Rose Toy Not Working? How to Troubleshoot Rose Toy Issues?

Rose Toy Not Working? How to Troubleshoot Rose Toy Issues?

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Recently, many customers have come to us asking why the rose toy is not working anymore. As an official store, we have collected some issues, and the solutions for the 2022 rose toy not working and rose toy not charging. Please follow the steps below in detail.

Some of our customers give us feedback. After checking this list, the rose toy is working again.

Step #01: Read the instructions again

Different rose toys have different designs. Some need a long press to switch. Some long press is for switching off. The short press is for switching on, so please recheck it if you remembered the wrong way to use it.

For rose toys that require a long press, if the original is 3 seconds press, you can extend the time to 6 seconds. We have a professional article to tell you how to use the rose toy.

Step #02:Does the rose vibrator charger work properly?

Check whether the rosebud vibrator connection between the plug adaptor and the charging cable is solid and whether the magnetic charging seat is closely connected to the rose toy. It usually is tightly conjoined. If there is a loose one, you can manually put it right.

Make sure the charger is fully pushed into the toy and will typically light up green or with color for confirmation.

Whether the metal end of the charging cable is dusty, you can clean the dust and try again.After inserting the charging cable, whether there is a flashing LED or a light is on, if the rose toy blinking light, it means the line is working fine. If there is no light, the cable may not be working anymore. You should check the thread or change a new line.

Some rose toys use a universal Micro-USB charging cable, which is consistent with Android phones, so you can take an Android phone charging cable to try.

Please place the rose toy smoothly to prevent poor contact from leading to charging failure.If you use a computer to charge the rose toy, the computer must be kept on. When the computer is in hibernation, the USB power supply may be unstable, causing the charging time of the rose toy to be significantly extended.

For this rose charger not working, it’s not bad because some of the rose toy chargers can be replaced.

Always try a different USB code in case the cord is defective.

And sometimes there is an issue with the outlet you are using. Check a different outlet and do not use an extension cord. Plug directly into the wall.

If you are using the different sex toys, not the rose toy, you can check this article “Troubleshooting Guide for Vibrator” to get a piece of new knowledge.

Step #03:Please check if the sex toy battery power is sufficient

When was the last time you used the rose toy? If you haven’t used it for a long time, it may have run out of power and needs to be charged in time.

Therefore, we recommend that if you do not use it for a long time, it cause the rose toy problem, at least once a month charge, each charge of 30 minutes is enough, does not need to be full, if charging full but do not use continuity, it will damage the battery.

Step #04:Check the body part of the rose toy

Check whether the rose toy is broken, whether there is water infiltration into the interior of the vibrator, if there is water leakage into the interior of the toy, you can dry it naturally, or use a hairdryer to dry, if you use a hairdryer, please do not use hot air, silica gel is afraid of heat, please use natural wind.

Or you can buy some silica gel desiccant, put the rose toy and silica gel desiccant together, and place for 3 days until the moisture is dried.

If it is not convenient to buy, you can also use rice or millet and place the rose toy in the ice bucket. Rice has the effect of absorbing water.

Step #05: Deluxe rose toy not charging long enough

Most of the rose toys, especially the deluxe rose toy, when you first receive them, need to be fully charged to 100%. You can contact our customer specialists or check your rose toy manual. You will generally be prompted to set how many hours it takes for the first time. As for different products, the battery capacity is not the same, so you can not accurately tell a specific time. The available charging time is between 1 and 3 hours.

Step #06: Rose vibrator can’t be fully charged?

A customer said: The rose toy has never actually entirely died yet. But it never fully charges either. it will stay on the charger for 10+ hours and still flash like it’s still charging. It never feels as fully charged as when you first purchase it.

Ans: For this kind of situation that can not be fully charged, maybe a problem with the rose toy itself. Another is that there is a problem with the charger. If there is an unstable voltage at home, resulting in low charging efficiency. You can check from these aspects.

Step #07: The rose battery is put in reverse?

If your sex toy is put in the battery, then please check whether the positive and negative battery is placed correctly. The manual will have a chart telling you how to insert the battery.

Some batteries only have tiny positive and negative symbols, resulting in you not seeing clearly, but the reverse.

If you need to put two No. 7 batteries, then the general positive and negative poles are opposite. One is positive at the bottom. Then the other battery is negative at the bottom.

Everything is subject to the instructions.

Step #08: Please use high-quality batteries for sex toys

If you replace the battery, sex toys do not work. Then it may be the new battery caused, try to keep the two batteries are the same company, and buy high-quality batteries. If you only need one battery, then there is no problem with two batteries of different models.

Do not use the new battery and the old battery together. The old battery will generally consume power very quickly.

When replacing a new battery, ensure the bottom and top of the battery have a plastic film or plastic isolation disc. Most new batteries come with an isolation film to prevent leakage when they first leave the factory. In our everyday use, this isolation film is required to tear off. Otherwise, the battery will not conduct electricity.

Step #09: I just bought it does not work

I purchased a rose toy for my wife for Valentine’s Day. The light flashed at first while charging but then went steady, letting us know it was set. Any ideas? Is there a way to get a replacement?

Ans: For cases where it doesn’t work after the first purchase, please contact your seller to get a new one directly.

Step #10: The sex toy travel lock is on

Some of our Rose toys come with a travel lock feature that prevents the travel bag from always being opened accidentally and causing the power to run out, so please check to see if any of the travel locks have been switched on, close it and try again.

Step #11: Return to the factory for repair

If you have tried all measures and can not solve the problem, your rose toy is still not working, then you need to return to the factory for repair. Returning to the factory requires contacting the store from which you purchased,

You need to go and find them. There will assist you in returning the rose toy to the factory.

Step #12: Maintaining the rose toy

Keep in a ventilated, cool, dry place in a moisture-proof bag. This product is 100% waterproof, but if silicone is not used for a long time, the quality of the product will change slightly.

If not used for a long time, charge once every two months for 20 minutes.

Keep your rose toy clean, using the best way to clean your rose toy.

FAQs for a rose toy not working: