How To Make Minecraft Potion Weakness: Top Full Guide 2022

How To Make Minecraft Potion Weakness: Top Full Guide 2022

The Minecraft Potion Weakness is used to provide protection for the player when they are in dangerous situations. So how to make this potion? Let’s be with Dreamcheeky to answer this question.

Where can I find Potion of Weakness?

The creative menu slots below steel and flint contain a potion of weakness in Minecraft.

They are right next to potions that increase strength and potions that decrease decay.

Required Ingredients for Potion of Weakness:

You will need the following to make a Splash Potion of Weakness:

  • Fermented spider eye
  • Water Glass Bottle
  • Brewing Stand
  • Blaze Powder
  • Crafting table

Potion of weakness is a simpler recipe than many potions. You don’t need to make a complicated potion base. The primary ingredient is fermented spider eye, which can be hard to make because it requires brown mushrooms.

To make water bottles, you will need glass bottles as well as a water source. To make glass bottles, you will need to take some sand and melt it in a furnace.

A brewing stand is required to brew your potion. Finding a nether fortress where you can find a blaze rod is the hardest part of this step.

To fuel your brewing station, you’ll need to have blaze powder. You should be able to obtain blaze powder if you find a nether fortress that has a blaze spawner.

To finish these recipes, you will need the 3×3 crafting menu from a crafting table.

How To Make Minecraft Potion Weakness


Open the brewing stand to make a Potion of weakness. Place your water bottle into one of the three bottom boxes in the brewing stand UI. Your blaze powder can be used to fuel the brewing stand. Place the blaze powder into the top slot. Place the fermented spider eyes in the top slot. Wait for it to brew. The bottle will become a Potion Of Weakness in a few seconds (1:30).

Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

This is the pictorial step-by-step guide that you will need to follow in order to create a Splash Potion of Weakness in Minecraft.

Let’s begin by finding a brown mushroom. The best way to locate a brown mushroom is to look for a dark oak forest biome. Brown mushrooms can be spawned anywhere there is enough darkness. You could also check caves and the nether. The tall brown mushrooms that are produced by dark oak forests will be easy to find and will provide you with plenty. It is safer than dark caves or the fiery nether.

finding a brown mushroom

The 2×2 oak trees and tall mushrooms that grow between them can be used to identify dark oak forest biomes. After you find a tall brown mushroom, all you need to do is break it down. Every block can drop brown mushrooms. If you have trouble finding dark oak forests, there are other options. You can find brown mushrooms in swamps.

The recipe for fermented spider eyes calls for specific brown mushrooms. Next, locate sugarcane. You will find them along riverbanks and near water sources.

locate some sugarcane

Sugarcane can be grown on dirt or sand. Start looking for spiders after you have harvested some. Spider eyes are rarer than string, so have a sword handy and start looking for spiders.

looking for spiders

Once you have defeated enough spiders, you will be able to find a spider eye. Make a fermented Spider Eye at home.

You can turn sugar cane into sugar simply by adding it to a crafting menu.

turn sugar cane into sugar simply

To make a fermented spider eye, take your sugar, brown mushroom, or spider eye.

fermented spider eye

To fuel your brewing station, you will need to find some blaze. Blaze will not spawn in the vicinity of a nether fortress. Avoid their fireball projectiles and take it slow. Also, gather as many blaze rods as possible.

fermented spider eye

Bring your blaze rods back over to the overworld. Gather some cobblestone. To make a brewing stand, place three cobblestones at the bottom.

make a brewing stand

While you’re here, turn some of the blaze rods that are leftover into blaze powder

blaze powder

Your brewing stand should be placed somewhere safe. The last step is to create your glass bottles. To make at least three pieces, you will need to take some sand and melt it in a furnace.

Place brewing stand somewhere safe

To make glass bottles, arrange your glass in a “v” shape on a crafting table.

crafting table in a “v” shape

Right-click your glass bottles to fill them with water. These water bottles should be placed in the bottom slots on your brewing stand. The blaze powder will be used as fuel for your brewing stand. Place the blaze powder at the top left.

brewing stand

You can now place your fermented spider eyes in the top slot, and then wait for it to brew.

fermented spider eye

You will now be awarded three Potions of Weakness. These potions will cause weakness for one minute and thirty seconds. Redstone can be placed above these potions in a stand for brewing to extend the time.

Potions of Weakness

These should be used with care. These debuffs are not available to be drunk by others. This will reduce the damage of your melee attacks. The debuff in the bedrock edition is only 0.5 hearts lower. It will deal you two hearts less damage in the java edition.

Watch the video below to get easier when making Weakness potion in Minecraft:

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