How To Hard Reset Xbox Series X 2022?

How To Hard Reset Xbox Series X 2022?

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If you are experiencing problems with your Xbox Series X, a hard reset may be able to fix them. This process will erase all of your data and settings, so make sure to back them up first. In this post, Dreamcheeky will focus on how to hard reset Xbox Series X.

Resetting vs. Hard Resetting vs. Factory Resetting

There are different types of resets and reboots that can fix a lot of problems on Xbox Series X or S, including poor performance, long app load times, mic echo, and more.

A soft reset or reboot is a way to turn your Xbox Series X or S off by pushing the power button or using the on-screen menu option and turning it back on again. It’s the least invasive way to turn your console off, and it happens each time you turn your console off.

Hard reset: This type is a little more complicated than the others. It requires you to power your console all the way down, and then turn it back on. This clears out more things and fixes more problems.

Factory reset: This type brings your console back to its original factory settings- wiping away all your cherished memories and requiring you to start anew.

Note: Although hard and factory reset are often used interchangeably, there is a key difference between the two. A hard reset is performed by removing power from the device, while a factory reset is done through the console’s settings. For example, on the Xbox Series X or S, and other consoles like the Xbox One that are never fully turned off during normal use, the term hard reset instead refers to removing power from the device.

How to Soft Reset an Xbox Series X or S

Leaving your console on all the time can fix some problems, but a soft reset every once in a while is even better!

There are two ways to achieve a soft reset:

  • Use the Power button on the console.
  • Use the on-screen menu option.

To perform a soft reset on your Xbox One, press and hold the Power button until the console powers down. Make sure that the video input to your television ceases, and then release the Power button. Push the button again to turn the console back on.

To use the on-screen menu option:

Press the Guide button.

Guide button

Navigate to Profile & system > Power.

xbox one reset display settings

Select Restart Console.

reset and keep my games & apps

How to Hard Reset Xbox Series X or S

Performing a hard reset on an Xbox Series X or S is a little more complicated than on other devices, but it’s still very easy. This process will not delete any of your information, so you can safely perform it without fear of losing any game data.


  • Switch off your console by pressing the power button.
  • When the console shuts off, release the power button.
  • Unplug the console from power.
  • Wait at least 10 seconds.
  • Plug the console back in.
  • Turn the console on.

How to Factory Resetting

No matter which Xbox consoles you have, the steps for factory resetting it are the same.

Open Settings.

Open settings

Select System > Console info.

Console info

Select Reset console.

Reset Console info

After you select the Reset console, you will be presented with three options.

Reset and remove everything: When you choose this setting, your console will be wiped clean of all data, including your profiles, game installs, and more. This is the actual factory resetting. You should only choose this option when you are getting rid of your console or as a last resort when troubleshooting problems.

Reset and keep my games & apps: This is the best solution when you’re experiencing difficulties with your Xbox – it resets the operating system, clears the cache, and deletes any corrupt data, all without removing your games and apps. If you’re starting to experience a lot of weird issues with your console, this is a great fix to try.

Cancel: By selecting this option, you can reset the console without any damage done. This will take you back to the main menu.

Please be aware that the Xbox console does not require a password to proceed with the reset process. Once you have made your selection, the system will carry out the resetting and you cannot stop it.


Does A Hard Reset Erase Everything Xbox?

Resetting your console will erase all accounts, settings, and saved games. Anything not synced with Xbox Live will be lost.

How Long Does It Take For Xbox Series S to Reset?

It takes hardly 5 to 10 minutes for Xbox series S to reset.

What Will I Lose If I Factory Reset My Xbox One?

Your device will be like new again, just like you just purchased it – resetting it will erase all your personal data, games, and apps, as well as the saved game data.

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