How To Switch Characters In GTA 5 Xbox One 2022?

How To Switch Characters In GTA 5 Xbox One 2022?

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In Grand Theft Auto 5 for Xbox One, you can switch between the game’s three protagonists at any time. In this guide, Dreamcheeky will show you how to switch characters in GTA 5 Xbox One.

Why Switch Between Characters?

It is essential to switch between characters in GTA 5. This allows you to complete missions and continue with the game. Switching characters allows you to enjoy a better gaming experience by having three characters in your life. You may not be able to complete some tasks in certain cases if you don’t switch to the correct character.

It is crucial to be familiar with each character’s skills in order to make it easier for players to switch between them. For example, one character might be proficient in helicopter flying while another may be skilled in rifle shooting. You may be asked to bring an extra character on some missions.

How to Switch Characters in GTA 5

First, you can switch between the characters in the free-roam mode. It is as easy as pressing a button to select one of the two other characters. When you switch to another character, the camera will navigate to that character’s current location.

These switches can also be made more interesting and immersive. Switching to Trevor might be a way to cut in on him trying to push a dead person down the toilet. He may also be following a woman trying to apologize for his indecent exposure or throwing a man into the water from the boardwalk. Trevor is not the only character with interesting switches.

The switching mechanic will be explained to you during the intromission. This function will not be available until you have connected with the other characters. (After the Prologue, you can play with Franklin for a few missions). After some time, you will be able to switch between the characters at any given moment in-game.

You may not be able to switch characters or perform certain missions that limit your options. You won’t have the option to choose another character while you are free-roaming at certain points. It all depends on the storyline.

Let’s now see how you can switch between platforms in GTA 5.

How To Switch Characters In GTA 5 Xbox One Console

The principle and key sequence are the same whether you play the game on Xbox 360, Xbox One, or both.

  • Press and Hold the Down Button on the D-Pad.

how to switch characters in gta 5 xbox

  • Choose the character you prefer with the Right Analog-stick

how to change characters in gta 5 xbox one

  • To select the highlighted character, release the Down Button

Switch Characters in GTA 5 for PC

The game was released for PC only a few months after its console release. However, PC gamers still received the same game as console players. Character switching was just as important on PC as it was on consoles. Here are the steps to change between GTA5 characters on your computer.

  • After you have completed the game, hold down the “Alt” key.

How To Switch Characters in GTA 5 for PC

  • To highlight the character you want to switch to, use the directional keys on the mouse or the keyboard.
  • The “Alt” key should be released

Switch Characters in GTA 5 for PC

  • It is easy to switch between GTA 5 characters.

For PS4

The same principle that we explained for the PC version can be applied to consoles including PS4. The only difference is the keystrokes.

  • Press the Down Button on your D-Pad.

How To Switch Characters in GTA 5 for PS4

  • Use the Right Analog-stick to highlight the character you wish to switch to

Change Characters in GTA 5 for PS4

  • To switch, release the Down Button

For PS3

PS3 may sound like a distant memory (with the PS5 out for months now), but GTA 5 was still available during the PS3’s reign of supremacy as the next-game console. A few months after GTA 5, the PS4 was released. The game can be played on PS3 consoles. Here are the steps to change characters while playing on an older console.

  • Hold the Down Button on your D-Pad
  • Select the character that you wish to change to using the Right Analog-stick
  • To make the switch, release the Down Button.

Switch Characters in GTA 5 Online

GTA Online allows players to create two characters and then use them whenever they want. The player can switch between them, as is normal. Online character switching isn’t as easy as it is in single-player.

Play with one of these characters and activate the game’s Pause menu

  • Click the “Online” tab

How To Switch Characters in GTA 5 Online

  • Visit “Swap character.”

Swap characters

  • Confirm that you want to quit the session

quit the session

  • Use the directional keys to select the character that you want to switch to

how to change character in gta 5 xbox

  • Confirm

Switch Character Slots in GTA 5

You’ll notice a small character menu in the lower-right corner if you hold down “Alt” (PC) and the Down Button (D-Pad) (consoles). The character menu will show Trevor (orange), Franklin (green), and Michael (blue). These characters can be switched, but unfortunately, this is not possible in GTA 5. These characters are bound to their respective positions.

Similar to the character selection screen in GTA 5 Online the characters cannot be moved.

What Happens When You Switch Characters?

Players are often busy with their lives outside of the mission. Switching will cause them to move to where their character is spending their time. You will find yourself in the home of your character or another place.

Players will be able to see a difference in their gaming experience as each character has different skills and resources.

The Switch Control Features

Story Mode players may occasionally see character slots flashing red or white while playing.

The slot will prompt the player to change to a different character when it flashes white. This is crucial for the game’s progress. This can sometimes mean that other characters are available at the moment.

If it flashes red, the game will alert you that a character may be in danger. The player must help the character. Players can hear a buzzing sound when such alerts are displayed.

You can only switch between Trevor and Michael during the prologue. Franklin is not present at the events.

Each character has a unique color. If a character is not available, they are marked using a pale icon color.

The sector will be emptied of the dead hero after a character dies.

A second interesting feature is a possibility for players to choose to switch to Franklin’s dog Chop. He is the hero in both the “Chop” and “Predator” tasks.

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