How To Put Skyrim Mods On Xbox 360?

How To Put Skyrim Mods On Xbox 360?

If you’re a fan of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you might be wondering how you can add mods to your game on Xbox 360. While console players don’t have as many options as PC players when it comes to modding, there are still a few ways you can customize your Skyrim experience on Xbox 360. In this article, Dreamcheeky will show you how to put Skyrim mods on Xbox 360.

How To Put Skyrim Mods On Xbox 360

Part 1: Horizon Download and Installation

Horizon Download and Installation

Horizon can be downloaded at Horizon for Windows can be downloaded from this page. You may store modded save files to your Xbox 360 user profile in Horizon. These mods will not drastically alter the game, but they will provide you with better stats and goods.

The Skyrim Special Edition for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 include the most popular Skyrim mods that have been officially incorporated into the game, as well as improved graphics and music.

Click on the “Free Download” button. It’s the green button in the page’s center. After that, choose to store the .exe file on your desktop.

Warning: Antivirus scanners may label the download website as dangerous if it contains malware. You do so at your own risk. Any attempts to get you to download additional files or browser extensions should be avoided.

Before opening any files, run them with an antivirus scanner.

Double-click the WeMod_Download_Manager.exe file. The Horizon Setup Wizard appears.

Click Next. It’s in the page’s lower-right corner. You’ll be taken to the License Agreement after clicking this.

Accept the License Agreement after reading it. It’s in the Horizon Setup Wizard‘s lower-right corner.

If there are any subsequent offers, click Decline. If you want to download extra applications, the Horizon Setup Wizard will ask you. To decline these offers, go to the lower-left corner and click Decline. After all software offers have been completed, the download will begin.

Click Finish. After the download is complete, it will appear in the lower-right corner.

After the download is complete, there may be additional software offers. On all software offerings, select Decline.

Click Close. The Horizon Install Wizard is now closed.

Part 2: Looking for Skyrim Mods

Looking for Skyrim Mods

In a web browser, go to Any online browser will do, but Google is the most popular and dependable.

In the search window, type Skyrim Xbox 360 modded saves and hit Enter. This searches for Skyrim modified save files for Xbox 360 on websites.

Go to any website that offers hacked Skyrim saves for the 360. The following websites include a list of altered Skyrim save files for your device that you may download:

Open the download URL for the mod you wish to install. A list of links to modded save files can be found on the majority of these websites. Copy and paste the URL of the mod you wish to download into the address bar.

To browse the external URLs, you may need to create an account in some circumstances.

Choose the option to download the mod you want. Depending on your preferences, there are thousands of Skyrim mods available. Mods with detailed faces, weightless goods, or improved character performance, for example, are available to download.

Save the mod file to your desktop on Windows. Later on, the mod will be moved to Horizon in order to transform the file into an Xbox 360-compatible format.

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Part 3: Using A USB Drive To Transfer Your Xbox 360 User Profile

Using A USB Drive To Transfer Your Xbox 360 User Profile

Connect your Xbox 360 to a USB flash drive. To mod Skyrim, you must first save your Skyrim profile to a USB drive, then merge the mod with your profile.

From the main menu, choose Settings. It’s the main menu’s final menu screen. To get to the Settings menu, go all the way to the left.

Choose system. In the Settings menu, it’s the first choice. This will take you to the System Settings menu.

Choose storage. It’s in the System Settings section of the menu. It’s right next to a hard drive-like icon.

Select the Hard Drive option. This is where you’ll find the contents of your Xbox 360’s internal storage.

Select Profiles. This shows all of your user profiles.

Choose your user profile. This is the account you use to play Skyrim on the Xbox 360.

Choose Move. When you choose your user profile, it’s the first option. You can save your user profile to a USB drive using this option.

If prompted to sign out of your user profile, choose Yes to proceed.

Choose your USB drive. Your user profile is now saved to your USB stick. You can now remove your USB disk once the transmission is complete.

Make sure you have enough space on your USB disk to replicate your user profile.

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Part 4: Modding Skyrim for Xbox 360

Modding Skyrim for Xbox 360

Connect the USB drive to a computer with an open USB port. Place the USB flash drive in a free USB port on a

Windows PC with Horizon installed once you’ve uploaded your Xbox 360 user profile to it.

Horizon will be launched. It can be found in the Windows Start menu. In the Device Explorer window, your USB flash drive will be visible.

In Horizon, drag and drop the altered save file over your Flash drive. On-screen, you’ll see a dialog box inviting you to choose your Skyrim profile.

Choose a user profile. If your flash drive has multiple user profiles, select the one you wish to save the file to. Then select Use this profile from the drop-down menu. A notification will appear on the screen stating that the mod file has been successfully copied to USB.

Click the OK button. If the file transmits successfully, you should receive a pop-up message stating that your file transfer was successful. Click the OK button. Horizon can now be closed and the Flash drive removed.

Reconnect your USB drive to your Xbox 360. Startup your device.

Log in to your user account. Use the same user profile as the one where the altered save file was saved. # Launch Skyrim. On your device, go to the “Home” menu and select Skyrim.

To return to the main menu, select Home. Screen hit the “Start” button on your controller when you see the title.
Choose a USB drive. When the “Select a device” prompt appears, choose the USB disk where you saved the modded file.

From the main menu, choose Load. This shows you all of the files you’ve stored on your USB device.

Select a modded Save file. The customized save file you selected will now be loaded into Skyrim.

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