Is Minecraft Cross Platform Top Full Guide 2022

Is Minecraft Cross Platform? Top Full Guide 2022

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More and more, gamers are trying to find ways to play with others across different types of devices. Mobile gaming especially has been a boon for those looking to play games on the go, as they usually have a much more limited selection of games to choose from compared to computers and consoles.

One of the most popular games for mobile is Minecraft, which has now been made available for computers and the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The question on most players’ minds: is Minecraft cross platform. Today Dream Cheeky is going to answer that question and more!

Minecraft – A Quick Introduction

Minecraft allows players to build whatever they like. To protect yourself against the night-swallowing creatures, you need to start with only your hands.

You will need wood planks to shelter you or coal to smelt iron ore into usable material. The original release was in 2011, and it has been continually updated with new features. It is available on various platforms, including Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Minecraft is a top-selling video with more than 200 million copies sold on Windows PC, mobile, and merchandise. Mojang, a Swedish company that developed the game, was responsible for its development.

Millions of Minecraft players log in daily to play the game, which is easy to understand.

Is Minecraft Cross Platform for 2022?

Yes, Minecraft can be played on any platform. You can play Java Edition of Minecraft on many different platforms. Players can also join servers that allow other gamers to play Java Edition Minecraft together. You will need a Microsoft account in order to do this.

This means that players can play Minecraft with others regardless of their device. With the Minecraft Bedrock Edition, cross-play functionality across all platforms begins.

Is Minecraft Cross-Platform for 2022

Cross-platform gaming is gaining popularity. People can increasingly play the same on their mobile phones as they do from their consoles or computers.

Minecraft’s cross-platform compatibility has many benefits:

  • Play with friends and other players on any device.
  • You can bring the core Minecraft experience to many platforms.
  • It’s easier to make connections with people new and create new relationships.
  • You can play Minecraft Bedrock Edition at your own pace.
  • All platforms are receiving the same updates, and the game is constantly being updated.
  • It doesn’t mean you have to purchase a new phone to play the game.

Continue reading to learn more about which platforms Minecraft supports cross-play.

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Xbox One and PS4?

Minecraft works cross-play on both the Xbox One console and the PS4 console. You can play Minecraft on your Xbox One console with your friends if you have a PS4 and PS5. This is also true for Xbox One owners who want to play with their friends on the PlayStation side of games.

This feature is excellent for Minecraft players who want to play with their friends on both consoles.

Xbox One & PC

Yes, Minecraft can be played on both Xbox One and Windows PC. This means you can buy the game on one platform and then use it on the other. You can also play against other players on PC if it is purchased for Xbox One. The reverse is true.

This is excellent news for players who might not afford a particular platform or are trying to save money.

Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

Yes, Minecraft is cross-platform on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Play with other players on different platforms such as Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. There is no need to purchase separate versions for each platform.

Is Minecraft Cross-Platform Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

PS4 and PC

Yes, Minecraft is cross-platform. It is compatible with both PS4 and PC. This allows players to play together, regardless of whether or not they’re on the PlayStation 4 or the PC. Everyone can play with their friends.

The support is available on both PC and PlayStation Minecraft versions.

PC and Nintendo Switch

Yes, Minecraft can be played on both the Nintendo Switch and PC. Both versions can be played together. You don’t need to purchase both versions.

PS4 and PS5

This question is a common one, and it’s a valid one. Minecraft works on both the PS4 & PS5. If you buy the most recent version, you can play Minecraft on both the PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Android and iOS

Yes, Minecraft works on both iOS and Android. This means that both Android and iOS players can play together.

Mobile and PS4

This question is often asked, and the answer is yes. The feature allows Minecraft to be played on both Mobile and PS4. This allows mobile players to match PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players.

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Join A Friend’s Games

You can join your friend’s hosted session directly by clicking on the Friends tab. You can enter your friend’s session as long as they are friends through Microsoft. Scroll over to the Friends tab, and look under Joinable Cross-Platform Friends.

Join A Friend's Games

These sessions can hold only eight people at a time.

A pop-up will allow you to accept or decline an invitation to attend a session.

Inviting Friends To Your Games

Open the start menu to invite friends. You will see a sidebar asking you to invite your friends. After clicking invite, you can invite friends to your game.

Inviting Friends To Your Games

You should know which permissions your session has available (visible in settings). It is possible to make it so that people who join your session cannot see your world.

Or you can allow them to run wild buildings and break down blocks. You can also grant them administrative privileges. These privileges can be set individually by clicking on the yellow icon next to their names.

Use Realms To Multiplayer

Realms are servers that can be accessed 24/7 and require no host to play.

Invites can be sent to your Realm through your Friends tab or via a link if playing on a PC. The Minecraft app will be launched by clicking the link. The console players must be invited by their friends.

Use Realms To Mutiplayer

Once you have joined the Realm, you can return to it anytime from the Friends tab. As long as the Realm remains online, all Reams you have entered will be listed under Joinable Realms. Realms can only have 11 players at once, so there may already be too many people in the Realm.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Does Cross-platform Refer to For Minecraft?

It allows you to play with your friends on any device. There is no need to purchase an Microsoft account
on each platform. As long as you and your friend have the same version of Minecraft, you can join!

2. What Does Cross-progression Refer To?

Cross-progression allows you to play on one device while continuing your gaming session on the other. If you switch from your mobile phone to a console and play on it, you can pick up where you left off.

3. Is Minecraft Cross-progression Possible?

Yes, Minecraft supports cross-progression. You can play on one console and then pick up the game on the other, provided it is a different mobile or console.

Is Minecraft cross-progression possible

4. What’s The Difference Between Multi-platform and Cross-platform?

Multi-platform is the requirement to purchase the same twice. Multi-platform is not an option for those with less money or who prefer another platform. Cross-play requires only one set of Minecraft. It will then work on all platforms.



Minecraft is now available for more platforms than ever, and hopefully, this article has helped answer any of your questions about the game.

Now let’s get back to exploring Minecraft, as well as some of the incredible mods that will help you truly immerse yourself in this creative world.

Minecraft will be the most popular game in years to come, so make sure you get the latest version now!

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