HP computer repair centres: How, where to fix your broken HP computer

HP computer repair centres: How, where to fix your broken HP computer

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How HP computers compare to Dell, Lenovo, Apple and other PCs

Having seen thousands of computers, PCs, my opinion is that HP still competes well with Dell, Lenovo. These manufacturers are better than Acer, ASUS. However, Acer and ASUS are priced better.

Apple has its own operating system (macOS), while HP computers mainly run on Windows OS. Thus, I won’t compare HP to Apple here. But, it’s generally regarded that Apple is more “premium” than HP.

Like Dell and Lenovo PC, HP offers a number of series in their computers.

For home and personal use, HP offers Pavilion, OMEN, Essential, Envy, Spectre series.

For business, HP offers EliteDesk, ProDesk, Workstations, ProBook, EliteBook, Elite DragonFly, ZBook, Chromebook.

HP Pavilion, Envy, Spectre computers are quite popular in Australia for home. Though, reliability amongst these computers (and other home, personal HP computers) is inconsistent.

When I said “inconsistent”, I mean it could last anywhere from 2 to 4 years before a repairs is needed. I’ve seen some of these HP computer models work well for 4 years, while some barely lasted 2 years then it was brought in for repairs.

HP ProDesk, EliteDesk computers are good, reliable and popular for businesses. HP ProBook, EliteBook are reasonably solid and reliable, but not the in the top.

At higher price point, HP Workstations computers are very solid, well built and reliable.

HP ProDesk, EliteDesk are quite reliable and excellent for work and business purposes. I generally recommended these computers to my clients along with Dell or Lenovo business-grade computers (namely Dell OptiPlex, Dell Precision, Lenovo ThinkCentre).

I might add Dell Vostro to this recommended list as well (for business use), but Dell Vostro isn’t as solid as Dell OptiPlex or Dell Precision. Dell Vostro might make this list (just) in my opinion.

With the right specifications, these business-grade computers can perform well for 3 to 5 years. They still need repairs and maintenance after that, which is unavoidable given the facts that technology advances quickly every year.

But, you can be assured that a repairs on HP ProDesk, EliteDesk is well worth it and it will keep going for a few more years.

If I need to buy a Windows computer for myself, I’d go for Dell or Lenovo first. Having said that, I’d definitely consider HP computers too.

However, this also depends on the purpose of the computer that I need to buy (home or business), and what budget I have.

For example, though you may fancy the idea of having a solid, reliable computer, but if your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase a HP ProDesk or EliteDesk then you may have to compromise and opt for HP Pavilion instead, which is less reliable.

Is HP PC computer reliable?

This varies depending on series, models.

HP Pavilion, Envy, OMEN, Essential, Spectre are for home and personal use. Their reliability is inconsistent.

These computer series could last 2 to 4 years, sometime to 5+ years before a repairs is needed.

At higher prices, business-series HP computers, HP EliteBook, ProBook etc as I mentioned above are more reliable.

Still, business-grade HP computers will have problems after 3-5 years and need to be repaired.

HP Workstations computers are solid, reliable and could last even longer.

How you use your computer also affects its lifespan. If you’re computer for everyday basic use (email, word processing, internet surfing, watching videos), your computer will last slightly longer provided that you look after it well.

If you play games and often push the computer to its limit, it will more likely break sooner than later.

Think about your car, if you take it to drag racing every weekend, it will need servicing more often. Same thing applies to your computer.

Specifications, models of your computer also affect its lifespan. For example, many computers with solid state drive (SSD) will perform faster and last longer than ones with traditional standard hard drive (HDD).

Another thing to keep in mind is that, I’m referring to HP PC, computers, laptops that you use for home, school, or work. The term “PC” refers to “personal computer”.

Some HP computers are made for commercial use, such as HP ProLiant server computers. These computers are commercial-grade, not personal computers, hence they are built for 24 hour operation, 365 days a year.

These commercial-grade computers are remarkably reliable and have longer lifespan. But this is out of the scope of this post.

What problems HP PC computers commonly have

All HP PC computers will eventually break down after 3 to 5 years and need repairs.

why computer breaks and need repairs

Below is problems that HP computers may have, even though you have done nothing wrong to it:

  • HP computer does not turn on at all.
  • Freezing problem. Not responding. Not opening apps. Not responsive.
  • Very slow, taking a long time to start up and to open apps, documents.
  • An error message shows “No bootable device” at startup.
  • Smart failure predicted on hard drive warning at startup.
  • Laptop does not charge. The light where the charge plugs remains off.
  • Damages near hinge area, at the lower corner of the screen. This could lead to metal hinge pushing the front glass screen out.No, your ex-girlfriend didn’t drop your laptop, ask her to come back! It wasn’t her fault. I’ve seen this issues in many HP laptops.

broken hinge HP laptop repairs

  • Computer turns on and hangs on the HP splash screen (POST screen).
  • Turns on to a loading screen and never finishes loading. The spinning wheel goes on forever.
  • PC boots to startup-repair mode but none of the options will boot to Windows.
  • Computer turns off itself, blacks out and shut down without warning.
  • Keyboard keys are sticky, not responding or jammed. This is typical when sugary drink was spilt onto keyboard.
  • Touchpad (aka trackpad) cursor does not move properly, it may jump around, or clicking / opening apps randomly.
  • Loud noise from fan. The fan makes clunky, or scratching noise.
  • Wireless in laptop does not work. It does not detect any wireless network in the area or unable to connect to any WiFi network.
  • Battery in laptop does not hold charge for long. It may only last for minutes, or suddenly turns off even though it has some charge left.
  • Battery in HP laptop has stopped working completely. The laptop needs to be plugged in with its charger to work. If you unplug the charger, the laptop turns off immediately.
  • Battery in HP laptop shows a cross sign in its status.

Other than that, your HP computer may break down because of accidents such as drop, water liquid spill, power surge etc.

  • Impact damages such as drop, knock.
  • Cracked screen due to drop, knock, or an object was left on keyboard while you close the screen.
  • Water liquid spill damage on HP laptops, or desktop HP computer (less common).
  • Virus spyware problem.
  • Power outage, power surge causing laptop not turning on.
  • Overheating problem, laptop computer gets really hot and may turn off itself. This is caused by dust clogging fan and heatsink inside the computer.

Our HP PC computer repair service centre in Sydney include

  • Repair water damaged HP laptops.
  • Fix slow HP computer problems, improve performance.
  • HP screen repairs for HP Pavilion, HP Spectre, HP Envy, HP ProBook and HP EliteBook.
  • HP laptop keyboard repairs.
  • Repair loud fan noise, rattling or clunky fan noise.
  • Repairs on HP computers not turning on.
  • Repairs on HP computers that freeze or not responsive.
  • Fix problems with HP computers running slow, unstable, crashes.
  • Replace HP laptop batteries. We replace with genuine HP batteries.
  • Repair HP laptop charging port, power socket, DC jack.
  • Troubleshoot Windows not starting problems, eg. unsuccessful start-up repair, missing or corrupted DLL files, NTLDR missing error, blue screen errors, black screen errors, cannot log in to user profile, forgotten windows log-in password, etc.
  • Repairs on no bootable device error message at startup on HP computers.
  • Repair SMART hard disk failure error at startup.
  • Repairs on broken laptop hinge. This repairs is common on several HP laptop models.
  • Remove virus spyware from computers.
  • Fix blue screen of death errors.
  • Repairs on problems with HP computer making noise, dust, over-heating issues.
  • Repair and replace damaged computer parts.
  • Attempt to recover data from HP computers.
  • Help to set up computers, printers, connect to network, set up a secured wireless network, and firewall.
  • Troubleshoot network problems, wireless problems.
  • and much more.

Though we mainly do PC repairs, I’ve had commercial-grade HP computers in for repairs and have repaired a number of them, namely HP ProLiant servers.

Repairs on HP servers are not as common due to the facts that they last longer than a typical home PC computer.

Why HP computers break down

If your HP computer has virus, you will see obvious signs. For example, random unwanted popups that won’t go away, constant warnings of virus, you get redirected to unwanted web pages.

You may have opened a wrong file, or email attachment that contained viruses on your computer that led to the virus getting in the laptop.

Your antivirus software may not have picked up the virus. Having an antivirus does not guarantee your computer will be virus-free. It’s like police fighting criminals, there will always be criminals.

Most virus issues happen inside Windows. Your computer would boot to Windows and the above virus symptoms show up.

Other reasons are hardware fault / failure.

Hardware faults include: hard drive, motherboard, RAM, video card failure, worn-out battery, etc.

There is no single reason for computers to break down. It is often difficult to trace back to find the exact cause of the issue.

Below is common causes for HP computers to break:

  • Age of the computer: After 3 to 4 years, parts inside your computers would have worn out and due for repairs or replacement.
  • Manufacturing problems: human errors can happen in production line that lead to unexpected component failure later on.
  • Computer user error such as knock, drop, water liquid spill as mentioned above. Sometimes this may happen without your knowledge.
  • Humidity: Wet weather could be the blame for your laptop problems. Moisture in the air can short components inside computers.
  • Overheating problems: every HP computer has a cooling fan inside. Clogged dust, rust over the years causes overheating problem which lead to component failure.
  • “Planned obsolescence”: similar to the light bulb conspiracy, and it’s necessary in technology. You can read more about planned obsolescence of tech on BBC.
  • Power outage power surge: A storm, lightning strike in the area can kill your computer. Power board with surge protector is inadequate to prevent this from happening.
  • Consumable parts: every battery is a consumable part. HP computer batteries are expected to last 2 to 4 years and they degrade over time. This is perfectly normal.
  • Third-party manufacturer’s errors: HP cannot manufacture everything. Many parts are actually manufactured by third-party manufacturers. These manufacturers may have had errors in their production line. For example, graphics card in HP computers are manufactured by Intel, AMD or nVidia.
  • Bugs: I’m referring to real bugs and insects here. Cockroaches could have gone inside your laptops and caused troubles.

real bug in computers

What you can try first yourself to fix the problem

There are basic troubleshooting that you can try first before sending your computer to repairs.

If it’s software problem such as virus, we will show you how to fix it below.

If it’s hardware problem, check your warranty cover first. Your computer might be covered by warranty from your supplier. Standard warranty for new computers is 1 or 2 years. You may have purchased extended warranty.

If any of these applies, contact your place or purchase. This is your best option. The repairs will be Free.

If the damage is caused by your own wrong-doing such as drop, water spill damages, it’s not covered by warranty.

Your insurance may cover this though. Some insurance policies cover accidental damages. Go through your insurance policy to find out.

Other than that, DIY repairs or paying for professional computer repairers will be your options.

It is recommended to always have backup of your data before any repair is attempted. Data loss may occur during any computer repair process.

If your HP computer still work partially, take your chance to back up data now.