How To Put Discs In Xbox Series X? Top Full Guide 2022

How To Put Discs In Xbox Series X? Top Full Guide 2022

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The Xbox Series X’s chassis is quite thick, and most people will need to rethink how they orient TV cabinets. The Series X works best when it is held up, while some might find this a little strange. In this post, Dreamcheeky will tell you how to put discs in Xbox series x and how to eject it. Let’s get started.

What Discs Work With An Xbox Series X?

What Discs Work With An Xbox Series X?

You can use Xbox Series X game discs for Xbox One and 360. All Xbox One titles, except Kinect games, are compatible with Xbox One. Follow the prompts on your screen to download updates or install data. Once that’s done, insert the game disc.

You may wonder if the Xbox Series X can play Blu-ray movies for entertainment. It can play Blu-ray discs, Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, Bluray discs and DVDs. This allows you to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. Start by going to the Store app of your Series X. Once the app is installed, you can insert your disc and begin viewing.

How To Put Discs In Xbox Series X

How To Put Discs In Xbox Series X

Insert the plate so that the mark faces the edge closest to the control center for your Xbox Series X. This is the left-hand side. The shiny side of your plate should face the USB port and remote pairing buttons on the bottom right. If Your console should be in a vertical position, insert your discs with your label side facing up.

If you are looking for visual structure assistance, this is the place to go.

Here’s my accomplice’s old Fallout 4 survey duplicate. (If you are curious about what obsolete promotion circles look like, here’s a link: they’re quite straightforward:

1. It is possible to accidentally place the circle in an incorrect way. This is a good thing for everyone, and Microsoft will not mind me sharing it. You can discharge the circle without triggering the control center and continue with business as usual.

2. This may seem absurd. You wouldn’t be surprised at how many people accidentally put plates in an incorrect way. This is even more likely to happen if the control center has been adjusted differently to how… well, almost every other control center age. You could have your PS4 standing up, but many people choose to put it in their cabinets. You can also make an error. It is also possible to turn on Ray Tracing Xbox Series X.

3. If you ever have doubts about whether you have it all up the correct way, just remember. Mark is on the left. The shiny side is on the right/USB port. Simple!

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Which Direction Would You Recommend That You Place A Disc in Xbox Series X’s Up-facing?

This is an easy one so let’s get to the point. The shiny side of your circle should face into the free piece of the control center.

You should ensure that the shiny side is facing the control center’s USB port.

What Other Information Do I Need To Know About Using Discs on the Xbox Series X Console?

If you have an Xbox One, 360, or original Xbox, it’s likely that you had one of these plates in the past. However, that disc will be great for Xbox Series X.

You can also play DVDs, CDs, and BluRays on the Series X, but you will need to download a piece of programming called BluRay Player’. If you request this, your control center will prompt you. However, it may take a few minutes to download.

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How to Eject an Xbox Series X disc

How to Eject an Xbox Series X disc

You can use the Xbox Series X’s dedicated button to eject a disc. If your device stands vertically, you will find a small black button next to the disc drive slot. It is located near the top corner of your console, just below the Xbox logo circle.

If you place the system horizontally, simply find the Xbox logo and turn your head a few inches to see the disc drive. The button will push the button to eject your game disc.

You can also use your Series X dashboard to eject the disc from the inside. Press the Xbox button on your controller to go to your dashboard. Once the guide appears, select the “My Games and Apps” option. Next, go to the tile representing the disc-based title you are currently playing in the system. The Series X will eject your disc by pressing the “X” button.

You must grab the disc and get up to put it away. Otherwise, the console will return the disc to you within a few seconds and you will have to do it again.

The Xbox Series S is smaller and sits horizontally. It is also available in black and white and looks somewhat like a small speaker. Because it is a digital-only console, it doesn’t come with a disc drive.

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