Natural Remedies to Restore Vaginal pH Balance

At some point or another, we will all experience an unwanted itch in our vaginal area. It is a frustrating experience, as we don’t want to itch it in public. It is uncomfortable, and it is not something that any of us ladies really want to deal with! Did you know a lot of those issues are because of your vaginal pH level?

The most common reason for us experiencing that dreaded itch down there is a result of our pH levels becoming unbalanced. Maintaining your pH balance is super important for your Vee. When that balance becomes disturbed, we become susceptible to a whole range of infections.

For the most part, vaginas are self-cleaning. We can really just let mother nature do her thing for the majority of the time.

But as we are all too familiar with, life gets in the way. And for a whole range of reasons, we need to intervene on a certain level and do what we can to help our pH levels become balanced once again.

Why does Vaginal pH balance even matter?

Right, so before we get too deep into the remedies, lets first discuss why your pH balance in your vagina is so important!

In general, your pH balance runs on a scale of 0-7. The most standard level of pH in your vagina is around 3.8-4.5. It is this slightly acidic pH that allows your vagina to naturally fight off infection.

But if the balance of your pH becomes tilted in either direction unhealthy bacteria can take over.

Here are some standard factors that include your pH level to get thrown out of whack:
  • – Your sexual activity: Things can get messy when you have fun and bacteria levels become unbalanced as a result. That’s why we always encourage safe sex ladies! Keep the bacteria out of your vagina!
  • – Your medicine: If you are taking prescribed antibiotics, it can play a role in changing your pH levels—it is a normal side effect of antibiotics and something to be aware of if you start a round of antibiotics for anything from strep throat to something more serious.
  • – You are on your period: The joys of being a woman mean things get messy and heated down there once a month, and that’s okay. Just take extra care down there as bacteria imbalance is at a higher risk!

In general, you will know if your pH balance has been thrown off as you will likely experience strong vaginal odors, itchiness, and swelling.

But, the good news is there are plenty of remedies for you to get your pH balance back on track!

Natural Vaginal pH-Balancing Remedies

Great news ladies-there is a range of natural remedies you can try at home that won’t require a visit to the doctor.

In fact, we are so confident in these natural remedies that we use a majority of them in our products. Our VeeGentle vaginal wash, for instance, contains apple cider vinegar.

Here are our top natural remedies to use to get your pH balance restored!

Apple Cider Vinegar

This magic pantry item has natural antibacterial and pH-balancing properties. While you should not put this stuff directly on your vagina a dilution can work wonders. Apple cider vinegar baths are a great option. You can also mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with water and honey and drink it as part of your daily routine.


Yogurt is basically full of good bacteria, which is why nutritionists love it so much! The good news is, yogurt is quite easy and fun to eat, and comes in a range of flavors. It will taste good naturally restoring your pH balance in the comfort of your home!

Some women even apply unsweetened Greek yogurt topically to their outer Vee area. This is an option and it can help with some infections or symptoms. Just remember it’s a lot easier to try and include some yogurt in your diet once in a while.


There is a range of food and beverages that use probiotics as one of the main ingredients. They have basically the same type of bacteria that yogurt has and can achieve the same results-fermented foods are the big star here such as sauerkraut, miso, kimchi, and much more!

Or you can get straight to business and buy probiotic supplements to add into your regular health routine.


Something that vampires hate and your vagina loves! Seriously, garlic has a ton of antifungal properties that are able to get rid of a ton of infections, including yeast infections. Now, we are in no way saying to actually put garlic on your vagina. But eating garlic-infused food is yet another way to promote pH balance in a natural way!

Coconut Oil

This Pacific Island hack has become a go-to ingredient for a range of health and wellness products. One of the main reasons for this is that coconut oil has antibacterial agents that can restore your pH balance and fight off any infections in your vaginal area.

Cutting Sugar

Processed sugar is the cause of a range of health problems, including imbalanced pH levels. So while cane sugar itself is a natural ingredient, eliminating processed sugar from your diet is a natural solution to restore your pH balance. And we aren’t talking about all sugar—those fruits are important ladies! We just mean the refined sugars found in candy, fast food, and cereals.

How To Get These Natural Remedies

The good news is, a majority of these natural remedies are natural items you can purchase at your local grocery store. They are often organic products that are already loved in the health and wellness industry and we can see why!

And the second dose of good news is that we at VeeFresh pride ourselves on ensuring we make our products to celebrate the power of combining science and nature. We have spent years studying the science, researching the natural remedies, and finding a way to deliver it to you in an easy Vee care package that helps you maintain your pH levels with zero artificial fragrances!

At VeeFresh, we want you to be able to give your vagina the self-care and love it deserves, which is why we make more than just a pH balanced vaginal wash, but also vegetarian supplements that use all the good ingredients your body needs and deserves!

Final Tips and to Help Restore Vaginal pH Balance

But the tips and tricks don’t stop there!

You can do way more in your own life to give your vagina the best possible chance of maintaining pH balance.

Live a healthy lifestyle, stay hydrated, practice calming meditation with yoga, invest in quality breathable underwear, and be part of a supportive female community that cares about you!

The more we are all comfortable talking about our vagina’s health, the more we will learn from one another.

Ensuring our vagina’s pH balance is maintained comes down to more than just our home remedy kits (though they can certainly help!). It also comes down to you being aware of the factors that go into your pH balance being maintained, trying new things in your feminine hygiene routine, and being confident that there is a solution out there for you!

Vaginas are far from being created one in the same. In fact, each of ours is unique to just us. So just because a natural remedy works on your friend does not mean it is the right one for you. We encourage all you ladies to not just get comfortable with your vagina, but also get comfortable talking to your doctor about your vagina too! As they will be able to help you curate a tailored feminine hygiene routine that suits your vagina’s needs.

Good luck!

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