How To Slide In Madden 17, 21, 22? Top Full Guide

How To Slide In Madden 17, 21, 22? Top Full Guide

The following guide will show you how to slide in Madden 17, 21 and 22. Sliding is an important technique that can be used to protect the ball carrier, gain yards, and prevent defenders from making tackles. Keep reading for more useful information.

How To Slide in Madden 17

How To Slide In Madden 17

As you move toward the ultimate glory of the NFL, anger NFL 17 will make you accountable for a whole team. You may wonder how to be your QB while avoiding injury or unnecessarily bobbling the football. We have the answer for you, so don’t be afraid.

  • Use the Left and Right triggers on the Xbox One.
  • You can do a Quarterback slide by using L2 + R2 + Square on PlayStation.

It can be tempting to assume the entire defense with your Quarterback. However, it is not worth the risk of a fumble or injury.

How to slide in Madden 21

How To Slide In Madden 21

Double-tap the dive button to slide into Madden 21. This button is the Square one on PlayStation and the X button on Xbox. It is crucial to perform this fast, or you could be entangled in a diving animation. To get the timing right, practice it a lot.

Players are confused because the command used differ. Players used to press both triggers plus the square button. Holding L2 or the Left Trigger will cause the player’s character to celebrate. This could be annoying as it might cause your character to celebrate instead of sliding at a critical moment in your game. Be aware of the command and make sure you execute it correctly.

EA developed Madden NFL 21, an American football game. This is only one of many titles by the huge publisher. Each year the game improves, becomes faster and more refined, as well as introduces new mechanics.

Sliding can sometimes be the best way to end a play. It can stop the defense from removing the ball or allow players to call timeouts. Although some players may not like this tactic, it is an effective one that every Madden 21 player should know.

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How To Slide In Madden 22

How To Slide In Madden 22

For sliding in Madden 22, quickly tap Square (on PlayStation) or X (on Xbox) while running forward. You won’t accidentally dive if you hold the button too long. Slide whenever you are carrying the football as a wide receiver, QB or running back. The sliding animation does take a while to kick in. You must initiate your slide before the defenders approach you, or they will tackle you. What happens when the NFL pros slide?

It’s third and long, and Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs are down in the third quarter. There’s a good chance Mahomes will be able to bring his team back before the game ends, but he’ll have a better chance of scoring this drive if he gets the first down. Mahome’s check-down throw doesn’t get him anywhere near the first down. Mahomes must do the best Mahomes can — run for it.

There’s one problem: a 240-pound linebacker is coming down on Mahomes just as he approaches the first-down marker. Do you think he should dive for an extra yard or slide to make it a more manageable fourth and short? He slides down to avoid the big hit and can run or throw the next play again.

Sometimes Madden players can be reckless, especially when it comes to their running QBs. Diving or taking a hit can cause injury and even lead to a fumble. Even though Russell Wilson and Mahomes are confident quarterbacks, it is almost impossible to get fumbled in the open field.


Slide-In Madden 20 Xbox

Sliders are a simple action. Players will just need to hold down both triggers (RT and LT on Xbox One or R2 and L2 on PlayStation 4) and then press X/Square depending on which system the player is on.

What Button Is The Stiff Arm For Madden 21?

Madden 21 players have the ability to stiffen their arms by pressing either the Xbox or PlayStation buttons. This is activated when a ball carrier is within close proximity of a defender. The ball carrier will push them away with one arm.

How Do You Ladder In Madden 21?

You’ll need to hit L1 or LB on Xbox One in order to do this. Positioning and timing are critical here. To get the ball, you should have another player running behind you. Good luck!

What Is The Hook and Ladder Play?

Hook and lateral is a trick play used in American, Canadian, and indoor American football. It’s also known as the hook and ladder play. The term “hook and ladder” is used a lot, but it refers to a route that provides a hook-and lateral to a receiver who is on a ladder.


In Madden, you can use the slide tackle to take down your opponent. This move is very effective and can be used to stop the other team from advancing. We hope that the information above can help you play games better.

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