The Best Barbecued Pork Steaks

The Best Barbecued Pork Steaks

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These Barbecued Pork Steaks are marinated, rubbed in spices and slow roasted on the grill. Simply the most tender and flavorful pork steak recipe you will find!

It’s No Oven Summer! Using your outdoor grill is a great way to keep the heat out of the kitchen. We’ve been grilling up a storm the past month!

One of our favorite things to put on the grill is Barbecued Pork Steaks. They are so loved by everyone in our family. Especially my son, who requests this grilled pork steaks recipe or my awesome marinated pork chops on a weekly basis!

“This recipe was excellent. I liked the beer and apple juice. I mixed them together and marinated with them instead of using it for basting. I basted with the barbecue sauce. This is my second time making it!”

Jeanie, reader comment

What are Pork Steaks?

Pork steaks (pork shoulder steaks) were popular in Central Missouri where I grew up. Which makes sense, because they originated in St. Louis! Even though they originated in Missouri, they’ve grown to be popular throughout the Midwest in recent years.

Pork shoulder steaks are from the pork shoulder roast. This can also sometimes be labeled as a pork butt or Boston butt roast. I like my pork steaks cut a bit thin, about ¾ inch thick. But, you can ask for them to be cut up to about 1 inch thickness.

Sometimes, you will see this cut referred to as a “pork blade steak.” If your butcher does not have pork shoulder steaks, have no fear! They can cut them for you.

Pork shoulder steaks are generally an inexpensive cut and they pack a TON of flavor! This is why we love to barbecue them!

How to Marinate Pork Steaks

When I barbecue pork shoulder steaks, I channel my Dad and my husband’s Papa Don for the marinade. It’s super simple, with only one ingredient!

So, what’s the ingredient?


I know, I know. I’m SO Missouri right now.

But seriously, marinating pork in beer tenderizes it perfectly! You don’t need fancy craft beer for this. Any light lager or pilsner will do.

“I made these tonight but not on the grill. Got rained out 😞 Made them in a grill skillet and they still turned out amazing. Will definitely make them again on the grill though. So glad I found this recipe. 5 stars all the way!!!”

Bill, reader comment

How to Season Pork Steaks

Pork shoulder steaks are a flavorful cut of meat on their own. They’re bone-in and full of rich pork shoulder meat. For that reason, they can be delicious on their own with just a bit of salt and pepper! But, I like to add a few simple spices to form an INCREDIBLE crust on the pork while it grills!

Once marinated, pat the pork steaks dry with a paper towel. This will prepare a nice, dry surface for your seasonings to adhere to. And, it will help you get a nice sear on the grill!

My favorite way to season pork shoulder steaks is with a combination of these four spices:

  • Brown Sugar
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder

I have recommended ratios for these spices in the recipe below, but please know that if you’re feeling lazy, you can just put a liberal shake of each over the top of the pork, and it’ll be amazing!

How to Grill Pork Steaks

I believe that the best way to grill pork steaks is nice and slow.

We use a charcoal grill, so I typically prepare the coals and spread them out evenly once lit. Then, I let them mellow out for 15-20 minutes so the fire is not scorching hot.

I grill pork steaks with the spice rub only for 12 minutes per side. Then, an additional 5 minutes per side while basting with barbecue sauce.

As an optional step, you can baste the pork steaks in a solution of ½ beer and ½ apple juice while grilling. If you marinate the pork steaks, this should not be necessary.

For safety, you need to get the pork steaks to minimum temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. I prefer to cook them a bit past this temperature.

Keep in mind that pork shoulder starts to pull and is extremely tender at 195 degrees Fahrenheit. I believe that somewhere between 145 and 195 degrees Fahrenheit is the right temperature for tender pork steaks.

Serve these Barbecue Pork Steaks with grilled corn on the cob and simple green salad for the perfect No Oven Summer supper!