How to Pull an All Nighter: 7 Proven Tips

How to Pull an All Nighter: 7 Proven Tips

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Staying up all night is not that easy. Here are some best ways to stay awake.

1. Food and Drinks

  • Caffeine

If you wish to stay up all night, make caffeine your best friend. It increases your alertness and can fight the hormone that makes you feel sleepy. Studies have shown that more than 4 cups of caffeine (or 600 mg) can improve your thinking ability and performance.

But be careful; high doses of caffeine ( more than 900 mg) can make you feel the opposite. A lot of caffeine can make it harder for you to concentrate and focus.

It is best to avoid high doses of caffeine. Take several small amounts like espresso shots, caffeine pills, or caffeinated gum.

  • Energy Drinks

Energy drinks can be equivalent to one to five cups of coffee. It has more caffeine than it appears. The amount of caffeine is unclear, so it’s best to avoid energy drinks as a high caffeine intake is injurious.

  • Drink Water

Your body works the best when it is sufficiently hydrated. You can concentrate better. Drink enough water throughout the night.

  • Avoid sugar and fat foods. Instead, consume more protein-rich food. Refined sugar can make you sleepy within a few hours.
  • Several studies show that chewing gum can increase alertness, productivity, and academic performance. Chewing gum keeps your mouth active and distracts you from feeling sleepy.
  • Greek yogurt, fruits, chickpeas, hummus, and peanut butter are excellent food items you can consume.

2. Light Workout

Every 45 minutes, get up and move. Do a brisk walk, relax your muscles, move your eyeballs to give them rest. If you want to avoid sleeping, you can do aerobic exercises. If you don’t feel like exercising, you can move around in your room.

If you have to keep yourself alert during the night, keep your body parts active and engaged. Move your body. You can tap your feet on the ground, take a walk, stretch your body. This will distract you and prevent you from falling asleep.

3. Use Your Devices

If you want to sleep, you must avoid your devices. But as the case is opposite here, use your devices as much as possible. Electronic devices emit blue light, which can delay the release of melatonin. This prevents us from feeling sleepy.

Watch TV, play video games, use social media, use a computer to keep yourself awake.

4. Take a Shower

Take a cold shower if you cannot take it anymore and cannot keep your eyes open. This will help you feel refreshed. If you don’t feel like taking a cold shower, you can splash cold water on your face or brush your teeth.

5. Keep the Room Temperature Moderate

How to Pull an All-Nighter: 7 Proven Tips 8

A cool temperature (65 to 70 degrees) is appropriate for sleeping. If you want to stay awake, keep the temperature moderate.

Cool or scorching temperatures will make you feel sleepy. Seventy-five degrees is an ideal temperature to stay alert.

6. Switch on the Lights

Light plays a significant role in making you sleepy. Lights control the production of melatonin. A room with bright lights can help you stay awake.

A study shows that lights at night and darkness during the day help night shift workers reset their circadian rhythms. Especially when the light is closer to your eyes, use a table lamp or devices to keep the light closer.

7. Aromatherapy

If you want to stay awake for an exam or presentation, try aromatherapy. Studies show that essential oils like lavender, rosemary can improve your short-term memory.