How to Reset Service Battery Charging System Light

How to Reset Service Battery Charging System Light

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In this article here on cookip you will learn how to reset the service battery charging system light when it comes on and what it means. The check charging system light or battery light comes on when the charging system is faulty.

This could be as a result of either jumpstarting your car a lot or a bad alternator showing you it needs attention. This could also be a sign that your vehicle’s battery is weak or the primary work of the charging system is not done.

Whatever the case may be, whether a weak battery, bad alternator, or faulty charging system you will get to learn about all the possibilities and how to fix your car charging problem. Continue reading to find out why the check battery or charging light is one and how to fix it.

How to Reset Service Battery Charging System Light

To reset service battery charging system light, first turn your key to switch off the ignition, open the hood and disconnect the engine. Reconnect the battery back, now switch on the car by turning the key in the ignition, now the charging system light should be gone.

In some cars, this basically works like magic while in some other cars, it might not work. If this does not work for you, after removing the battery, wait for about 10 minutes before you replace it.

There are many reasons for this, but some of the major causes are not following the manufacturer’s instructions and using unsafe or incompatible chargers. The first step in fixing a faulty service battery charging system is to find out what caused it in the first place.

What Does Service Battery Charging System Mean

A service battery charging system means that the vehicle is running solely on battery power. If your battery starts to run out, and the charging system cannot handle enough power, it won’t be able to operate and you will soon have a dead battery.

If you hear a beep when your car is being started, that means the battery died and you should bring it to a trusted mechanic to get it replaced. Please be aware that your car might have a battery light and/or check the charging system light. To learn what these warning lights mean, be sure to check your owner’s manual.

Why does Service Battery Charging System Comes on and off

If the service battery charging system light comes on and off, then it means either there is a loose or corroded battery cable. Another possible cause is a faulty alternator or voltage regulator, damaged cells, or plates inside the battery.

The charger may be programmed to turn off at a certain maximum pack voltage preventing it from fully charging or the charger may be defective (we have had reports of chargers that would charge for a certain amount of time and suddenly stop on their own due to internal overheating, it can also come up when you have a new battery.

Service Battery Charging System Insignia No Power Steering

The Service Battery Charging System (SBCS) is a system that is designed to charge batteries in an emergency. This system is installed in the vehicle, and it automatically turns on when the vehicle’s power steering goes out.

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The SBCS has been designed to be used by emergency personnel and first responders who have no time to wait for a charging station.

The SBCS can be found on many different vehicles, including motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles.

What causes charging system failure?

What causes charging system failure, a lot of things including a bad alternator, weak battery, drive belts, and even faulty car computers could be the culprit. Diagnosing the cause behind checking the charging system or battery life has to be done by a professional but you too can try checking the following.

  • Bad or failing Alternator

The alternator does the most important job in a vehicle’s electronic charging system. It is in charge of keeping the battery alive and charged, thereby making it possible to start the vehicle anytime.

The alternator can be very notorious and cause problems when it is faulty and not performing it’s primary function as expected. A faulty or bad alternator could pretend to be working but would not be discharging a low voltage which is not enough to charge the battery.

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If the alternator is discharging low voltage you as a car owner might not be able to notice. This is because the battery does not have a mouth to say “Hey I am not receiving low voltage please check the alternator”.

Rather, the vehicle’s computer will detect it and send a signal to the battery charging system light to come on. In this case, you might as well need a professional to troubleshoot and know where the actual problem arises from.

  • Bad or Failing Battery

Another reason why your battery/check charging system light is on could be as a result of a faulty battery. When the battery is bad, failing, or low on the charger, could be a sign that either the alternator is not working properly, or the bad itself is dead.

In most cases, if the is old and has not been replaced for a while, it is most likely to be the case of the battery. A car battery is expected to last at least 2-3 years, after this time it could start having problems.

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However, how long a battery lasts before replacing it all balls now on climate conditions, mode of use, and alternator’s working condition. Service battery charging system light could pop up as soon as you do not expect it to even with a newly replaced battery.

If you change the battery of your vehicle today, or even now and the alternator is bad, then expect the new battery to be dead again in less than a day. If you cannot do the diagnosis at home please go and consult a professional.

  • Drive belt troubles

A slack or broken drive belt could be the reason why the service battery charging system light is on. This is because the alternator is driven by the serpentine belt, this makes it possible to rotate the coil in the alternator so as to produce electrical energy to keep the battery charged.

The serpentine belt drives many other components in the vehicle including the power steering pump, the air conditioning compressor, and the water pump. We are only concerned about the check battery light in this article.

A failing belt drive or a broken serpentine belt would not perform its function thereby causing the alternator to fail. If the alternator fails to charge the battery then there would problem which will cause the battery light to come up on the dashboard.

Considering consulting a mechanic if this happens is the best and good decision to make. Replacing a vehicle that is broken or lost serpentine is not what you as a vehicle owner can do except if you have the necessary tools and know-how.

  • Corroded wires and partial connections

This is a very sensitive electrical problem that needs a professional touch. The case of corroded wires could even be visible but the case does not apply with partial connections.

Partial connections could be hidden in such a way that more than visual inspection would be needed to identify the problem. The best way to diagnose partial contact is by using a meter to test the wires and connections.

The electrical meter will read and tell where there is a broken connection or a partial connection. It is best to visit the nearest mechanic or auto electric repair shop close to you for proper checks.

In the case of corroded connections identifying and cleaning the corroded electrical surface is a wise decision. Corrosion on electrical components or connections leads to having less appropriate contact with another surface.

Have your mechanic clean all of the connections and make sure the battery clamps are clean and tight. Additionally, have them inspect all internal alternator wirings and connections and also have them check all of the fusible links and look for any burned links. If they are burned, get them repaired.

  • Faulty computer system

Newer vehicle’s computer systems function better and are very efficient. The opposite is the case when the vehicle is old, the computer system could start misbehaving.

Old vehicle computer systems are very notorious for this, giving out false indications and light signs on the dashboard is one of their hobbies. Try and have your mechanic check and run a test on your vehicle’s computer system as this could be the reason why the service battery charging system light is on.

So bear this in mind there is no single answer to as why the battery or charging system light is on. Either the alternator, battery, a broken or loose belt, or even the vehicle’s computer system could be the cause.

All the above-mentioned are indicators and problems cause why your vehicle’s battery light is on. If you do not have the technical know-how to check this and identify the problem, do yourself a favor and visit a professional for a diagnostics check.

Why is my battery light still on?

A dead battery is not the only cause of the battery light being on, a bunch of other reasons could cause this. Other common cause of battery light includes loose connection, failing alternator, and even a faulty computer system.

However, a battery light problem could be localized to the battery or battery cable terminals. Corrosion is a big challenge, it causes a weak connection between electrical connecting surfaces.

This is all the same for all the following

  • service battery charging system chevy
  • service battery charging system GMC sierra
  • service battery charging system GMC Yukon
  • service battery charging system GMC Acadia

What should I do if my battery light is on?

If the battery light comes on the logical thing to do is park and take some time to check and inspect the vehicle. A check battery light might look simple but it can as well lead to unimaginable damage.

If the check battery light comes on, even the radiator fan is at risk of not working. Apart from the radiator fan, the alternator is driven by a serpentine belt and if it breaks then other components of the cooling system could be affected as well.

If the cooling system stops working, the engine is at the risk of overheating. When the engine overheats then many other damages can happen to engines and other parts.

If you ever notice that the service battery charging system light is on these are things you can try doing

  1. check for loose drive belt
  2. check for loose battery terminal cable
  3. test for a faulty or bad alternator
  4. Check for corroded wires and connectors

These four points would lead you to identify why the battery light on the dashboard of your vehicle is on. Do not continue driving until you fix any of these problems if you notice them in your car.

Doing the necessary checks will help you to reset the service battery charging system light whenever it comes on. If you still have any more questions please use the comment sections to as us.