How To Turn Off Controller Vibration Xbox One 2022?

How To Turn Off Controller Vibration Xbox One 2022?

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The Xbox One system is fantastic to have, but the controllers are actually important. It was created in such a way that all game moves could be controlled. The controller vibration function, on the other hand, maybe disliked by certain users. Even while it provides a real-time game experience, some users may find it invasive. Previously, to turn off vibration in a game, you had to go into the game’s built-in settings.

In this Xbox tutorial, Dreamcheeky will show you how to turn off controller vibration Xbox one.

Can You Turn Off Rumble/Vibration Off?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a global option to turn your Xbox One controller vibration off. This setting doesn’t have an off switch on the control, and you’ll waste time hunting for it in the Xbox One’s OS.

Fortunately, there are a few options for eliminating vibration inside the controller.

How to Turn Off Controller Vibration Xbox one

1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to turn on your Xbox system, then scroll down and choose “Settings.”

Turn off xbox one controller vibration

2. Scroll down to “Devices & Accessories” in “Settings.”

xbox accessories app

3. Select “Configure” after selecting the control you want to change. Select “Turn off Vibration” if you’re using a wireless Xbox controller. To disable or activate vibration on an Xbox Elite or Elite Series 2 controller, go to “Edit” and then “Vibration.”

Turn off Xbox one controller vibration

4. Select “Slot 1” from the dropdown box at the top of your setup profile to make this setting your default.

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How to Turn Off The Controller Vibration Feature Using Your Windows 10 PC

1. Start the Xbox Accessories app on your Windows 10 PC or download it from the Microsoft Store.

2. Use a USB cable to connect your controller to your PC, or use your Xbox One wireless adapter.

3. Click “Configure” when your Xbox One controller appears in the app. You’ll most likely see the default setup options, so click “New Profile” and uncheck the “Vibration” box to simply turn the vibration on or off on your control.

4. Select “Slot 1” from the dropdown box at the top of your setup profile to make this setting your default.

Additional Xbox One Controller Hints

Let’s take a closer look at the controller now that you’ve figured out how to disable vibration. This is how you can make the most of it.

Make Use of the Phone Charger

Many individuals will tell you that you should never charge your controller from a power outlet. You shouldn’t be concerned, though, because the Xbox One controller was designed to manage to charge while the actual console was turned off. You also don’t need to utilize the official Xbox cable. The control’s use of a Micro USB charger ensures that it may be charged anywhere.

Check the Battery in Your Controller

The Xbox One controller, however, does not show the current battery level. Yes, this might be inconvenient at times, but there is a simple way to determine the current battery level. Simply switch on the console, and an indicator indicating how much battery you have left will appear in the bottom-right corner of the home screen.

If you’re in the middle of a game, just hit the Xbox guide button to return to the home screen.

It would be good to be able to check how much battery is left without having to turn on the console. Regrettably, this is not feasible.

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Reconfigure the Buttons

The Elite Xbox One joypad has an insane amount of customizing options. Many Xbox users, on the other hand, are unaware that the standard Xbox One controller may be customized. Navigate to Control Settings on your standard controller to remap keys. Then navigate to Kinect & Devices, Devices and Accessories, and finally Kinect & Devices. Select the controller you wish to remap from the list and click Configure.

You may remap buttons, reverse the Y-axis, and so on from this panel.

The Controller is Being Updated

Updating the firmware on your controller might dramatically enhance its performance. Fortunately, the updating procedure is straightforward.

Connect the controller to the console using the original cable that came with the joypad. Then go to Devices & Accessories, then Settings. Locate the controller you want to update, then select it and go to Update. The updated firmware for your Xbox One controller will be downloaded and installed as a result of this.


The vibration feature is used to create immersive gameplay for many Xbox games, it is advisable not to turn them off. However, if this feature is bothering you, use the two methods above to turn off the vibration on the device on your game controller.

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