How To Update Minecraft On Xbox 360

How To Update Minecraft On Xbox 360?

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If you are looking for instructions on how to update Minecraft on Xbox 360, you have come to the right place. In this article, Dreamcheeky will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to update your game. Keep in mind that you will need an active internet connection to complete the update. Let’s dive in.

Make Sure You Are Connected To The Xbox Network

To download and install updates, you will need access to the internet and an Xbox network account. You don’t necessarily need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. You can also get a free Xbox Live account.

To test your connection:

  • Use the guide (or middle) button to activate your controller.
  • Go to Settings > System.

update minecraft xbox 360

  • Choose Network Settings.

System settings

  • Next, select Wired Network or the name of the wireless network.

Check network

  • Click to Test Xbox Live Connection.

Test Xbox Live Connection

Note: For service alerts, you can also check the Xbox network status webpage. Wait for service to re-establish itself after an outage.

How To Update Minecraft On Xbox 360?

Start the app by inserting the Minecraft disc (if it is available) The update should begin automatically once you are on the main menu. It may take several minutes depending on how large the update is to download and install.

how do you update minecraft on xbox 360

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If You Can’t Update Minecraft

There are some troubleshooting options that you may be able to use if you have trouble downloading the update and installing it.

Clear your System Cache

  • Use the Guide button (the big middle) on your controller.
  • Select System Settings from the Settings menu.
  • Choose Storage (or Memory).


  • Select a storage device, and then press Y (Device Option) on the controller.

how to update xbox 360 minecraft

Note: It doesn’t really matter what storage device you choose. All storage devices will clear the cache.

  • Clear System Cache

Clear System Cache.

  • When asked to confirm, select Yes.

Clear your System Cache

Remove and Reinstall the Game

If clearing the cache fails, you can delete the game and then install it again. You will need to re-download any digital copies you purchased.

Your saved game information will be lost if you delete the game. Save your Minecraft world from digital destruction by copying the saved files to an Xbox 360 Memory Unit (or USB flash drive). You can also upload your Gold subscription to cloud storage.

  • Go to Settings > System from the Dashboard.
  • Select Storage and then choose Memory Unit (the hard disk or cloud drive that has the game).
  • Choose Games and Apps

Games and Apps

  • Select Minecraft and then click Y to open Game Options.

xbox 360 update minecraft

  • Select Delete.

Remove and Reinstall the Game

  • Insert the disc and install the game again. You can also re-download the digital copy and install it.
  • Save the game information from where you saved it.
  • Start the game, and then download the update when asked.

Use A Direct Modem Connection

  • Try connecting your Xbox 360 directly to the modem if it connects to the internet via a router.
  • Connect one end of the network cable to your console.
  • Connect the other end to your modem.
  • Log in to Xbox Network and start the game.
  • You can download the update.

Note: Your router might be the problem. To resolve the problem, contact your router manufacturer.

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Does Minecraft on Xbox 360 Still Get Updates?

Mojang today confirmed that Minecraft for 360 and PlayStation 3 PS Vita will no longer receive updates following the Update Aquatic. The Minecraft team said it decided to end support for older consoles as they only make up a small portion of the game’s user base.

How Can You Make Xbox 360 Backward Compatible?

After you have copied your files to your thumb drive or burned the CD, turn off your 360. Next, place the CD in the 360’s disc tray or insert the thumb drive into the USB port. Turn the 360 on. Wait for the update to be installed before you select Yes, update now.

How Can You Update Apps on Xbox 360?

To update an app or game, you must be connected via Xbox Live.

Here’s how:

  • Connect one end of the network cable to your console and the other end to your modem.
  • Sign in to Live on the console and begin the game.
  • You can download the latest game update.

Can I Get Disney Plus On My Xbox 360?

Disney Plus is not available for Xbox 360 users, but it is available for Xbox One. You can download the Disney Plus app from the Microsoft Store for free, but you will need to subscribe to the service to access its content.

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