators.

The most prevalent misunderstanding concerning charging difficulties is that they are all hardware and/or accessory issues, such as a problem with the charger, battery, or phone itself. It’s also possible that a firmware flaw is at blame. Many owners claimed to have encountered this issue only to discover that their gadget had frozen and would not react.

However, adequate troubleshooting should be carried out to establish the problem. When you’ve figured out who’s to blame, you may start looking for solutions.

I’ll show you how to troubleshoot your Motorola Moto G6 that won’t charge in this post. This is the exact process our experts use when a customer brings a phone into the store with a problem like this. The methods are simple and straightforward, yet they are helpful in pinpointing the source of the problem. However, there’s no assurance that reading this page will help you solve the problem, especially if it’s a hardware issue. But at the very least, you’d have a general notion of what’s wrong so you could correctly describe it to a professional.

How to Repair a Motorola Moto G6 That Won’t Charge

1st Step: Double-check that your Motorola Moto G6 hasn’t just frozen

Motorola Moto G6 has included a function that allows customers too hard reset their phones if they become unresponsive. In fact, if you were paying attention when you initially turned on your phone, you should have figured out what has to be done by now. However, for those who were unable to understand the instructions, here they are: “To restart your device, press and hold the Power key and the Volume down key at the same time for more than 7 seconds.”

That’s correct! That’s what you need to do to rule out the likelihood that your phone is frozen and hence won’t charge. If it doesn’t reboot the first time, try it two or three more times to be sure. If, after multiple efforts to reboot, the screen remains black and won’t charge, it’s time to undertake the basic troubleshooting.

2nd Step: Check the charger for problems

Using a different charger is the simplest approach to determine if the charger is the issue. It would be preferable if you could borrow from a buddy who has the same gadget as you. I would advise against purchasing a new charger at this time because there is no certainty it will solve the problem.

Try using a non-Motorola charger that outputs 1.5A to 2A current to see if the phone responds. Proceed to the next step if it didn’t.

3rd Step: Check the USB cord for problems

The cable is crucial because it connects the charger and the phone; without it, the charger would be unable to provide electric power to the phone. So, when you’ve ruled out the potential of a charger malfunction, you should also rule out this option.

Using a separate USB cable and plugging it into the charger (and the other end into the phone’s utility port) to check if the device responds are one approach to determine if the USB cable is working or not. It may also be connected to a computer.

The goal of this technique is to get the phone to respond after it’s plugged in, but if it doesn’t, you’ll need to move on to the following step.

4th Step: Check for a loose USB or utility port

The majority of the time, a sloppy connection causes problems. The same is true if the cable doesn’t fit snugly into your phone’s USB port. If it’s loose, wriggling it to establish contact with the phone may allow it to charge. However, if the issue is internal (such as when the USB port is not correctly attached to the board), there isn’t much you can do. You couldn’t even open the phone to check it since removing a screw causes the guarantee to be voided.

5th Step: Have the phone repaired

If everything else fails, you’ll need a technician to assist you in resolving the issue. You may either return the phone to the store where you purchased it or contact Motorola. It’s critical to ensure that you’ll be able to file a warranty claim if the gadget has to be serviced. It’s also one method to avoid the headaches of debugging a problem you don’t understand.

While I believe in the value of debugging, I feel that a new phone should function flawlessly. If it doesn’t, send it in to be repaired or replaced as soon as feasible. After all, you bought a gadget that you can use, not one that will bother you at all hours of the day.