How to Fix Paint Drips

How to Fix Paint Drips

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Paint drips normally occur when you apply excess paint to your project using an overloaded paint supplies. And it also becomes an ugly mark if you are not able to fix it in time. If you find out the drip when the paint is relatively wet, then you can easily brush out the drip. But the additional brushing will cause more trouble if the paint starts to dry. Even you have the option to dab off the excess paint lightly by using a plain cloth or paper towel if the paint drip is nearly but not completely dry. But when the paint is completely dry you don’t have any other option but to use some simple tool like a scrapper or a clean razor blade.

Let’s have a look on the techniques of how to fix paint drips.

Wet Paint Drips: Wet paint drips are the easiest of the paint drips to be fixed. You can simply wipe the wet drips completely simply by using a clean piece of cloth or paper towel. After wiping out, leave it for some time to dry. But ensure to check it after it is fully dried up as it may require an additional round of brushwork, or some repainting.

Semi Wet Paint Drips: If the paint is nearly dry you can dab off the excess paint with a cloth or paper towel. The excess paint will be wiped out but it will leave a blemish behind. But the blemish will be almost hidden after applying another top coat of paint. So you need not worry about the blemish as it will be barely noticeable after your recoating.

Fully Dried Paint Drips: Fully dried paint drips are the toughest of these paint drips to be fixed, because the paint is completely dried up and any repair will damage the look of the whole wall or furniture. You can remove the raised portion of the drip by using some simple tool like a scrapper or a clean razor blade. But ensure that the removal is slow and you do it carefully as it may make the whole structure look ugly. After removing the raised portion, use 220-grit sandpaper to gently remove the remaining blemish. But sand only in the direction of the drip because if you try to sand back-and-forth, the paint may gum up or flake away making the blemish only bigger. Also ensure that you leave the surrounding area and sand only the blemish. The print drip may be wet, semi wet or dry, but you have be patient while fixing it. The paint drip fixing will be successful if you do it in a manner which is more methodical. Also there are some small points which you can keep in mind while starting the painting and thus prevent the creation of paint drips. Always avoid loading excess paint on the brush or roller at a time. Also allow paint the time to be fully dried up before applying the second round of paint.

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