Remove Scratches from My Cell Phone Screen Using Gorilla Glass

Remove Scratches from My Cell Phone Screen Using Gorilla Glass

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The smart phones They have become a useful tool and a necessity in the life of every human being, from communication and entertainment to a study or work tool. For this reason, humanity cares so much about obtaining the most updated, presentable and keeping it in the most optimal conditions possible, especially in its touch (some devices such as the iPhone have the touch and the screen assembled in one), taking care of it from scratches and blows.

Big number of well-known phones like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8Much of the Motorola Moto G series, Samsung Galaxy, and high-end phones such as the OnePlus, have a glass known as Gorilla Glass that is advantageous for all phones. manufactured by Corning Inc. composed of an alkali-aluminosilicate mixture, which makes it a very resistant material.

These are divided into several versions of Gorilla Glass, one better than the other. However, this does not make it immune to scratches; for this there are some methods to eliminate and prevent them.

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These procedures can also be useful for all types of crystals in devices. But if you are not sure about doing it at home, you can find a trusted technician so that he can perform the procedures or seek advice. In case the phone screen does not work, We must resort to other solutions since here we will only see how to remove scratches from the screen.

Device Precautions

Before performing any of these actions, it is recommended to protect the connection ports, turn off the phone and, if possible, remove the battery from the mobile; to avoid leaks, shorts and unwanted chemical reactions.

Methods to correct scratches on the cell phone screen


The chemicals in this material have properties that help polish teeth; is very common to see it in home processes to remove scratches as in CD’s. It is placed on the affected area, rub it gently with a handkerchief, spread it in such a way that it is a slightly thick layer and let it rest for about five minutes, then with a clean and slightly damp handkerchief remove the cream.

Wax for polishing vehicles:

Although it is somewhat expensive, it is very effective, since it does its job very well helping to hide small scratches on vehicles. In this case It is recommended to expand in its entirety over the entire screen, in order to obtain a better uniformity, the same steps are repeated as with toothpaste, only in this case it is recommended that the amount of wax is adequate for the scratch.

Sodium bicarbonate:

Sodium bicarbonate is usually useful for several situations, in this case, in a container, make two small cups of bicarbonate in a large cup or the equivalent in any container. Water is poured carefully until it is like a thick cream and repeat the steps used in the toothpaste.

Clear nail polish:

Highly resistant and widely used in manicures to protect and make beauty treatments on nails have an extended duration. In this case it is recommended to expand all over the touch with a small brush, to add an extra layer of protection to the screen. It even works to fill slightly deeper scratches.

If you want to remove it, simply smear a cotton ball or a cloth with enamel acetone, and rub it gently with the screen until the enamel dissolves.

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Vegetable oils:

From sunflower oil, to olive oil, no matter what it is, If the scratch is very simple, you can make a few drops and rub it with a clean handkerchief. until the small scratches disappear.

Scratch prevention

Avoid carrying the phone in dirty purses or purses at all costs, as some pieces of dirt can scratch the device, if desired they can be buy special liners that cover both the back and the screen; or, failing that, some small cloth bags.

Phone cases they are effective in avoiding scratches, there are some that we can create at home. Silicone cases are the most practical to make for any phone.

Gorilla Glass: What it is and what it is for

This is a relatively old technology in the field of cellular telephony. This is because since touch phones were created, whose screen is 90% of the cell phone, they had to create a way to protect said screen.

This is because the screen had to be made of a material similar to glass, however, this material had to have a superior resistance to shocks and falls because, we all know life so hard that we can get to give to our cell phones.

When you consider that there is a company that is making screen protectors based on glass-like content, you’re going to want them to not just make a screen protector. In the case of many companies, this was the case already today, Gorilla Glass It is used in brands such as Samsung and Apple, thus demonstrating its success in the cellular market.

Gorilla Glass is the product of research from the sixties. It is because at that time they were looking to create a material that had qualities similar to those of gorilla glass. However, this material- whose name was Chemcor– had very different purposes.

These materials were created by the company Corning Inc. This is an American company that has long been dedicated to the manufacture of glass, ceramics and other elements similar to these two.

Corning Incorporated has been able to stay in the American market for so long because its research and materials are always at the forefront of technology modern, as we can see with Gorilla Glass.

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How to install the Gorilla Glass protector on my cell phone screen

  • You are going to take a piece of cloth do not throw fluff. If you shed lint or fabric fibers, you won’t be able to clean your phone properly. This piece of cloth will have to be soaked with alcohol so that it dissolves the small particles of dust and kills the bacteria.
  • Clean your phone screen in a delicate way.
  • You want to make sure you’re not in a part of your house that has enough dust that it can fall on top of your screen while you search for the gorilla glass.
  • Once you make sure that the phone is still clean, Take the gorilla glass out of its packaging and follow the instructions that it says.
  • Position the Glass so that it is aligned with the hinges of your phone and with the screen glass.
  • You should apply gentle pressure for at least 30 seconds to ensure that the glue works fine.

How resistant is Gorilla Glass to protect the glass of a cell phone

Unlike regular glass protectors on the market, which only offer protection against scratches or drops, Gorilla Glass offers protection against both.

As stated previously, Corning INC is a high budget company, which has access to many scientific processes that differentiate it from the other sellers of market protectors.

It turns out that in order to measure the hardness in materials, some American scientists created a machine that would carry out a process called the Vickers Test. This test is able to measure how much plastic deformation an object can have when pressed with a microscopic diamond tip.

The Gorilla Glass has an average of 700 points. You can contrast this with regular protectors, which only get a score of 200 to 400. To put another benchmark that you can follow, the iron usually scores 900 points on the test.

On the other hand, there is also a scale called Mohs Hardness Scale. This is used to know how resistant a material is not to the pressure that can be exerted, but rather how hard the exterior of the object is and how prone it is to receive damage. like scratches.

Calcium has a score of 1, Fluorite has a score of 4. A nail used for construction will have a normal score of 6.25. Gorilla Glass in its previous presentations reached a 5/7 in score. However, with the creation of the Gorilla Glass SR + it has been possible to establish an average of 9 points. This is only behind the diamond and sapphire glass.

Can I install the Gorilla Glass protector on a scratched or cracked screen?

This is really something that everyone must decide for themselves. You have to take into account that there are several times in which your phone will meet screen damage which will require professional assistance. In any case, when a phone has a broken screen and gorilla glass is put on it, it ends up protecting some of the internal elements of the screen.

These elements are exposed when the glass falls from the screen, exposing some elements such as the touch screen. If these elements receive contamination from water or other elements it can further affect the operation of your phone.

In the words of true experts, it is known to put a tempered glass protector can help a broken screenBut keeping that glass glued flat against the phone can get a bit of a chore.

In general, experts will recommend that you evaluate on your own how serious is the damage, and based on this you will be able to know if using a gorilla glass will help or if you should take it to an expert.

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Does Gorilla Glass prevent or remove scratches to the screen?

Gorilla glass it is not a liquid product that you can pour on the screen of your phone and eliminate the cracks that it has. This is a product that only prevents you from scratching your phone.

How to remove scratches from my phone screen

In addition to the methods above, if your Gorilla Glass is scratched, you can follow these steps to fix the scratch:

  • Rub the affected area with a eraser for 60 seconds.

Tips to avoid scratching or splitting the mobile screen

  • Avoid keeping your keys and your phone in the same pocket
  • Do not keep sharp or metallic objects in the same bag or pocket where you carry your phone
  • Never use the phone with dirty hands. It can fall out of your hands and break the screen
  • Avoid taking out your phone if the floor is concrete. This stuff always deals a fatal blow to our phones
  • It is always good that you have a protector / lining in conjunction with a protective screen.

Can I install a Gorilla Glass protector on my Smartwatch?

In view of the fact that the Smartwatch are more likely to carry damage When it comes to being used, many companies already choose to install gorilla glass screens on their SmartWatch.

If you look in the catalog of the Smartwatch of Xiaomi and Samsung, you will be able to see a lot of gadgets with the included technology from the package.

On the other hand, if you can buy gorilla glass protectors for all those Smartwatch that require a little more protection. Still, getting the right size tempered glass can be difficult, so a protective gel is more recommended.

Steps to correctly install a Gorilla Glass on my Smartwatch

  1. Make sure your screen is immaculate. Any damage will make the rubber that the Gorilla Glass has not be applied correctly.
  2. To clean the screen properly, you need to use a lint-free cloth or rag, and soak it a little in alcohol.
  3. Once the screen is clean, make sure to put the smartwatch on a flat surface to facilitate the process. For obvious reasons you should avoid uneven surfaces.
  4. Take the Gorilla Glass out of its packaging, avoid touching the bottom, because you can dirty the part that sticks to the screen.
  5. Very carefully position the gorilla glass in such a way that it fits correctly with the Smarwatch screen. You have to press it gently for the glue to do its job.